Advance Wireless Communication In 2020

Advance Wireless Communication


Nowadays, technology is one of the major aspects in the success of the firm because technology advancement makes easy the firm to provide the better service for the customers in minimum time and the cost.

At the same time, in continues change in the technology, the wireless development is one of the effective invention that provides new opportunity and the advancement as well as also easy to establish an effective communication.

Additionally, this research or the proposal will explore the importance of the advance wireless communication. It is because there are different ways and the techniques that are used by the firm and the different legal organization to establish an advance wireless communication.

In this, it can be determined that the radio waves most common wireless technology that is used (Wang et al., 2014). But at the same time, due to increasing use of the wireless in the communication, it is needed to use the tools and the techniques of advance wireless communication.

Additionally, this research project will also explore the issues and the challenges that are faced by the firm. It will make easy the firm to effective use of the advance wireless communication and overcome the impact of all these issues. (Arnon et al., 2012)

Problem domain

This research is conducted to define the role of advance wireless communication in order to establish an effective communication.

Purpose and Justification

The main purpose of this research is to justify the importance of advance wireless communication to increase the communication through different wireless tools.

The outcomes of this research will explore the significant of advance wireless communication and will also explore the ways that can be used in better wireless communication (Parikh et al., 2010).

Sponsor or Supervisor recommendation

In this research, it is cleared that all information and collected data will be genuine and there will be nit any illegal activities that will be done by the researcher in this project. It will help to complete this project successfully and to produce the effective outcomes of this project.

Research Questions

In the successful accomplishment of this project, below are some questions that will be addressed by the researcher.

  • What is wireless communication?
  • What is the importance of the advance wireless communication?
  • What can be the issues for the researcher in the use of advance wireless communication?

Conceptual or Theoretical Framework

In the research of Yuan et al., (2010), it is determined that advance wireless communication is quite essential for the different organization to have an effective wireless communication. Additionally, wireless communication is a way to transmit the information from one source to another.

In the use of wireless communication, the electromagnetic waves are used and in this, RF, satellite, IF, etc that make easy the firms to do the effective communication.

From the research of Lei et al., (2012), it is determined that there are various ways of the wireless communication and in this, Zigbee wirelss technology, cordless telephones, GPS, Wi-Fi, etc are the major ways and the tools that are used in the wireless communication.

Apart from this, in the research of Li et al., (2012), it is illustrated that there are different type of wireless communication satellite communication, infrared communication, broadcast radio, microwave communication, etc are the major ways that are used in the effective wireless communication.

But at the same time, due to continuous change in the technology, the use of wireless communication has also been changed. It is because there are now different ways such as blue-tooth, mobile communication, wifi, etc that are used now as an advanced wireless technology.

It is because by using these advanced tools of the wireless communication, it is easy to access the internet as well as it also makes keep safe the extra cost with low maintenance; low cost, etc.

Besides from this, from the research of Wang et al., (2014), it is stated that although the use of advance wireless communication is quite effective but at the same time, there are various issues that are faced in the AWC. In this, access the internet by unauthorized person and the hack the data, etc are the major issues that are faced in the use of advance wireless communication.

Compliance Requirements (Workplace, Industry or Government regulations)

In this research, research will follow all ethical guidelines and the rules will be followed that will make easy for the researcher to complete the project successfully. Apart from this, all government instruction related to the project will also be followed by the researcher to reduce the possibility of arising any risks.

Research methodology

Research methodology is a significant part of the research study that enables the research to collect the data in order to achieve the research method. The below are the methods and techniques that are used in the data collection:

Research Method

In the research methodology, research method is a kind of the research blue price that provides the overall description of the data collection process. The researcher can use two kind of the research method such as quantitative and qualitative.

In this, quantitative research method is used to conduct the research in the quantitative manner including the test of hypothesis (Mackey, and Gass, 2015). On the other hand, qualitative research method is used develop the depth understanding of the research issue.

In the reference of this research, the researcher is used both qualitative and quantitative research method. It enables the researcher to take the advantage of the both kind of the research methods and to collect the required data.

It also helps the researcher to use the theories and approaches with discussing the findings of the primary research (Brinkmann, 2014).

Data Collection Method

Data collection method allows the researcher to collect the data by using the different tools and techniques. However, there are two kinds of the data collection method such primary and secondary data collection method.

In this, the use of the primary data collection method provides the facilities to collect the fresh data. For this, the researcher can use some techniques that are known as the interview, survey and observation. On the other hand, secondary data collection method is used to collect the data that are already available (Khan, 2011).

This is collected by the use of the books, journal, newspaper, tv and internet etc. For this research, both data collection methods are used. In this, survey method is sued to know the view of the people on the advance wireless communication. At the same time, past researcher are used to develop the theoretical understanding.                  

Data Analysis Method

Data analysis is also a significant part of the research methodology that allows the research to represent the collected data in the effective manner. The selection of an effective data analysis method helps to increase the research validity and reliability.

In the research study, the researcher can use the different data analysis techniques such as statistic data analysis and content analysis etc (Panneerselvam, 2014). In this research study, statistic data analysis method used as concerning of the nature of collected data. It helps to represent the data in the understandable format.

Ethical Consideration

Ethical consideration is also major aspect of this research because it can raise difficulty in the completion of the research. In order to avoid the issue of the copy right and plagrism, the researcher provided the proper references and citation of the real authors.

It also collected the data from the authentic resources (Brinkmann, 2014). It helped the researcher to maintain the validity and reliability of the research study.

Analysis of data

In order to analysis the data, researcher will use the statistical analysis method. It is because this method assists the researcher to complete the project and to represent the outcomes of the research in the graph and table format.

Project Plan

Area of Research Time
Research 2 days
A meeting with supervisors 5 days
Research background 1 days
Literature Review 10 days
GAP Identification 2 days
Proper report made with data analysis 3 days
Proof-Reading 4 days
Submission 2 days
Total 29 DAYS


The importance of advanced wireless communication and the risk that are occurred in the advanced wireless communication

Risk Analysis

In order to analysis the risk, there are various ways such as risk mitigation plan, risk matrix, etc that will be used by the researcher. It will help the researcher for completing the project successfully (Arnon et al., 2012).


This project will be completed in the 29 days. It is because there are different activities that will be done in this project that will take time. so, this project will complete in 29 days.


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