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In the present world, computing devices are widely used in all aspects of the life of human beings and are increasing day by day. All the data in the present world are collected, stored and processed in the form of digital format. There comes the need for security of data at the computing devices. If the data are secured and protected, there are several implications which could affect the individual and also the organization. The following report describes the computer security and computer forensics, the importance of users to secure data and the actions to be taken by the users to protect the data.

Computer security

Computer security or cyber security essentially is the assurance of PC frameworks and data from mischief, burglary, and unapproved use. It is the way toward forestalling and recognizing unapproved utilization of the PC framework (1). There are different kinds of cyber security which is generally used to ensure the significant data of an association. It implies getting an independent machine by keeping it refreshed and fixed. It is characterized as securing PC frameworks, which impart over the PC networks.

Computer Forensics

A forensic computer test can uncover more than anticipated. Examiners are not just inspired by the substance of messages, records and different documents, yet additionally in the metadata related with those documents. Records of a client’s activities may likewise be put away in log documents and different applications on a computer, like web programs. So a computer forensic assessment may uncover when a record originally showed up on a computer, when it was last altered, when it was last saved or printed and which client did these activities.

Importance of Users to secure data

Keeping user’s passwords, monetary, and other individual data protected constantly from outside intruders has for some time been a need of organizations, yet it’s undeniably basic for user’s and people to regard information assurance counsel and utilize sound practices to keep user’s delicate individual data free from any risks. There’s a wealth of data out there for users, families, and people on ensuring passwords, enough securing work stations, workstations, and cell phones from programmers, malware, and different risks, and best practices for utilizing the Web securely. In any case, there’s such an excess of data that it’s not difficult to get confounded, especially in case users are not well informed(2) (3).

Procedures for Users to secure data

Usage of encrypted cloud service

The backup are usually stored in the cloud environment, it may be vulnerable to the intruders when the cloud service is chosen wisely (4). Cloud provider should encrypt the data for the user should encrypt the data prior to store in the cloud. They also provide encryption at the physical device and also on the cloud environment.

Storage of delicate data in a local machine

Even though encrypting data at the cloud environment, it is advised by many experts to keep the delicate files and data at local encrypted machine. The delicate data such as personal identification information and the files comprising passwords which are user often are prone to vulnerability and there are no comprise for the leakage of such information that would impact the whole system of the user. Hence the researchers imply and insist this technique.

Avoid transmitting passwords and secure data at public networks

Never at any point send record and secret word data over an open (unstable) wireless network. Users are communicating to everybody inside the range of wireless network, which can be a few hundred feet, the entirety of user’s own data and record data(5). Hackers can utilize this to bargain users records (for example email, monetary, framework/application access), take users character, or submit extortion in users identity.

Check that intrusion has, indeed, happened.

There are numerous sharks who utilize the probability of an information break to fool unassuming buyers into really giving over their passwords and other data, when informationpenetrates hasn’t really happened. Prior to reacting to any solicitations to refresh user’s login data through a connection sent to the user in an email, visit the organization’s site by composing the URL into user location bar and affirming the penetrate happened, or call the organization to check the data (6).

Be cautious while looking in classifications known for malware.

This is a troublesome tip to sufficiently depict in a moderately modest number of words, yet use alert whenever users are looking for any subject known for spam or malware. This frequently occurs with incredibly well known hunt subjects, like drugs, VIPs, and adultrelatedwebsites. Since such countless individuals look for these themes, it’s simple for intruders to set up sites that are basically phony, planned exclusively to evoke clicks and execute malware documents.

Be aware of user’s online reputation.

Any data user enters on long range interpersonal communication sites, accounts, or some other site might actually be available for anyone in case of informationpenetrates. By and large, the data user put online ads to user’s online reputation, which can affect user’sodds of getting work, getting into user’sschool of decision, and make numerous issues if the data is negative. Observing your online standing can likewise help user get on delicate data that shouldn’t be freely accessible so user can make a move to have it taken out.


Hence report provided the outline of computer security, computer forensics and the significant of users to secure data, and the actions, procedures to be taken by the users to secure data. The provided actions are only some of the significant actions and there are various procedures to secure the data at the user level.



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