3GK013 Project-Based Learning Sample

 Best 3GK013 Project-Based Learning Sample


The research will be focused on the UN Sustainable Development Goal 6: Clean Water and Sanitation. This SDG intends to deliver universal access to safe and affordable drinking water for everyone throughout the globe and provide the people with equitable hygiene and sanitation facilities (SDGS, 2020).http://3GK013 Project-Based Learning Sample The research topic analysis how the organizational CSR initiatives can be altered for delivering clean water and sanitation to everyone. The topic has been selected for the concern surrounding the lack of safely managed defecation of four people across the globe along with more than 2.2 billion people lacking safely managed drinking water (SDGS, 2020). http://3GK013 Project-Based Learning Sample The organizational interventions through the CSR initiatives can deliver access to clean water and sanitation for bringing positive impact the society. The case study of Unilever will be considered in the research as the company has directed its efforts contributing to all the SDGs with significant progress in delivering clean water and sanitation to the needy through their efforts and products (Unilever, 2020). http://3GK013 Project-Based Learning Sample

Ideas considered

The idea for change considered for the research includes the dedication of a portion of the organizational profits towards the delivery of clean drinking water and undertaking infrastructural projects for delivering proper sanitation facilities (Arevalo & Aravind, 2017).http://3GK013 Project-Based Learning Sample The idea for change includes the alterations in the existing product portfolio of the companies are the introduction of new products that can contribute towards providing access to clean water at affordable prices to the people along with spreading awareness about health and hygiene to promote sanitation with relevant products (Cohen, 2017). http://3GK013 Project-Based Learning Sample The idea of initiating changes in the product portfolio and establishing the focus on clean water and sanitation for the CSR in reverse for the companies will be investigated further. This will be done for ensuring the eradication of open defecation and access to clean drinking water for everyone by 2030 to accomplish the UN SDG 6.

Project timeline

The research will require 12 weeks to complete.

3GK013 Project-Based Learning Sample

Planned roles and responsibilities of group members

Every member of the group will be provided with distinct roles and responsibilities by engaging in prior discussion and analyzing the strengths and limitations of the individuals. All the members of the group will be asked to contribute towards the data collection for the investigation and sharing their perspectives on the analysis methods. Some of the plan roles include the collection of facts about the organizations contributing to the SDG with their CSR initiatives and gathering data about the present rate of efficacy in solving the problem. Some responsibilities of team members will include studying the initiatives undertaken by Unilever for contributing towards the SDG and how the company has its products across its CSR initiatives.

Potential hurdles

Some potential hurdles during the part of conducting this investigation. These include the challenges of linking the CSR initiatives of companies with UN sustainable development goals. The lack of segregation of the efforts of the organizations towards contributing towards clean water and sanitation can also make it difficult to understand the level of impact of the firms.

Some of the planning undertaken for overcoming the potential hurdles include analyzing the sustainability reports of the companies and receiving an account of the corporate governance to the annual reports.


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