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By Afrin Sultana

May 23, 2020


The report which is deal with by Q- also considered as Q and this is high on demand janitorial service started by Dan Teran and Saman Rahmanian in 2014. The firm’s worked towards offering the services with not only clean floors and windows, maintenance to the individuals.

Q has already established its name in the venture capital firm industry with its expansion in countries like New York, San Francisco and Chicago. However, the study revealed that $51 billion has been spent on these services and recognized that the janitorial service industry is highly segmented in nature. Likewise, the estimations show that nearly 860,000 people are in the cleaning services in a country like the USA and around 1.8 million individuals are employing but currently it is identified that firm has less than five people. This area put founders into a state of ambiguity unable to decide if the company should continue working in its existing market and acquire more customers, providing more services or if they should expand in new markets.


Managed by Q  is the start-up idea of Dan Teran and Saman Rahmanian, as already mentioned.  However, the idea of maintenance services emerged at the time when Mr Teran and Mr Rahmanian meet at the venture development firm, Pre hype. It is found that Teran having an experience related to community organizer under Baltimore and Rahmanian as he was a member of his co-op society. Both have mutual contribute to their annoyance with the preservation help in their housing department.

The opportunity is big and the competition tends to be high.  The top companies in the industry consist of Industries like ABM which purpose is to serve commercial buildings and residential complexes. It equally offered janitorial services such as parking facilities, building development resolution, security management and other related services etc. However, Jani-King International is a commercial janitorial company that has more than 10,000 U.S. franchises. It earned capital of $662.8 million with their offering which includes cleaning related Services within that it has 4,000 franchises and a growth rate of $329.9 million( Zeynep T. Case study on Managed by Q, n.d).

Nevertheless, what made Q stand out was that it was a merger of design, technology and maintenance. In its inception stage, both Teran and Rahmanianmoved toward boards with their new design but down through the road, they realized that office managers were better target customers. According to Teran, office managers had better executive control and they wanted lesser hassle.


There are various services include office cleaning and sanitation, conference halls, work stations and kitchen related recycling along with deals regard to floor charging and maintenance services. Other services involve such as trash bags, soap or paper towels, copy, pen, paper and pencils etc.

Q offer clients an iPad by providing a customized dashboard that lists the tasks requested by the office manager. Using this service, the office managers can monitor cleaners once they came, supervise them or adjust their work. There is even an application for the cleaners within which it allows the cleaners to make contact with Q and customer’s in respect to contact regard to the problem which occur during the job.


With its founding, Q grow 33% each month. It now offers excellent services with 228 accounts in NY. besides that, 25 is found in Chicago while 28 are in San Francisco. ( Now, there are three issues that the company faces regarding its expansion.

Expand overseas

During the late Spring 2015 time, Teran has estimated that by December 2015, the company would be able to expand Boston, Atlanta and Washington DC(The New York Times Magazine, 2020). But this is easier said than done. Q is a company that is not just based on servers and merely establishing a server in a different part of the world does not solve the problem. Managed by Q comprises of its workforce who are the cleaners who need to be trained and provided for. Another concern in this strategic issue is that if they didn’t expand on time, some other company might bring up the idea and establish themselves before Q did.

Acquire more customers

The second growth technique that the company is taking into consideration is to attract more individuals within the existing market through offering more services. They already are a hit in various companies of New York, San Francisco and Chicago. So, through the existing customers, they can attract more customers in different fields.

Build the technology platform

Since the start, Teran and Rahmani have always had plans of developing an operating system. Their idea of providing the iPad to its customers already was a success. So bringing in a third party that had a different set of services other than what Q provided and offering them to the customers by upgrading their software is also a foolproof idea.


  • Expanding beyond three markets is challenging but highly recommended. It will help in having different types of customers and help in a spread in challenging market easily.
  • Managed by Q is a very unique idea since it’s a combination of human resources and technology. It will help in attaining success.
  • Q stands out compared to other on-demand companies because they do not involve a third party, they do not classify workers as contractors and no partner vendors or sub-contracting.
  • Expansion into the global market should be made so that it could enhance profits and grab a position in a competitive market.
  • Technology should be integrated so that it could connect with employees and customers easily without wasting resources.


No matter which decision is taken by the founders of the Q company, eventually it has to be done without compromising the business model, services, quality and work culture.


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