Action Plan

Action Plan

Under JKL Industry, it is found that business has been facing the several issues related to the employee grievances such as fear of job loss and the lack of retraining opportunities, etc. that have been creating the negative impact over the organizational performance.

At this time, the complaints are increasing on a regular basis so there is a need for the business to hire an HR Business Partner that needs to work with the HR Manager under the organization. At the same time, an action plan is also be conducted in which several things are included that are defined below:

Action Plan

Action/ActivityTimeframePerson/s responsibleDescription of strategy/
the tactic/rationale for action
Resources, if required
Conduct the HR meeting with the important persons such as  manager and department heads (rental)3 HoursHR Business Partner, HR Managers, and Department HeadsIf under the organization, new policies are developed then, it will be the innovative strategy for the business that is especially for achieving the resolutions for the specific issues of conflict among the organizational managers and their employees.· Notepads

· Pens

· Whiteboard

· Projector

· Screens

· Mouse

· Microphone

· Laser pointers

Organize the active listening program for complaining1 HourManagerFor conducting active listening, it is essential for the manager to contain effective and strategic

Interpersonal skill for listening to the complaints that take place among the organizational employees.

· Direct communication

· Experts to explaining the procedure

· Ways of communications

Adopt the Performance appraisal system under the organization1.5 weekTop managementBy adopting the performance appraisal system under the organization, it is quite easy for the managers to identify the reason that is responsible for the issues or conflict and for the effective solution can be determined.·  Department Head

·  Performance management system

·  Enough financial resources

Develop a critical understanding related to the organizational issues related to the employees2 daysManagerIn concern of these activities, it is quite essential for the employees to understand them so that they can understand its importance and can also identify the requirement of other employees in order to meet their demand.·   Emotional intelligence

·   Interpersonal skills

Organize the Informal communication for employee satisfactionOn a regular basisManagers and employeesWhile discussing the informal communication, it is important as the effective strategy that is beneficial for developing trust among the organizational managers and their employees. It is an effective way to reduce the differences among the employees that is helpful to reduce the conflicts too.



In respect of the above action plan, I am playing the role of HR Business Partner at JKL Industries in Brisbane branch. In which I have to need to perform several duties that are closely related to the organizational operations.

At this time, my duties include the effective distribution of information to all the organizational employees, team leaders, and the different managers at the branch.

Similarly, facilitating the service delivery with the help of HR centers of excellence like compliances and training and development programs are also included in my duties. Apart from this, one more duty of partner with the manager for assisting them in strategizing, workplace planning and development plans so that these activities can be performed effectively under the organization to increase the work efficiency as well as effectiveness.

At the same time, it is also included in the HR partner’s duty to help the manager in respect to meet the needs of the customers, organizational employees and the business as a whole.

While performing these responsibilities, there is a need to report directly to the HR manager who is at the Sydney Head Office. Moreover, being an employee of JKL Industry at the Brisbane branch, it is also a requirement to report the Brisbane branch manager.

It this way, it is clearly defined that the HR Business Partner has the great role under the organization because they provide the complete business solution as well as HR services so that the business can grow effectively in which talent management and the development, employee retention, and the engagement are also included.

In addition to this action plan, there are some activities that are also included in this report. These activities are as follows:

  • Under the effective leadership, several skills are required that should be reflected by leaders in order to promote its employees as well as followers. At the same time, it is also mentioned that leaders should also contain the interpersonal communication skills so that it can meet the objectives related to the organization’s cultural diversity and ethical environment.
  • In a similar manner, if an implementation process is developed under the organization, then the business needs to follow some specific steps that are as follows:
  • Establishment of annual objectives
  • Formulation of policies for execution of strategies
  • Allocation of resources
  • Actual performance of tasks and activities
  • Leading and controlling the performance of activities or tactics in various levels of the organization
  • While discussing about the organizational conflicts, it is found that there are some steps that should be followed by the manager in respect to resolve the conflict. These steps are as defined below:

Step1. Identify a safe place and time to talk

Step2. Clarify individual perceptions involved in the conflict

Step3. Practice taking an active and empathetic listening stance

Step4. Generate options with the vision of a win-win outcome

Step5. Develop an agreement that works for all


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