Developing a User Interface for Glam Online Shopping


The primary aim of the GLAM online shop is to allow online customers to shop through an online platform from the comforts of the residence. The key intention of this interface is come up with an online shopping platform which will accommodate all the users regardless of their geographical locations.

As a result, customers will reduce the time taken to shopping stalls by just using an electronic device to order for items online. This will also save money spend on fuel and other incurred costs because the items will be delivered direct to the client’s location.


The main objective of the Glam online shopping is to come up with a system which will cover all the clients’ requirements and ensure that there is a continuous survive delivery with minimal or no disturbance (Oulasvirta, 2017).

Additionally, the proposed system will be enable customers to be linked with distinct shopping and delivery services.

Other key objects are:

  • To buy items from any location and have them delivered at the clients homes
  • To come up with cheap products and services due to the reduced operational cost
  • To ensure that clients get their goods delivered free of charge

Success Criteria

The success will be achieved through the development of an easy to user interface which is friendly to all the users. In addition, the project will be simplified so as to ensure that development have been done to guarantee that the interface is practical and complete (Landay & Myers, 1995).


The mission and the vision of the Glam online shopping is to ensure that objectives and goals have been maintained during service delivery. In order to focus on efficient online shopping, Glam shopping will be directed by the following mission and Vision statement.

Vision: To develop an online shopping interfaceto enable clients across the country to shop fromthe comfort of their homes.

Mission: To make use of the available resources to design a user-friendly interface which will facilitate customers to buy and get their orders delivered to them on a timely basis.

The Scope:

The scope is used to define the function of the interface that I will develop of the Glam online shopping. The interface to be developed will be useful in a range of services(Poupyrev et al., 2002).

The interface will be will be created specifically for Windows; however, the product will be expanded to accommodate other operating system such as Linux and Obuntu in the near future (Nielsen, 1993). The scope of the online shopping interface will be characterised by the following aspects:

  • The project will be of high security because of the use of the personal identification and passwords; hence no other user can assess a client account.
  • Only the stipulated support staff will be able to check on the clients orders through a software
  • The system will be a friendly interface which can easily be run on software which comes at an affordable cost for all the small and large scale shoppers
  • The project will be developed to ensure that it provides solutions for the current challenges in the contemporary world
  • All the sections of the interface will undergo testing before they are used
  • The system will be expanded in the future to accommodate a vast number of organisations


In order to deliver the required online shopping interface, the following outcomes will be expected from the project;

  • ·         The online user interface must contribute the key objective of the online shoppers
  • ·         The system must be able to make use of the current technology with a reasonable implementation cost
  • The system must be compatible with other systems which are already in place
  • ·         The project must conform with the current technical feasibilities
  • ·         The technology used should be readily available
  • ·         The benefits of the project should outweigh the possible implementation constrains
  • ·         The cost of implementation should not outweigh the possible benefit of the project

Key Assumptions:

In order to ensure that the development of the online user interface is efficient, the following are going to be made during the implementation:

  • All the future users will be in a position to understand the use of the interface
  • The next assumption to be made is that users will be in a position to comprehend the simple samples which will be used in the online interface.
  • Thirdly, it is assumed that all the users will be in a position to read instructions of the graphical user interface which will be provided for all the users.
  • It is assumed that all the users will use the interface under ideal conditions which means no system failures will be recorded.
  • Finally, it was assumed that no complicated operating system will support the current interface other the easily available and user friendly applications will be used.

The above are the key assumptions which will made when developing an online shopping interface. These assumptions will ensure that the system works as is expected after the completion.


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