A Business Report on the HR of Cleethan Clothing

Executive Summary

Human Resource Management has developed with passing time and is not only involved with the hiring. Human Resource Management now has to act as a support system for the entire organization to function properly and efficiently.

The report below discusses the situation faced by a clothing brand / organization Clethan Clothing that has established itself as a major brand globally. However, with changing times and to ensure its future the company wants to bring some changes in the working methods and has to implement them only after ensuring that there are no negative impacts of the same.


The sphere of Human Resource Management has seen a paradigm shift from the concept of conventional hiring linking to a complex strategic partner. It plays a significant role in the business even without being an earning element of the business.

Any individual who is inclined in the sphere of Human Resource Management caters the potential to dive into the resources available for the business. I could also be stated that the HR division of any alliance should be aligned to act in order to furnish a better return of the investments from the entity.

The HR division also caters the potential and the right to involve in conducting job analyses, planning personnel needs, recruiting the right people for the right job, resolving the disputes and communicating with employees at all the levels (Robert et al,2012).

A Business Report on the HR of Cleethan Clothing

Main Body

Clethan Clothing has established itself as a global clothing organization in the fashion industry. It has a huge number of employees and aims at providing quality products to its customers at considerable price.

The primary products of the company are men’s and women’s casual wear, work wear and children’s schoolwear and Clethan urban. The values and mission of the company are to provide the value for the money and durable and robust clothing. They also aim to provide exceptional level of customer services and offer complete clothing range from top to toe.

The company has an organizational structure headed by the CEO. However, if the company has branches indifferent nations, the organizational structure in the different countries vary typically containing Sales and Marketing, IT, Finance, HR and logistics.

Very recently the company has decided on introducing robotics in the factories and the factory in Svidnik will act as the test bed for the said plan. This plan was taken up by the management keeping in mind the future of the company owing to the technological advances being made in all the fields.

The initial strategy is to employ 50 % of the tasks to the robots and this will be carried on for a trial period of 6 months. This decision might lead to a unrest among the lower level employees as they will have the fear of losing their jobs to the novel technological advancements.

Before implementation of such a plan, it is necessary that the HR has a discussion with the employees and ensure them of their job security and also inform them what steps will be taken in their favour in such a situation.

They need to be ensured otherwise this might lead to unrest among the lower level employees and strikes which will leave an impact on the cost and revenues of the business. moreover, there are also issues regarding the warehouse and the employees working there.

It has been noted that the costs of the products are higher than that of the competitors due to the Clethan investing more in the production  and storage of the products. the products are price sensitive and the inability to manage the prices might lead to shift of the loyal customers towards the products supplied by the competitors.

The organization has decided to introduce in – time production and zero hours contract. The concept of in time production involves the suppliers of raw materials aligning their supplies with the time of production.

This will avoid the wastage of raw materials and will also control the extra costs incurred for the freight. The zero hour contracts will demand the availability of the workers at all the times but the organization is not bound to provide them with work all the time.

The research regarding this has pointed out that there may be some implications of trying to implement these changes (Dessler et al,2004). The workers again in such a situation might not agree on this type of contracts.

The HR has to talk through the situation and engage the employees in voluntary and unrewarded environmental actions which will be above their job requirements in the organizational structure.

The process of bringing changes in an organization includes sequence of steps, procedures and the activities that the managers have to follow for bringing about the changes successfully.

For implementing any change in  an organization, the first step would be identification of the points of resistance and  special tactics depending on the readiness assessments.

A Business Report on the HR of Cleethan Clothing

The major factors that will help in successfully implementing change are clarity of the purpose and a clear communication between the parties. In the absence of these factors there are higher chances if confusion and complains as the various parties will not be sharing a clear vision of the ultimate goals of these changes (Kleiman, 2000).

The management and HR in Clethan Clothing can use Lewin’s three – phase change model for meeting their purpose. The basic stages of Lewin’s are unfreeze, change and refreeze.

The first stage of unfreezing determines what are changes necessary or needed and ensures that there is enough support in favour of the implementation of the change / s.

the second stage is about bringing in the changes while maintaining a clarity about the purpose and involving the employees in the process. This way, the rumors are dispelled and confusions do not arise (Furaker et al, 2007).

The last stage will be to refreeze where the changes are incorporated into the organizational culture and attempts are made to sustain the changes. The ultimate success would be to hold the changes and achieve the goals that were set to be achieved from the changes implemented.


Risk Register

IDDate RaisedRisk DescriptionLikelihood of the Risk OccurringImpact if the Risk OccursSeverityMitigating Action
1 Project purpose and need is not well definedMediumHighHighComplete the business case  and ensure that the purpose is well defined.
2 Project design and deliverable definition is incompleteLowHighHighDefine the scope in detail
3 Project schedule is not clearly defined or understoodLowMediumMediumHold scheduled workshops so that the plan is properly communicated.

A Business Report on the HR of Cleethan Clothing


Globalization is inevitable and includes the integration of a company’s operations, processes and strategies into the very diverse global cultures, products, services and ideas. The impact of globalization can be seen on the organizations, the employees and the consumers.

The businesses have to adapt and capitalize the technologies. Globalization has lead to free flow of ideas, information and knowledge has restructured the ways in which the works were done.

It has helped a number of organizations and brands to become a trusted establishment around the world and the consumers tend to trust the products that have international reputation.

However, to go with the flow of globalization, there is a necessity to bring changes in the organization – structural or direction of work (White et al,2010). These changes have an impact on the way the work is done and thus has a significant impact on the workers. And thus, they resist.

The resistance to any change is the unwillingness or the inability to accept the changes. The changes suggested or implemented are categorized to be damaging or threatening to the individuals. Thus, to bring in any change, the HR has to take up a big role of bridging the gap between the decisions of the management and the employees.


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