7BUS2002 Business Research Methods Assignment Sample

Patent grants and implications for business


The boss have asked Chris to utilize the auxiliary information as opposed to utilizing the essential information on the grounds that the director felt that the examination venture which Chris was doing on analyzing the perspective on the Western corporate chiefs on the improvement of IP in the Eastern European nations utilizing essential information was excessively wide for the exploration study or the examination venture being completed by Chris henceforth the boss has encouraged to limit it down to surveying or assessing the how IP frameworks vary among Western and Eastern European nations and what these distinctions suggest for cross-outskirt business exercises that will be founded on the optional information and have prescribed to prohibited consideration of the perspectives on the western corporate supervisor which is by and large associated with the essential information.


Before the second meeting was conducted, Chris has been able to do research on the literature which was regarding the System development of the IP organization and have also done an analysis on which researcher have based their researched conclusion, while going through the references Chris was able to make out that it was more of suggesting the theoretical reason, for why the Germany , United Kingdom and the France have had higher ratios of grant for the domestic rather than the foreign application to issue the or give the patent right, and this made realize that this would help him in justifying the  question of the research project or the question which is related to the research study. Post his meeting with the supervisor, Chris has also been able to design a table for highlighting the important and the key information of the research project, these information’s are about the authors, focus of the country’s relation, focus of the research, analytic method, and the data sources. Hence these were the sources of the information which Chris discovered by Chris during is course work of doing the research project.

 The reason or the justification which was given by Chris during doing the research works was about the riches of the data in the database from where Chris was analyzing the data and was studying those data. Hence the reason and the justification for not being able to find the data on the portal by Chris was justified as it is really difficult when you do not know what specific data exactly the research is being done, hence while analyzing the data randomly it would be difficult for Chris in finding the relevant data for the research work hence the justification given by Chris was appropriate for which he has given a good solution by the supervisor as well which has helped him in completing the project successfully.

After the project was submitted by Chris, the supervisor was happy with the work which was done by Chris and has also given him distinction for his research work, but have also recommended and suggested Chris about him being more elaborative and informative about the weakness of data which could have been presented thoroughly by Chris. After analyzing the reference research paper Chris must have compiled the in the form of the tables and the graphs, the more thorough discussion could have been done if This would have quantitatively analyzed the data.


After I have studied the three case studies which were on the Patent grants and implications for business, Comparing UK and French perceptions and expectations of online supermarket shopping and Consultancy research for a not-for-profit organisation, I have been able to understand the kind of research which has been conducted on these three case studies by the respective individual for the case in the Paten grants and the implications I have got to learn that the research have used the WIPO site in order to find the data of the topic on which the researching has researched and have done a detailed study on that. I have also understood that the work done by the researcher Chris was exceptionally praised but have also been criticized for the for not being thorough in the discussion hence if the researcher would have done a qualitative study on the same the research work would have been much better. For the case study on the Comparing UK and French perceptions and expectations of online supermarket shopping i have inferred that All things considered, when the undertaking being referred to is little scope, especially on the off chance that it is subjective in nature, it very well might be adequate to use the non-likelihood test. In this case study, the research will be appropriate for the non- probability approach. In this sampling the convenience sampling, judgmental samplings are fit there. Hence after proper understanding and analysing the case study on Comparing UK and French perceptions and expectations of online supermarket shopping the non – profitable approach is the proper fit for the research study on this case study. For the case study on the Consultancy research for a not-for-profit organisation i have had a great chance to go through the case study which has also helped me in understanding the detailed analysis used in the case study by the researcher, Pragmatism as an exploration worldview will not engage in the disagreeable magical ideas, for example, truth and reality. All things being equal, it acknowledges that there can be single or numerous real factors that are available to experimental requests. Realist researchers have offered their specific assessment that there is a target reality that exists separate from human experience. In any case, this truth is grounded in the climate and must be experienced through human experience (Howe, K. (1988).). Significant support of practical person theory is that information and the truth depend on convictions and propensities that are socially built. Logical thinkers for the most part concur that all information in this world is socially built, however a few variants of those social developments coordinate people’s encounters more than others. Thomas can be sure of the quality of the research. Hence these are my inferences from the three case studies.


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