Adaptive Business Analyst

Adaptive Business Analyst


The chapter ‘Business Analyst’explains that business analyst must be adaptive and are offers services based on the analysis. As mentioned in the chapter, the world is becoming more dynamic and it is getting difficult and difficult to predict changes in financial aspects as well as project plans because of which role of business analyst has increased many fold for analyzing the business.

Moving with a long duration project requires consideration of adaptively and should be human oriented in place of process oriented (Hass, 2011). There is also requirement of effective communication, involvement of stakeholders regularly, face to face interactions for understanding the requirement of the project as per changing conditions.

It means that different stakeholders related to the project as well as development team ofthe project must be in regular touch for understanding the changes in the external as well asinternal environment of the project. Prior execution of the project there is prior requirement of development of feedback mechanism for measuring the performance ofthe project.

For the success of the project, agile methods must be in place otherwise the project might get misguided. There is requirement to involve business analyst in all phases of project. He/ she is also requiredto have sound management andanalytical skills.

At the same time, it is to be understand that business analyst avoid being an enabler and facilitator, or gatekeeper who decides which knowledge to be allowed to flow through channel of communication. Every project is unique and hence, different management techniques are required for different projects.

The project cycle can be broadly divided into three broad categories- Adaptive, linear and extreme. In lower models best business practices is recommenced, in complex projects there is requirement of validation of activities at regular interval or task wise.

The agile methods have moderate impact on performance of the project. The two systems which c could be implemented are adaptive project management and adapt to extreme.


Although the author has addressed the topic with respect to requirement in changing business environment but he has marginally covered the methods to implement those strategies.

The writer has described the roles and responsibilities of business analyst in an organization along with various models for managing the project effectively like adaptive project model and extreme project management. The author must have also covered the implementation methods as well as limitation required to different methods.


The chapter is very informative and provide clear understanding of the roles and responsibilities of business analyst. The knowledge of different types of projects as well as managing different projects has increased my understanding of project management. Critically evaluating the chapter has increased my rationale and analytical ability of analyzing things from all angels. Overall, the entire assignment was full of learning.

Adaptive Business Analyst


Hass, K. 2011, The Enterprise Analyst: Developing creative solutions to complex business problems, Management Concepts, Inc, Chapter 3

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