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Executive Summary

This report main purpose is to critically understand, assess and recommendation for appropriate HR role and structure of HR service delivery provided by the company. For this study, Yahoo company case is undertaken for assessing and recommending the HR delivery structure. In this study, different factors are discussed critically which may affect and shape the HR Delivery structure. Further, this study also helped in assessing that factors and impact when appropriate HR delivery Structure is implemented within an organization. In addition to this, some recommendations are also provided for the improving and developing HR role and structure such as limited strategic capability and service strategy development and so on.    


The main purpose of this study is to critically assess and recommend the actions for the HR role & structure related to contemporary issue which is faced by the Yahoo. Yahoo is facing contemporary issues in managing the HR service delivery because of which company decided to the cut down the workforce i.e., approx. 1700 employees. This study will develop understanding the reason behind change in HR delivery structure and challenges which impact on the delivery service model of HR. In concern to it, this study will critically discuss and identify the factors which may shape the HR structure of delivery. At the same time, this study will critically assess the impact of the implementation of new HR delivery structure on the organization. Further, this report will also provide proper recommendations for HR role and the structure of HR service delivery.

202HRM Contemporary Issues in HR Service Delivery Assignment


Critical factors which may shape the HR delivery structure

There are different factors which may shape or develop the HR service delivery structure for providing the benefits to the organization. In this, financial resource is major factor which help the Human resource management in reshaping the HR delivery structure to a large extent. This factor is considered as an internal factor that needs to be considered by the HR while developing strategic HR strategy such as policies and procedure as well as payroll processing system (Bowen, 2016). In concern to this contemporary issue, financial resource availability supports the HR in shaping the effective HR service delivery respectively. 

On the other hand, Reilly and Williams (2016) also determined that both physical resources and financial resources factors are critically essential for every organization in overcoming the challenges and also help in changing the HR delivery structure efficiently. Through these factors, organization may shape its existing HR service delivery because there are many functions like payroll processing, career advice to the employees during retrenchment and employee benefits, etc. These all stated services provided by HR to large workforces and the ways that are delivered are based on the effective delivery structure.

While studying, it is also determined that technology is also essential factor that required to be changed frequently in order to gain the various advantages for meeting or resolving the technical problems or conflict at work life of an employees (Tavitiyaman et al., 2012). The technology factor creates an affects on reshaping the existing HR service delivery structure which help in developing or improving the existing recruiting or payroll system which encourages the human resources to retain for longer period by performing with full capacity. In addition, the use of technology factor supports the HR of Yahoo to develop strategic plan according to the product offering and initiatives which leads to shaping of the effective HR service delivery structure. The cost of adoption of new HR technology support the HR to enhance the functionality and up gradation of the existing system or processes for meeting the competitive situation faced by the company like Yahoo.

Gabriel et al. (2016) also determined that cost effectiveness is also one of the factors which affect the shape of the HR delivery structure respectively. For cost effectiveness, it is very important HR to restructure the HR services like from line organization structure to matrix structure and that leads to achievement of geographical needs efficiently. The cost related to somewhere with the financial resources and this factor also help in shaping the process of service delivery of HR respectively. In this situation, process of HR focuses on providing the configuration to the service delivery provided to employees or organization by the HRM.    

On the other side, Ryu et al. (2012) clearly interpreted that HR service delivery structure can be developed in such a manner that it establish the dedicated function of analysis and also help in segmenting the service delivery on the basis of business performance and value and also employee requirements. In addition, effective payroll processes is major service segment which is required to shape by the HR on a time to time basis for making the employee paid off for their hard work and competencies. 

Assess the impact of implementation on the organization

The implementation of HR delivery system is challenging and difficult task for the top level management and Human resource department in the existing business practices, but this implementation might create huge impact on the business efficiency to a large extent. The impact of new shaped or developed HR delivery structure on the organization is positive on two different perspective i.e., for employees and organization growth & development. In concern to this, Kavanagh and Johnson (2017) also stated that there is positive impact of effective implementation of delivery structure for organization it improves the HR functioning and working environment process for the employees and that lead to generation of more revenue. The innovative changes in the HR functions support the firm in main core activities such as recruitment, selection, termination and retrenchment.

At the same time, Bailey et al. (2018) elaborates that innovation in the HR service delivery help in managing and maintaining the HR services by proper monitoring process and model like Ulrich model and multi-tier approach. During assessment, it is determined that innovation is a factor which helps the HR leader to think creatively in order to make or transform the employees experience and that leads to development of increase in the strategic value of HR service delivery role and its structure too (Bratton and Gold, 2017). While identifying factors, it is assessed that technology creates a high impact on the implementation of the HR delivery structure as it help in experiencing the difference and improvement in the development and growth of the organization. The change in structure of HR service delivery i.e., through non-verbal communication should be changed to verbal communication so that employees needs and their competencies can be measured or monitored efficiently and effectively.

The implementation of HR delivery structure supports the HRM in assessing the influence of the new approaches and model on the efficiency and effectiveness of current processes and also helps in determining the satisfaction level of employees and client with new delivery structure of Human Resource (Birasnav, 2014). The HR delivery structure related to new HR technology implementation creates impact positively on the employees as adoption of new technology will provide the success and benefit to the employees in form of training and development. In simple words, the HR role and HR service delivery structure leads to high influence on the employee behavior, attitudes when implementation is done within an organization.  

The implementation of HR delivery structure in the organization focuses on maximizing the HR productivity. The increase in productivity leads to generation of high revenue and that ultimately creates a positive impact on implementation of new delivery structure by HR in an organization (Bamberger et al., 2014). In context to it, Yahoo also face impact on the implementation of the new delivery structure of HR on the performance and Revenue because of which such situation of lay off workforces can be avoided. However, proper implementation of HR service delivery structure in existing business operation or practices creates impact on the future growth and development of the organization too.

Recommendations for the HR role and the structure of HR service delivery

After assessing the impact, it is determined that organization need to bring changes in the structure of the HR service delivery so that Yahoo can overcome such situation of laying off large number of employees i.e., 1700.  The first recommendations for HR role and structure is that limited strategic capability. This recommendation helps in paying attention to the proper implementation of HR delivery structure for overcoming the problems faced with the existing internal HR system (Birasnav, 2014). This recommendation is well suited for managing the Human Resources Business Partners (HRBP) as this help in resolving the issues and also evaluates the effectiveness of the HR delivery structure.    

On the other hand, it is suggested to the HR professionals to focus more on implementation of business plans and strategies together in order to overcome the challenges or issues from the HR service deliver structure. In concern to this, cloud technology will be recommended technology for Yahoo for integrating the talent and development programs in order to assist the e-HR technologies (Tang and Tang, 2012). The use of this technology will help in saving the cost and will also suggest the high degree of outsourcing to be considered for some HR services as it is depending upon individual context within an organization.

In addition, service strategy development is also recommended HR service delivery which will help in collating the information from all existing services and proposed services. The use of this recommendation will also support the organization with wider scope in managing the resources, time and capabilities (Gebauer et al., 2017). The use of this service strategy development helps in developing the HR role and structure by analyzing the services provided to the employees for running, growing and transforming the business efficiently. For Yahoo, this recommendation will help to overcome some issues and can affect the investment decisions for improving the existing HR services.

In respect to this, Nadiv et al. (2017) also stated clearly that Ulrich model is effective recommendation for bringing the change in the Human Resource role and structure. In order to assist the strategic human resource management of organizations for that there is need to introduce an effective human resource (HR) service delivery model. This model is well suited and highly recommended by most of the organizations for delivering the best services such as centers of excellence services, shared services center and HR business partner service. On the other side, Botter et al. (2018) also determined that multi-tier approach or model help in managing and maintaining the HR service delivery and improving structure so that employees cut off requirement can be avoided and competencies and capabilities of employees are evaluated.

Thus, all above stated recommendations will support the Yahoo in improving and developing its existing business HR delivery structure in order to retain employees and achieving growth and revenue for an organization.       


From the above study, it can be concluded easily that HR service delivery structure should be effective enough that it help in overcoming the challenges which affect the overall performance and growth of the organization. Through this study, it is identified that the effective development of model related HR service delivery can help in readjusting the number and type of HR services according to the organization requirement. While assessing, it is identified that implementation of the HR delivery service structure creates a positive and negative impact on the growth & development. Moreover, this study also provided recommendation such as new technology, limited strategic capability and service strategy development, etc for overcoming the challenges and factors that affect adversely for the employees and organization too.


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