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  1. Farah I. Jibril and Dr. Yasser B.M., 2015. Contributions of Competition Based Complex Engineering Design Experience to Leadership Development in Engineering Students

In this article, the author has described how experience of complex engineering design through analysis helps in development of leadership quality among engineering students. The article is written by considering the importance of leadership in engineering students. The writer explains that complex engineering design gives practical exposure to engineering students who requires to manage different task which denotes quality of a leader. The article is similar to the others in the sense that it explained importance of leadership.  The point of differentiation with others is that it has targeted only engineering students whose curriculum lacks in subject like leadership and management.

Annotated Bibliography Assignment

  1. Cox, Monica F; Cekic, Osman; Adams, Stephanie G., 2010. Developing Leadership Skills of Undergraduate Engineering Students: Perspectives from engineering faculty Monica F. Cox, Osman Cekic, Stephanie G. Adams

The author is concerned for the leadership skills development among students of engineering.  Writer has shown concern for leadership qualities among engineering students. Being a faculty, the author has highlighted the gap in the prevailing education system.  The article is written targeting the system of education for imparting training of leadership to engineering students. It is similar to other articles as it highlights importance of leadership among students while it is different from other in the sense it targets the present curriculum and suggests changes in education itself for developing leadership quality among students during their student life.

3. Crumpton-Young, Lesia; McCauley-Bush, Pamela; Rabelo, Luis; Meza, Katherine; Ferreras, Ana; et al., 2010. Engineering Leadership Development Programs a Look at what is needed and what is being Done


The author has performed a study on the future requirement of the students for making them competent to fight the challenges in the future. The study was performed in reputed college of USA. The author has analyzed the prevailing leadership development program for engineering students. The article has also been published in reputed educational journals. The article is aimed at improving the present leadership development programs for engineering students. In comparison to other, it has also covered importance of leadership but, additionally it has analyzed a particular college development program which is missing in others.

4.     Kerrie Fleming, Roger Delves., 2017. Inspiring Leadership: Becoming a Dynamic and Engaging Leader


In this article, the author has explained the leadership in a personal trait. The article is a part of library of congress and has been used as reference in many other written works.  The article explains the point of view of leader as to why sometime they require change and sometime snot. The author make a point that leadership requires inspiration which might come from within or from outside.  The similarities with other article are that it signifies that globalization requires leaders in every field. The differentiating factor is that it explains different situations before leaders and the way they take decision.

5.     Carol Poulton, Cecile N. Gervel Proches and Rosemary Sibanda., ‎2017. The Impact of Value Systems on the Development of Effective leadership


The article is about impact of value system on the leadership.  The article has found place in the renowned research journals. The articles explained how decisions are made by leaders and how their personal value impacts that decision.  The article is written in the light of bringing improvement in the quality of leadership of future as well as present leaders.  As other articles, it has also covered the decisions making process and role of personal traits in the process. However, it has also included the dilemma faced by leaders while making their decisions as their decision mostly affects others.


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