5BUS1037-0206 Managing People Assignment Sample

Module Code And Title – 5BUS1037-0206 Managing People Assignment Sample

Overview of the topic

Employee involvement represents the concept of direct participation of every employee to serve best for the growth of the industry and help the industry to take appropriate decisions in critical situations. Also, it shows how employees are connected to meet and achieve every goal of the industry. Whereas employee participation represents how all the employees are engaged to achieve a single goal for the betterment of the industry.

These two are the basic concepts to manage people in the organization. In this study, the organization named Sainsbury’s has been taken to complete this blog of managing people in the organization

Benefits of employee involvement and participation

The Zinger Model

The Zinger model of employee engagement emphasizes the importance of managing employees in the workplace. This model describes the most essential activities that need to be followed by the managers for the proper engagement process of the employees (Hussainy, 2020). The bottom row is necessities of the industry that includes making meaning, leveraging strength, enlivening energy, and lastly enhancing well-being.

The first necessity is to enhance well-being that shows how and when being a person can provide the best work for the industry. According to Khoreva, and Wechtler, (2018) it can be said that without proper mental and physical well-being an employee cannot work hard to enhance their efficiency. Also enhancing will be in the workplace can help to improve the employees setting the industry.

The second step is that enlivened energy represents that the employee needs to feel energetic in the working time and also keep the workplace full of energy. This process can happen after the proper monitoring process of the manager. Then identify the barriers of energy drain.

The third step makes sense shows what are the roles of the employees in a large company and the impact outside. Lastly, leverage strength is an environment that suits for the employee to grow individually and work on individual strength. The second row is Company unity shows how every employee feels that connection and stays connected with the large organization. In this row building relationship, master moments and foster recognition has been included. The first step is relationship building with the other employees as well as the organization.

It shows that the employees who have friends in the workplace are more engaged with the organization than the employees who are not making friends in the workplace (Pillemer, and Rothbard, 2018). The second step is faster recognition that shows the importance of culture among the managers and employees as well that help to contribute positive employee identification ideas so that the employee engagement process can be high in the. The last step is master moments that show the importance of the daily interaction with the employees and the managers that help the employees to present emotionally and mentally in the place.

5BUS1037-0206 Managing People Assignment SampleFigure 1: The Zinger Model (Source: Hussainy, 2020)

The third row shows the Boosting performance of the employees that include two steps like maximize performance and mark progress. The first step to maximize performance shows how important it is to keep the employees engaged by providing clear goals and reasons behind every object. Sometimes the employees feel frustrated for the blocking of the abilities of employees from the best work. The importance of progression is shown in that state.

This tape is nothing but the process that helps to keep the employees engaged and achieve the goals. The last row is achieving results that show the initiative to keep the employees engaged properly. It has been observed after analyzing this model that the above ten tips are effective and efficient to keep the employee engaged and achieve the desired goal (Nazir et al. 2018).

Company details regarding employee involvement and participation

The retail company, Sainsbury’s, commenced its business in the year 1869 when the number of employees was less. At present time around 180000 employees are working under this company. The topic of this assessment is to analyze the employee’s involvement and participation in the company. To justify this requirement in-depth, elaborate can be the perfect way of it. It has been observed that Sainsbury’s does not entertain any kind of bullying, harassment, discrimination that victimized employees into the work atmosphere.

The organization maintains such policies at the time of involving employees. Albrecht et al. (2018) mentioned that organizational value has set the employee involvement factors. It is very obvious that an organization has such employees who approach organizational culture and values more precisely. For that reason, at the time of recruiting an employee it is important to analyze the quality, ethics, and values either could approach the organization.

Sainsbury’s has high concerns about employee satisfaction which increases the mode of participation more accurately. Employees enjoyed working under this company and took responsibility to maintain the organizational culture and values. As a new intern, there is no scope to fall down from others because the seniors made a work environment where every person can work by maintaining individuality.

Advantages and disadvantages faced by the company


  • Employee involvement increased the idea of a culture that is employee-centric. Kemper and Kolkman, (2019) mentioned that most people are mostly attracted to the fact that a big organization has carried forward an idea that totally surrounds the customers. The more people are willing to add to the company, diversity in culture will be possible in it.
  • The more participation of employees can happen the advantage of matching all the organizational goals is possible. Sainsbury’s has also got the benefit of being an organizational goal achiever from its commencing time. Due to this achievement of accomplishing all the organizational goals in the allocated time, in a competitive market, it has made its concrete position.


  • The possibility of inconsistent decision-making is there in Sainsbury’s. As there are a huge number of employees in the organization more rows for communication are required. The more people will be presented between the manager and the workers, the communication gap will occur frequently. After employing employees, it is important to make proper processes to communicate and make space for interaction.
  • As more experienced employees have been recruited, such clashes have occurred among all the experts of an organization. Sainsbury’s sometimes also suffered through these issues during the commencing period.


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