7008SMM Sports Development and Policy Assignment Sample

Project summary

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Coventry Vipers is an organisation which is a korfball club around the city of Coventry and surrounding areas in UK. This organisation was opened in the year of 2019, due to celebrating Coventry’s status as one of Europe’s cities of sports. Ambition of this organisation is to develop skills of youth sections for participating in England Korfball league of 2023. England Korfball League is the highest echelon of Korfball in England which is essential for this organisation to participate and perform better. According to an importance of korfball, it is essential for affecting and getting a better result for developing playing skills for players. In this perspective, it would be beneficial for this recent organisation to perform better in England Korfball League of 2023. However, this club is currently having a main chairperson with other candidates like volunteers and this club does not have a roster of players to play the matches. This project would be effective for bidding for Sport England and getting an amount of £10,000. Due to maintaining a proper monitoring and evaluation process, this project would be more effective for development of infrastructure of this club. It is expected that this project would be effective for achieving and fulfilling ambitions of Coventry Vipers.7008SMM Sports Development and Policy Assignment Sample

Project rationale

A project rationale is an aspect for making an argument in favour of implementing a proposed project with an improved effectiveness. As per the views of Sánchez et al. (2022), a rationale gives a detailed explanation of the need of a selected project referred to a particular domain of requirement. During this project, an aspect is highlighted related to a bid for a Sport England small grant with a maximum value of £10,000 for getting a full roster of players for playing England Korfball League by 2023. As a chairperson, this is an essential factor for developing infrastructure of Coventry Vipers and major objective is to develop a senior team to play in the England Korfball League in 2023. On the other hand, this sum of money would be helpful for hiring and signing effective players who are experts of playing Korfball that would enhance brand of this organisation. Korfball is a dynamic game which is being played in more than 50 countries and in UK, this is one of the most vastly played games (ENGLANDKORFBALL, 2022). Due to this context, Korfball is one of the most effective games for getting revenue for these organisations and reputation of this company would be further enhanced by doing better in league of 2023.

Coventry Vipers club has an ambition to get a thriving youth section that is closely connected to city’s schools. Despite this aspect, another ambition for the chairperson is to develop a senior team to play in Korfball League by 2023. In this perspective, this club is lacking a proper and efficient infrastructure which is costly to incorporate and due to overcoming this, it is a wish to bid for a Sport England small grant. Playing Korfball is one of the major trends in UK and as per this aspect clubs are investing financial resources on participation, people, profile, pounds, professionalism and performance (ENGLANDKORFBALL, 2018). Participation refers to working with clubs for achieving sustainable growth and people refers to supporting volunteers for a development of organisational goals. Due to COVID-19 and a recent activity of Russia and Ukraine war, supply chain management costs have been increased which are major problems for Korfball clubs in UK (Allam et al. 2022). In this context, Coventry Vipers is having a financial issue for maintaining a better approach of sport development and policy development application. These further referred to training and development, human resource, qualified coach selections, development of basic logistics and facilities.

Sport England is an organisation that is related to providing financial help to sports clubs and small organisations and it is maintaining a fund of Queen’s platinum jubilee activity. Queen’s platinum jubilee activity fund is aimed at the sports and physical activity area for bringing community together and reducing inequalities by offering funds between amounts of £300 to £10000 (SPORTENGLAND, 2022). As a chairperson, it would be required for bidding for money of £10000 in order to maintain proper project management to conduct an infrastructure development. Further, this would be helpful for training and development and getting better human resource management in this club.7008SMM Sports Development and Policy Assignment Sample

Impact of the Grant Application

Coventry Vipers is a club of Korfball related to serving city of Coventry in UK with respect to sports. In this context, this organisation is lacking a better infrastructure for maintaining a better facility to play matches. This organisation also lacks a full roster of experienced players who play a major part in getting better results in tournaments like England Korfball League. On the other hand, by getting these financial resources from an organisation of Sport England, this club would be able to invest more on training and development of players. As per the views of Kegelaers et al. (2020), training and development for players to play a game like Korfball, is effective to perform better in tournaments. However, activities like physical and medical screening of players would also be possible for understanding their physical conditions and fitness levels. Thus, receiving sound help from financial sources would be a necessity for development of organisation and building a better and senior team for playing in England Korfball League.

Recruitment of HR managers would be possible by getting financial help from Sport England and HRM, which would be a requirement for identifying talented players to sign with the club. However, effectively hiring experienced coaches for getting a better performance from players would be necessary for Coventry Vipers. These would be essential for getting an improved performance in tournaments like England Korfball League. Education programs for managers and coaches would also be conducted by Coventry Vipers to enhance skills of management and thus conduct a better training activity for players. As inferred from the study by  He et al. (2018), having basic facilities and logistics are two of the most effective aspects that lead to reduction of costs and getting an increased productivity rate. A smarter use of warehouse space would be another advantage, which would help to achieve by reducing cost and results in enhanced productivity. On the other hand, a better infrastructure plan for a playground after renting it, would be possible by getting this money and a successful project management. Korfball is a game which is played using an indoor playground with an improved infrastructure that has a requirement of sound money investment (Mahmut & ÖZDİNÇ, 2020). However, there would be a need for receiving an improved brand awareness of Coventry Vipers. In this manner, the possibility of better performances in England Korfball League of 2023 would increase.

Budget estimation with costing sheet

Components Estimated Budget
Medical and physical screening £1000
Human resource £1100
Qualified coach selection £1200
Education and training of sports development for Managers and Coaches £1700
Facilities and logistics £2000
Ground Infrastructure planning and costing £3000
Total costing £10,000

Table 1: Budget Estimation

(Source: Created by Author)

During, budget and cost estimation a proper and appropriate structure with costs are provided in this study which depicts a brief analysis of cost requirements for infrastructure development of Coventry Vipers. On the other hand, financial funding from Sport England is expected to be fulfilling cost requirements for this entire task. According to Seddon et al. (2021), getting and raising funds are essential for meeting basic requirements of a project and therefore getting an overall development. In this context of project management, it has found that there is a requirement of medical and physical screening of players who would be hired in Coventry Vipers. However, the medical and physical screening process is expected to have a requirement of £1000 and an effective human resource management with relevant hiring process of players would be requiring an overall cost of £1100. There is also a necessity of selecting qualified and efficient coaches for conducting a better coaching practice to players for getting a better performance (Rizvandi et al. 2019). In this aspect, there is a requirement of a sum of money of £1200 to effectively hire coaches for training and development of players.

Education and training of sports development especially for managers and coaches is an aspect for further enhancing skills of sports persons like managers and coaches. According to Yeum et al. (2020), education and training for coaches and managers is effective for getting a competitive advantage related to other competitors in UK for Korfball. During this perspective, there is a necessity of a financial investment of £1700 for meeting this goal with improved effectiveness. Despite these requirements, there is another necessity related to maintaining a basic facility and logistics for reduction of costs and improving productivity which is related to performing better in tournaments. As per the opinions of Latham & Layton (2019), for an instance of sports, the most effective and required aspect is development of playground infrastructure and planning. In this aspect of study, it has found that there is a requirement of £3000 for meeting and addressing challenges of Coventry Vipers. Therefore, these would be relevant for sport development and policy grant application for a club of Coventry Vipers.

Project timeline

Components Week 1-3 Week 4-5 Week 6-8 Week 9-10 Week 11-12
Coach and support staff selection          
Human resource management          
Medical and physical screening of players          
Education and training of sports development          
Getting facilities and logistics          
Planning and costing of ground infrastructure          

Table 2: Project Timeline for Coventry Vipers

(Source: Created by Author)

Monitoring and evaluation of project

Monitoring and evaluation are two of the processes that are related to maintaining a continuous management function for assessing progress of a project with a comparison between expected and actual outcome. 7008SMM Sports Development and Policy Assignment Sample As inferred from the study by Singh et al. (2022), a process of monitoring and evaluation are helpful for identifying positive and negative impacts of a project in detail. In this context of project, an effective communication and information flow among stakeholders would be a requirement for understanding improvement due to getting financial help from Sport England. On the other hand, setting proper goals that are mentioned in this aspect of project would be going to a continuous evaluation with having sound operations management due to effective and efficient HRM. Maintaining better communication with stakeholders is effective for hiring appropriate candidates with better skills (Lee et al. 2021). In this context, risk identification would be efficient for understanding growth of this project with a comparison between expected and actual outcomes. This project is related to sport development of Coventry Vipers and a policy grant application to an organisation like Sport England. However, a proper investigation of key performance indicators (KPI) would also be effective for monitoring and evaluation of projects related to sports development.

A KPI is an aspect which helps to provide a value with respect to get a comparison of expected and actual performance of organisations. Setting KPI in organisational perspective further refers to setting goals, devising a strategy and reaching to goals with a brief evaluation (Medne & Lapina, 2019). In this context of the project, setting KPI indexes in operations management would be needed for monitoring and evaluation of this project. However, four of the major parameters of project management related to facts like time, cost, quality and quantity (Willumsen et al. 2019). Due to maintaining this context a better process of project management and quality management would be achieved that would be a need for Coventry Vipers. It would be helpful for getting an improved amount of revenue and profit margins of this organisation and it would be another aspect for participating in England Korfball League by 2023. All the four quantities of project management would be measured related to time, cost, quantity and quality for getting better resources and getting a better operations management. However, providing effective and appropriate progress updates would be more effective for successfully maintaining an aspect of project evaluation and monitoring. As a chairperson, it would be a responsibility to organise these activities and get to maintain better project management.


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