Introduction to People at Work 

Assignment sample of Introduction to People at Work.

1. Introduction

My preference for working alone and working with others is always working with others. I choose to work with others as it helps me to learn and socialize in a better way from my teammates. In addition to that working with other people helps me to gain more confidence and boost my efficiency every day. Teammates make me realize the value of teamwork and it helps me to become more comfortable with changes in life. On the other hand, I like being given responsibilities as it helps me to earn the trust of my mentors and superiors. Responsibilities also help me to value my work and get things done on time. Completing responsibilities makes me feel I have achieved something wonderful and that helps me boost my confidence level. On the contrary, I like to look for different work rather than being committed to something specific. Exploring different types of work helps me explore different topics and parts of the world.

It also feeds the passion of wanderlust in me and immensely develops my personal attributes. As mentioned by Ransbotham et al. (2016), one needs to cover different topics to become more mature in life. Earning money cannot be the only perspective of an individual life, earning money, and not looking for happiness can be extremely exhausting at times. One needs to do something in their life that they have an immense passion for and then it must not feel exhausting. Earning money is equally important as the happiness and mental peace of an individual. Hence I would like to work for a company that I feel passionate about at the same time earning money. As mentioned by Avhad and Giri (2020), no work is big and small when it comes to the survival of an individual. Therefore, I believe that working in a company that holds the chances of my personal and professional growth is ideal for me.

2. Entries for five chosen topic 

2.1 Groups and teams 

The course on introduction to people at work in my course has been helpful to me in a greater way. It has been immensely helpful to develop my understanding of teamwork and cooperation. The tutor in the class has assigned various assignments to the class that required teamwork and cooperation. As per the views of Adriaenssens et al. (2016), the assignments also required communication among the teammates. That is how we learned about the methods of communications that have been helpful in my career so far in terms of bond with my co-workers.  I efficiently can complete the part of my work within a given time limit and help out my co-workers with their parts if needed.

Administrative Theory of Management- 4HR002 - Assignment sample of Introduction to People at Work

Figure 1: Administrative Theory of Management

(Source: Sebo et al. 2020)

A manager of a company can give thoughts on recruiting me as a reliable and logical employee. My core strengths to become useful and efficient in a company is time management and efficiency in teamwork. Other than that, my work culture is different and can be immensely useful for a company as a team member. Company performance and efficiency increase if the employees submit their time within the given time limit (Guastello and Peressini, 2017). This factor has been proven to be useful for the manager of the company as well as to administrate the workload within the company employees. Therefore, a useful bond between the company employees and the manager can be formed as the manager looks forward to the success of the company.

In my coursework, Administrative theory by Henri Fayol has been discussed to understand the concept of teamwork and group. In this theory, the steps of management have been discussed to predict the plans of organizational management. In order to make the operations in a company run smoothly it is important to order the employees to execute the company plans with teamwork. To my knowledge, this management theory can be helpful to understand the process of decision making in the company I will become an employee of.

2.2 Motivation

The mentors and my co-workers have helped me to provide me with sufficient motivation for my personality development and confidence boost. As mentioned by Oyserman (2019), the manager of the company can be able to recruit me as motivation in a company employee is the key to success. A highly motivated employee is a tremendous asset for a company to ensure efficiency in the company performance in order to gain more profit. A motivated employee has the ability to boost the motivation of others and uplift the work mood ensuring a stress-free performance within the firm. As per the view of Reimer et al. (2017), the culture of the workplace can be maintained by following the models and theories made for motivation in a company. In addition to that, the company can be able to present a clear and orderly portrait of investors and customers.

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs- 4HR002 - Assignment sample of Introduction to People at Work

Figure 2: Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

(Source: Locke and Schattke, 2019)

I think that Maslow’s Motivation Theory will be more effective in enhancing employee motivation in an organization. Motivated people can achieve several organizational achievements within less time required (Li et al. 2019). I understood that the effectiveness of the theoretical approach and practices are adequately important for an organization to meet organizational expectations in future. Motivated employees can achieve greater personal and professional success in future. Behavioural and physical changes in employees are adequately important as per my opinion and requirement criteria of employees must be fulfilled to meet this success factor in future.

2.3 Discussion on Employee Engagement 

I think that this aspect is significantly important for a company to enhance its workplace culture. I learned that this approach could be used as an official approach to boost overall organizational performance. Collaboration between employees is adequately needed for improving organizational efficiency and performance. I understood that effective communication between employees and hierarchies is required to fulfil the requirements of this aspect. Employees committed to organizational success are more influenced to engage other employees towards achieving organizational success (Popli and Rizvi, 2016). I think that the definition of a clear set of goals for an organization is important to enhance employee engagement in future.

I think that the necessity of this organizational approach is to improve organizational values and efficiency. Workload can be reduced through implementing employee engagement to an organization. Effective management is required to achieve core success factors, and collaboration between employees will deliver better results. I think that productivity of an organization will be increased through selecting this approach. I understood that a continuous motivation process is needed to enhance employee engagement in an organization. Remaining committed to the organization is necessary for an employee to enhance the continuous engagement process.

I must say that the Employee Engagement Model is significantly important for this perspective to apply in the organizational aspect. A good workforce is required to boost this approach (Shuck et al. 2017). I think that continuous practices and effective learning are needed to enhance employee engagement in an organization. I think that the creation of a positive and supportive workplace culture is essential to influence this aspect. Promotion of a positive feeling is needed to improve further future developments of an organization. However, it can be said that employee engagement is dependable upon the commitment of higher-level employees towards the organization.

Employee Engagement Model- 4HR002 - Assignment sample of Introduction to People at Work

Figure 3: Employee Engagement Model

(Source: Popli and Rizvi, 2016)

2.4 Discussion on Employee Wellbeing 

Employee well-being is a physiological approach for an organization, and I think that the aspect has a positive development perspective in future. Employee security and mental health development are needed to improve overall organizational development (Suter et al. 2020). I understood that an effective management system is necessary for a company to influence the well-being of employees. Creation of well-being policies is necessary to develop this perspective, and it will help further medical condition development of employees. However, it can be said that job satisfaction plays an important role in the psychological health of an employee.

I learnt that the continuous promotion of employee well-being would be suitable for employee motivation. Well-being can reduce mental stress, and an employee can focus more effectively towards an organizational approach. A core success criterion is needed to enhance this organizational aspect, and development in individuals could lead to future enhancements in overall organizational approaches (Keeman et al. 2017). I think that a company’s performance is dependable upon this aspect and useful for creating a positive workplace environment. It is assumed that maintaining good relationships with employees and a proper communication system will be helpful for a company to enhance employee well-being.

It can be said that the Intraindividual Model of employee well-being is adequately important for an organization to increase future development perspectives. The model is suitable for reviewing employee needs for well-being, and it is necessary to follow as a guideline in future. A theoretical framework is necessary for an organization to maintain its regular operations, and I think it must include employee well-being aspects. Development of a proper set of rules that will solidify existing governance as it will be more effective for creating a positive workplace management system which will enhance this aspect in future.

Intraindividual Model- 4HR002 - Assignment sample of Introduction to People at Work

Figure 4: Intraindividual Model

(Source: Keeman et al. 2017)

2.5 Reward and Benefits

An individual must be rewarded for excellent performance, and a company must set such a positive approach to its management system. The performance-based reward system will increase employees and demand for achieving success (Mendis, 2017). I understood that reward systems and beneficial systems would be effective for building employee motivation. Committed to the workplace will encourage more employees to achieve the same success factors in future. I understood that the productivity and reputation of the overall organization would be boosted through this process. Ethical values of an employee will be increased through the implementation of this system.

It can be said that the implementation of cash or non-monetary system will be effective for a company to enhance this organizational perspective. Social rewards could be a better solution for an employee to encourage more towards the workplace. Working environment and efficiency of employees will be increased through development in this stage. Motivated employees can encourage other employees to achieve the same objective, which will define a good reputation of the company. It is noted that strategic goals are achieved more effectively by enhancing this organizational approach.

I think that the Expectancy Theory will be effective to increase this objective. A contingent performance of employees will be suitable for faster organizational growth. Following proper guidance from theoretical approaches will be suitable for employees to enhance the organizational rewards system (Došenović, 2016). Every employee will be more motivated to increase their performance which will further indicate the overall productivity development of an organization. A motivational function is necessary for this stage as per my opinion. Developing employee benefits and regards systems will be effective for creating a better workplace culture to engage newcomers towards the organization. It can be said that effective leadership strategies and employee motivation methods are required to improve this perspective in future.

Expectancy Theory- 4HR002 - Assignment sample of Introduction to People at Work

Figure 5: Expectancy Theory

(Source: Došenović, 2016)

3. Conclusion 

It can be concluded from this report that the most important parts to discuss the concept of people at work have been done. Those five prime points are groups and teams, motivation, employee engagement, employee wellbeing, rewards, and benefits. It can be further concluded that though this study my perception of people at work has been more transparent. This study can be immensely helpful in the future for me to look forward to my well being and growth at work. I have missed out on various learning opportunities during the course of my study.

This study can be helpful for me to analyze the concept of people at work in depth to help me out in my future career. I enjoy my work and the working culture, ambiance of the place as well as my coworkers. This study has made me understand the points I never acknowledged before regarding my work, mentors, and teammates. It can be concluded that though this study it was possible to boost my confidence and knowledge that has been really helpful for my personality development (Adriaenssens et al. 2016). I am completely aware of the fact that I am just a beginner at my career and I have a lot of scope in the future to enhance my skills and rectify my mistakes.


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