4BU006 Learning for Business Success

Introduction (4BU006 Learning for Business Success)

Employability skills help an individual to be placed in their preferred organization and to be a good human being. Skills and competencies are the key fundamentals to make any achievement and improve personal growth. It can be argued that for those who want to be successful in their particular occupations, it becomes necessary to learn some employability skills. Skills help to increase the basic knowledge in a personal job and it helps to improve one’s approach towards the work. It can be stated that a person having proper employability skills is bound to be more confident towards work.

In addition, an individual with good employability skills can bring golden opportunities for those organizations. Communication skills, team management, time management, leadership, decision making, problem solving, and planning are the key examples of the employability skills. The main aim of this essay is to identify three key employability skills learned during semester 1. The essay highlights why these three skills are necessary for the career and how it can shape one’s future.

Main body

A good phrase on employability is “graduates are more likely to gain employment and be successful in their chosen occupations”. In simple terms, students are the main individuals who are likely to possess proper employability skills suited for an organization. However, in argument, it can be stated that without proper employability skills, it becomes difficult to get a job in an organization. Thus, both organization and employees are interdependent and employability skill acts as the catalyst. In order to encourage all workers and motivate them, training plays a vital role. Training the workers on a set of employability skills improves the overall skill and competencies of the workers. As stated by Agustina et al. (2020), as employability skills help an individual to achieve success, it is argued that if anyone has a variety of employability skills, they can achieve the goals of their life for sure. There are varieties types of employability is here but three of them is discussing below briefly-

Time management

Time is a valuable aspect, which can save a life and at the same time can destroy a life within a second. According to Suddaby and Jaskiewicz (2020), it is not possible to buy time using money but money can buy happiness. Time management is one of the employability skills that help an individual to be competent in managing time.  It can be argued that managing time in a proper way is one of the most difficult things for a human. Moreover, without managing the time, it is not possible to do any work in personal and professional life. Thus, it is crucial that I learn time management skills to be able to manage my schedules and balance my work life.

Aim of time management is to help to achieve goals in everyone’s life and increase the working power that allows us to be more efficient in work. Time management helps us to know about the value of life by increasing the knowledge.  It helps to get success in working life and somehow it increases the popularity of an organization, which is a symbol of making a new startup business that will get success.

Without knowing about time management it is not possible to maintain a regular routine and not possible to do any work in a job sector. It is not possible to save time for personal work without knowing time management. Without time management, we cannot deliver our work in a proper time and for that, it is not possible to improve our quality of life.

Time management is an essential factor of everyone’s life and this skill cannot be compared with any other skills. The main reason is that although time in itself is invisible, it has the power to change the capability of work (Suddaby and Jaśkiewicz 2020). For example, when I was doing my semester 1 project, I took the project lightly and thought that I would be able to finish the project in time. However, I underestimated my time management skill and failed to submit the project on time resulting in a penalty. Hence, I learned a lesson from this that time management acts as an indispensable skill when working.

Time management is important for any organization, for institutes, for students, for workers, for teachers, and for normal people as well. In my opinion, this skill will greatly enhance my working capability to plan and schedule activities. Thus, in future, I will be able to make proper plans to plan my daily work.

In the current generation, it is mandatory to know about the value of time as deadline miss and improper scheduling can affect an organization (Afolabi et al. 2019). Quality goes hand-in-hand with time management, which is important for an organization. For example, if I am trained in time management skills, then I would not only be able to finish the piece of work in time but also give quality work. On the other hand, if I do not have good time management skills, then even if I finish a work on time, it would be of poor quality. Thus, for an organization, time management plays a key role to complete a work. Apart from this, time management increases the rating of an organization and increases the value of life of a human being. For instance, the performance of a worker depends on time, which is important to be an efficient employee. The whole system of the working process will be meaningless without time management as without a proper routine, an individual would not be able to complete a project in time.

According to existing research, time management is a vital employability skill (Saura et al. 2019). Hence, I plan to improve my knowledge on time management and be more proficient in this aspect. As all organizations have fixed deadlines, possessing a time management skill would be quite beneficial for me to get a job in future.

Team management

Team management is another employability skill that is essential to get a job. It can be argued that team management is connected with social and working purposes (McKenzie and Sansone 2019). Team management means to do anything in a group, whether it is informal, traditional, problem solving, leadership, self-directed, or virtual. There are different types of teams, which are managed by managers. I think this is an important skill for me as whichever organization I would join, I am bound to work in a group. Thus, without proper adjustment and competence I would be a liability for the team. Due to this, I have developed my team management skill through the first semester.

Aim of the team management-

Aim of the team management is to work in a team and complete work in a short time. Team management helps to increase the communication between everyone and it helps keep the whole organization peaceful. Team management always helps to get the best result of their work. Teamwork sometimes attracts customers to increase their popularity. To make a good relationship between all employees it is needed to work in a team. Team management helps to build a society friendly. It is to try to help each other in working and in personal work.

Importance of the team management-

Team management helps to finish every work in proper time and increase the knowledge of every worker. It helps to learn about the topic that any one does not know for this reason and automatically builds good relationships between everyone. Team management helps to increase communication skills and help to be a good human being. It helps to bring success for the organization and can help to manage all the difficulties during work.

Team management is important for a working sector and every organization prefers an individual who has team management skill. As stated by Honig and Hopp (2019), working with each other by sharing opinions and debating with each other is an easy way to achieve goals and to get success easily. A difficult task can easily be solved by team working and the work will be completed in a short time. Thus, team working not only increases the rating of the organization, but also helps an individual to supply their products in a minimum time. A good example is that as I am a fresher, I would not have proper experience in the workplace that may lead to missed deadlines. However, if I work in a team, then I will be able to overcome my shortcomings by getting help from my team members and vice-versa.

Based on the above example, it can be argued that working in a team removes the risk of individual incompetence as one-member covers up the weak points of another member. Teamwork helps us to make a good relationship between everyone so that we can help each other. I think that in teamwork, everyone can motivate each other that will make even difficult work possible (Honig and Hopp 2019). Besides this, teamwork helps to increase the communication skill that is important for everyone to do any work and to ask for any help. Thus, it is argued that teamwork can improve the workflow of any organization. I have learned this skill to be competent enough to work under any kind of team environment and adjust myself with the surroundings. I believe this skill will be a great asset for me in the future to be a successful person.

Communication skill

Communication skill means the behavior and the interruption with everyone in the workplace and in the society as well. As stated by Radzi et al. (2017), we are living under a society and most of the people are doing their job in an organization within a team environment. It can be argued that communication skill is important for everyone in every place. Moreover, I think that communication skills would become necessary for me to talk with my peers and colleagues. For example, while working in a team, if I stay too quiet, then I would not be able to state my viewpoints to the team leaders. It may also affect my reputation, as people will take this silence negatively. Thus, I think, by learning communication skill, it would allow to converse properly with other members and present my views without any problems.

The main aim of communication skill is that it fosters good relationships and increases the communication power of an individual, which helps us to expose our thinking (Radzi et al. 2017). Communication skills allow us to make a good sharing circle and it helps us to create a good bond with our seniors. I believe that communication skills help to increase the rating of our organization and it is helping to connect with society very nicely.

Communication skill is the only way to communicate with everyone. As stated by Agustina et al. (2020), we indeed know the right way for our communication because the communication pattern for every place is not the same. In the working sectors, we need to communicate in a respective way but in society or in a friend group, we can communicate with them in a friendly way. Thus, as stated by Cidral et al. (2018), our communication is our jewelry because communication determines whether you will respect or not. In my opinion, communication is important for the improvement of the particular organization or working place. I learned this skill in order to present my views and to be able to freely mix with other people. I believe that in the future, communication skills would be quite useful for me to be connected with others in the workplace.


Based on the above discussion, employability is important to be successful in life. The objectives and the factors of employability are easy but all those are regular and strict. These skills are required by all the organizations and these skills are likely the key to success. Employability skills are connected to the employability and efficiency, which are the main objectives for a human’s personal life and working life. To be a polite and hard working person, it is mandatory to have employability skills.

According to research, it has been analyzed that employability brings happiness in personal and professional life. An efficient person can take place all over society and employability makes a person efficient. Today’s world needs to use time in a proper way and without knowing the value of time; it is not possible to work. The benefits of team working and the ability to communicate with everyone in a proper manner are also good employability skills. A personal reflection is provided in this study stating why employability skills such as time management, team management and communication skills are important to know for professional and personal life.


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Appendix 1: Self audit activities

Employability skills Personal Rating Discussion
Skills Activities Basic Competent Proficient  
Time management Reviewing schedules to work Yes Yes   Trying to manage my whole work time
Setting new goals and daily target Yes   Yes I am preparing a fresh routine for improve my time management
Communication skill Identifying communication gap Yes   Yes I am trying to identify the issue during my communication
Participating in group discussions and debates Yes   Yes Trying to participate all the debate to increase my communication skill
Team management Holding meetings and discussions with team members Yes Yes   I am always trying to do every work in a team
Sharing opinions and thoughts on work Yes Yes   I like to share my knowledge among my group and i am gaining many thing which i do not know

Appendix 2: Personal SWOT

Strength ●       Capable for any type of team work

●       Like to take challenges in work while the will be in a team

●       Desire to learn more

Weakness ●       Not that much active in social activities

●       Patients is less

●       Facing problem in teamwork

Opportunity ●       If I increase my communication skill, I can go abrade for my future study

●       Time management is helping me work more efficiently

Threat ●       During team work some people is trying to create problem


Appendix 3: Personal Development Plan

Skill Expected Goals Actions I will take Success Criteria Timeframe Implementation Strategies
Time management Want to manage all my works within time Make a routine In working time 3 months I will make proper routine to maintain time
Communication skill Communicate with everyone in a good way Increasing vocabulary In my learning place 4 months I will increase my communication power for improving communication skill
Team management Achieve my goal with my team who will help me Trying to adjust in team Study area 3 months I will organize a group of teams for team management


Appendix 4: Career Action Plan

My talents– Discover something new logic in my work

My passion– Follow the perfect way in the life for being a perfect one

My contribution– I am trying to learn more about all the does and don’ts in my career

My personality– I have power to learn anything in a short time

Time Period Career Step Strengths Development Areas Development Activity Resources to Support


Student Desire to learn more Communication skill I want to join any type of online classes Attending many debate and online courses
2-3 years from now


Member of an organization Capability to do work in a team Managing team Taking information from other groups Gathering experiences from team
5-6 years from now


Leader in an organization I have leadership quality Improving leadership quality I want to take training from experience person Taking advice from seniors


Appendix 6: CV

Name– Mrs. ABC

Location– Kolkata

Phone– 7944547478

Email[email protected]

Sex– Female

Date of birth– 29.04.2000

Nationality– Indian

Work experience– NA

Education– B.tech

Personal Skills– Handing time in a proper way

Communication skills– Joined as trainee in an institute

Organizational/managerial skills– Completed internship in management field

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