Introduction to People at Work

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1. Introductory evaluation

Capitalize on the future job role and identify my ultimate career goals may be effective to improve myself as engage in professional associations. According to my personal experience working in the HR management industry regarding a part-time job, I am collecting some great knowledgeable skills to be an HR. Therefore, from my previous work experience and my study, I can identify some effective qualities that are seeking for HR. I have prepared my own self based on considering some knowledgeable factors that can help me to become an HR. As argued by Oakley et al. (2020), trustworthiness, team player, multi-tasking knowledge and skills, positive attitude, ambition, enough patience are marked as the crucial qualities that can help to achieve the position of an HR manager.  It can evaluate my whole knowledgeable skills as well as previous working experience on my targeting future working role in the HR management (CIPD, 2020).

In order to, I was enjoying a lot with the other employees in my previous working organization. Those people have played a most important role to gather maximum knowledge for my future work role position. On the other hand, I am likely to be given responsibilities according to the different working structure of HR management. Apart from this part, I will enjoy different working responsibilities as I can manage the whole task that has been fulfilled by the HR management. Sometimes I prefer to stick with the familiar activities that can stimulate my inner energy to connect with the given responsibility. The major reason is income, a huge amount of financial support behind targeting HR management as a further job role. In my personal opinion, financial support is a major part of leading a heart lifestyle. However, I always want to engage with the large organization of HR management to explore myself more prominently.

2. Five entries 

2.1 Motivation 

2.1.1 Knowledge 

Motivation is the process by which peoples are guided and motivation includes biological, social, emotional, and cognitive forces that turn-on the behavior. As per the view of Oakley et al. (2020), It is noted that motivation improves work performance as well as, the lifestyle is also improved by motivation. It also helps HR managers to improve work performance. There are two types of motivation. Those are intrinsic motivation and extrinsic motivation.

Intrinsic motivation

It is noted that internal motivation is linked with internal rewards. Apart from this, it is also said that intrinsic motivation provides support naturally, and as a result, the behavior is also improved for that.

Extrinsic motivation

External motivation refers to the motivation that is related to outside motivation. This means motivation is increased by giving rewards from outside. For example, it is said that external motivation includes trophies, money, praise, social awards, etc (Miraja et al. 2019).

2.1.2 Issues 

It is faced that motivation increases the fear of failure. It is noted that every employee has different skills, ability, interests, attitudes, and expectations and it is very natural to have. I noticed that when one employee gets rewards for their performance they are motivated too much and their work performance is also more improved. However, other employees become unmotivated as well, even the employee turnover rate is increased (Malangalila, 2020).

2.1.3 Relevant theory

Herzberg’s motivation theory

This is the theory of motivation by which the work performance of the employees. This is mainly a two-factor theory; these are motivation factors and hygiene factors. Motivation factor includes achievement, recognition, responsibility, advancement, growth of work performance, etc. Mainly, as per the view of Potipiroon (2017), these motivation factors can assist the organization to provide praise, rewards, appraisal. Hygiene factors include organization policy, salary, supervision, security status, relationship, etc. these factors of hygiene also can help to motivate employees in the organization.

Herzberg’s motivation theory- 4HR002 Best Assignment Sample on Introduction to People at Work

Figure 1: Herzberg’s motivation theory

(Source: Pukkeeree et al.2020)

2.2 Rewards and benefits

2.2.1 Knowledge of this topic  

Rewards and benefits are linked with the performance appraisal as well as feedback policy for employees. Mainly, reward plays a key role that encourages behaviors as well as work performance of the employees in organizations. It helps the HR manager to motivate all employees by giving rewards. Apart from this, it is noted that benefits play a key role that provides motivation to the employees. In addition, the reward system assists HR organizations to find exact talented employees. Furthermore, the productivity of the organization is improved by a rewards and benefits system (Pukkeeree et al.2020).

2.2.2 Issues 

I have faced with the fact that the rewards and benefits system increases the “give and take policy” which means employees do better work when they get rewards.  Otherwise, they do not work better. Apart from that, as per the view of Thibault Landry et al. (2019), it is noted that employees do not work within deadlines as well, extra work is not done by the workers without a rewards and benefits policy. Besides that, I am faced that many employees want to work only for getting rewards and they do work unreliably that increases many problems.

2.2.3 Relevant theories 

Expectancy theory

It is noted from this theory that this reinforcement and expectancy theory focuses on the link between behavior and rewards. Providing rewards increases the future work performance of the employees. This reinforcement and expectancy theory mainly gives important types of rewards that are gotten by employees. This theory can help to manage the reward system as well as, also assists to manage the performance level of employees in organizations (Stawasz, 2019). Apart from that, Equity theory is also mainly based on rewards inequality. Many employees realize the inequality in their rewards and benefits. This theory focuses on the reward structure on the basis of work performance.  This theory helps to overcome rewards-related problems (Sun et al. 2017).

Expectancy Theory- 4HR002 Best Assignment Sample on Introduction to People at Work

Figure 2: Expectancy Theory

(Source: Sun et al. 2017)

2.3 Employee engagement 

2.3.1 Knowledge

Employee engagement is very important to work for HR management. It is said that the productivity of the organization as well as the growth and revenues of the organization depends upon employee engagement. Employee engagement mainly refers to leadership development, culture, performance, and several areas of human development. Apart from this, it is noted that employee engagement is related to the organization emotionally. It is important to observe many factors such as employee experiences, skills that assist the HR manager in employee engagement (Fogarassy et al. 2017).

2.3.2 Issues

The most important issue that is faced by the HR manager does not understand the skills of the employees.  It is noted as per the view of Fogarassy (2017), the employee turnover rates are increased as well as, the growth and revenues of the company are decreased drastically. Moreover, it is noted that another issue that is faced by the HR manager is lacking coordination and cooperation with the management system. Apart from this, it is noted that the fluctuating mind of young employees also creates many issues.

2.3.3 Relevant theory

IES Model of engagement

The IES model of engagement is focused on the employee’s demand and this theory said that the HR manager should need to provide values to employee’s demand in organizations. This theory suggested that the company has to provide job satisfaction, health safety, performance appraisal, training that also assist to increase the productivity of the company. Apart from that, the relationship between the HR manager and employees is improved by applying this theory. Moreover, the HR manager has to provide opportunities to employees that also reduce the problems of employee engagement (Louis and Murphy, 2017).

IES Modeln 4HR002 Best Assignment Sample on Introduction to People at Work

Figure 3: IES Model

(Source: Louis and Murphy, 2017)

2.4 Management and Hierarchy

2.4.1 Knowledge 

Management is a very important key role in an organization and every organization needs good management. Management helps to meet the organization’s goals and objectives. Management includes controlling, planning, monitoring, application of principles that help the organization to run their company perfectly and smoothly. Hierarchy is a structure of organization where all works are divided according to work performance and experience. This management structure helps the HR manager to engage the employee as well as motivate all employees in the organization (Fogarassy, 2017).

2.4.2 Issues 

It is noted that the negotiation problem of management is faced by me. Apart from that, critical thinking understanding is one of the most important issues that are faced. Moreover, it is said that budgeting and planning for organization and employee’s work performance management is also a great issue that is faced by me. Understanding all strategies of organizations is also a huge problem that is faced by me.

2.4.3 Relevant theory 

Scientific management theory

Scientific management theory is a management theory that is developed by Fredrick Taylor. This theory is very important to manage the workflow of the employees as well; it helps to manage the relationship between the manager and the employees. The main function of scientific management theory is to improve labor productivity as well as also economic efficiency. The efficiency as well as, the performance of the workers is improved by applying scientific management theory. This scientific theory also reduces the production cost of the organization. The HR manager of the Organization provides proper training through implementing this scientific management theory (Louis and Murphy, 2017).

2.5 learning and developments 

2.5.1 Knowledge

It is noted that learning and development are important elements of HR as well as core areas that help to improve the performance of the individual and groups both. Apart from that, skill and knowledge are also improved by learning developments. Learning is mainly linked to knowledge, skills, and attitudes. Development is linked with enlarging and describing knowledge. These two factors help to manage the organization structure as well as employee turnover rate. Apart from that, this helps the HR manager to analyze the training needs as well as, it helps to understand employee’s behavior and attitude very well (Fogarassy et al. 2017).

2.5.2 Issues

There have created several issues due to dealing with the development and learning outcomes that are mainly essential for the future job role in HR management. According to my personal experience, I suffered from a lack of experience and poor knowledgeable skills due to improper engagement with academic activities. Therefore, it can hamper my upcoming career due to dealing with the several changes, tracking skills, and knowledge application, and qualifying the training effectiveness in HR management.

2.5.3 Relevant Theory

Cognitive theory

This learning theory can help to develop my further working role in HR management as I gain huge experience from my previous workforce and academic life. On the other hand, this theory can help me to explain how the external and internal factors can create a great influence on my future career. Moreover, this cognitive theory can analyze the several processes of the mental factors that are the main supplement for development and learning. Apart from this part, difficulties and delays in my learning process are seen through applying this learning thirty from my academic perspective. The approaches of this learning theory attempt to explain my behavior by properly understanding how to evaluate my thought process (Pukkeeree et al.2020).

3. Conclusion

It is very important to analyze the basic and effective perspective of my own value as an upcoming HR manager in the workplace. Therefore, identifying the core strength of personal affection can help to determine the individual difference to choose the correct post that is suited to us. The working people hugely influence the behaviours, through and feelings of each employee. It evaluates the individual strength and weaknesses for becoming an ideal HR manager in the upcoming future. Based on my personal overview, a relationship between the employee and HR management can create a great impact to stabilize the entire business workforce. All the discussing thoughts that I mentioned in the introduction can play a huge effect by developing my skills and experiences. My learning skills help to modify the long term career goals as it reflects in the upcoming future working positions to become associated with the large HR management industry. Previous working experience and entire knowledgeable skills is the major prior for creating my responses as well as taking some time to think about how to meet the future career goals. Therefore, my career aspirations have mainly referred to achieving huge success as engaging with the HR management industry. Apart from this, I am focusing on taking a position in HR management as I think it is effective and suitable for my skill set and work interest.


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