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What is Strategic Management?

It’s important to understand what strategic management is before writing strategic marketing essays. Strategic Management refers to the art of decision formulating, evaluating and implementing for the purpose of to achieve an organization’s objectives. It is also referred as Strategy Planning. It plays a vital role in developing the policies and plans in order to achieve goals of an organization. 

Integrating management, marketing, accounting, finance, operations, computer information, production, research and development are some fields in which strategic management has its active involvement. According to Peter Drucker, “Strategic Management is not a box of tricks or a bundle of techniques. It is analytical thinking and commitment of resources to action. Some of the most important issues in Strategic Management cannot be quantified at all.”

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Concepts of Strategic Marketing Management Essays:

Before writing strategic management essays it’s quite important know the concepts on which strategic management is based. There are some important concepts of Strategic Management which focuses on overall development of an organization. The concepts are:

  • Long term plan: What are the objectives of an organization is the question here in this concept. The most important concept of Strategic Management involves in focus on a long term development plan to run an organization effectively and attain the objectives of it.
  • Allocation of Resources: This concept concerns with planning required measures to be taken to complete and attain the objectives of an organization and strategically planning about the allocation of resources needed for doing so
  • Synthesize: This concept deals with planning a set of company activities as such that all activities align together to achieve the goal or objective and support the chosen strategy of an organization.

How to write Strategic Marketing  Management Essays?

There are certain writing criteria we follow in Unique Submission in writing perfect strategic marketing essays. Some of them are mentioned below:

Introducing the Topic:

 An introduction is the very first part of an essay. It is the part of the essay to make impression on the reader in such a way that the reader should get interested to read the whole essay. It should be written clearly identifying the objective of the topic undertaken. It should start with a hook and should not be written in an elaborative way. It should be brief yet effective to grab the attention of the reader.

Body of the Essay:

The body of the essay should deal with the background, research, context and views on the topic undertaken. The body of the essay should deal with the topic in an elaborative way in a certain paragraphs length. The structure of the essay should be divided in such a manner that the reader can easily navigate throughout the essay and each section should be dealing with a single claim.


The conclusion is said to be the essence of an essay as it concludes your view on the topic undertaken. The essay should not end abruptly. An essay without a conclusion seems unfinished and absurd. Conclusion is a succinct summary of the main points which are focused in the essay. It should be written a brief and precise manner.


This part of the essay deals with an overview of what you have written throughout the essay. Signposting comes after introduction. Every argument should be marked properly to highlight it to the reader. Sub headings should be made to state something different and guide the reader. It is the road map or outline of the essay.

Research, rechecking and editing:

The structure of the essay should be checked to avoid any mistake in it as a perfectly structured essay grabs the attention of the reader. To write in a clear, lucid and precise way should be a priority. As too much tough language can alienate the reader from reading the essay. Ever spelling or grammatical error should be corrected so that the essay may not look absurd. 

Proof reading should be done to get a faultless essay and perfect marks. Any signposting mistake should be corrected with the help of editing. Proper research for the topic should be done to get a better view on the topic as it will lead to help you in making the topic understand to reader more efficiently. Research is the most integral part for writing any type of essay.


Citations play vital role in supporting the arguments you give while explaining certain points of the topic undertaken. Intact citations are necessary to provide a base to your arguments. Along with it should be also kept in mind that the content used in essay writing should be plagiarism free. No plagiarism policy should be followed throughout writing an essay.

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