Assignment Sample on Analyzing, Evaluating And Writing Materials

1. Materials to be evaluated

The materials that will be analyzed as well as evaluated as teaching materials for EFL students are as follows:

  1. Othello the Moor of Venice by William Shakespeare
  2. The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne

The Scarlet Letter was taken from the online source, Othello on the other hand was a course book material published by EMC/Paradigm Publishing St. Paul, Minnesota.

The exercises that will be focused on while teaching these materials are pronunciation, vocabulary, reading as well as writing. As per the views of Alharbi (2017), reading texts will allow the students to improve their comprehension skills and learn new vocabularies.

2. Outline of teaching context

The above-mentioned learning materials are chosen to improve the reading and writing skills of EFL students. The improvement of the reading and writing skills will enable the students to use the English language for the purpose of communication. As per the views of Amin and Sundari (2020), increasing the proficiency of English will enable the students to succeed in today’s era.

The learners that will be taught in this course are college students; English proficiency is a must for these students. The students will graduate and start their careers in different sectors, the need for effective communication is necessary to provide growth and success in the work field. The teaching of this course will enable the students to write and read English proficiently. As per the views of Krebt (2017), English is considered as the business language across the globe and thus it is important for EFL students to effectively use the language. The students are between the age group of 18-22 and this course will help them to improve their pronunciation, reading, as well as writing skills.

3. Comment on criteria

The texts are realistic and written by renowned authors such as Shakespeare and Nathaniel Hawthorne. The genre of both the texts is identifiable and the students are well aware of this genre. The vocabulary as well as the language used in the texts is appropriate for teaching college students. The use of old English in Othello will allow the students to get a better grip of the language and understand the history of the language. The vocabulary used in The Scarlet Letter is easy to understand as well as can be applied for the purpose of communication.

The materials are relevant to the teaching methods, reading and understanding the texts will help the students to enhance their vocabulary. The glossary of terms on page 266 of Othello will help the students to accurately pronounce the words and use them in daily life. The proper pronunciation will improve the speaking of the English language. The texts are relevant in regards to the size of the classroom and the interests of the students. As per the views of Krebt (2017), student engagement is necessary for better learning outcomes. Both texts have an interesting plot and characters that will help the teacher to engage the student in the classroom and determine that learning has taken place.

The materials used for teaching and enhancing the language proficiency are easy to understand, however, the language used in Othello may put some students at unease. This will test the students and allow them to develop their English language proficiency. Through completing tasks such as creative writing, reading robin, comprehensions will allow the students to apply the language and their improved skills for the purpose of communicating. The materials will also help in optimizing the learning by engaging students with the text.  As per the views of Alnujaidi (2019), the emotional and intellectual involvement of students is necessary for the development of language proficiency. The materials will help in emotionally involving the students with the text and improve their intellect with extensive knowledge.

4. Irrelevance of criteria

Teaching Othello in the classroom does not meet the criteria of appropriate language use as the English used then differs significantly from the English language today. However, the text will allow the students to learn new words and improve their pronunciation. Teaching Othello will also improve the writing skills of students as they will need to write creative essays and character sketches for reflecting on their learning.

One of the main factors that also need to be considered while choosing a potential learning material is the learning pace of the students in the classroom. As per the views of Alharbi (2017), teachers must select the appropriate material while considering the learning pace of all students in a classroom.

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