Astrology is gaining importance in all fields of life and its application is now even observed immensely in the area of business. Business and astrology have undoubtedly became two sides of the same coin. The primary cause of running any business venture is to earn profits and higher return on investments.

The proprietors of the business now try to predict the future and the return on investments by taking help of astrological findings. Furthermore, the businessmen work in accordance to the predictions of astrologer to develop, maintain and achieve a successful career and business.

As per the view of Smith and Smith, (2010) the term astrology refers to the study and analysis of the movements of the planets, moon. Sun and all other indispensable stars based on the belief that all these movements have an enormous on the life of the people.

In other words, astrology is the study of the relationship between the stars and the human affairs. It is both an art and science (Nakhavith, 2014). Business on the other hand is a commercial activity which is focused on earning high profits and growth of the business. This study will aid in understanding the relationship between business and astrology.


The aim of this particular research is to develop an understanding about the application of astrology in business. The study will be focused on the belief of the businessmen that use of astrology in business will prove to be profitable.



  • To understand the relationship between business and astrology.
  • To analyse the frequencies of use of astrology by women when compared to men.
  • To evaluate why astrology is becoming popular.
  • To identify the effects of astrology in business practices


Research questions act as a guideline in accordance to which the study will be shaped. The research questions formed for this study is as follows:

  • Are business and astrology interrelated?
  • Does astrology actually affects the performance of the business?
  • Why is astrology gaining importance in the modern business practices?
  • Do businesswomen use astrology more than businessmen?
  • Is using astrology in business is just a conservative practice?


Astrology aids in evaluating the future outcomes of business and with its help the predictability and the results of potential investments and the business prospects such as new ventures, employee and employer relationships, understanding completion to name a few.

The astrologers form a natal chart of the business which proves to be helpful in developing an understanding about the changing cycles of the business. It even helps in understanding the movements in the income opportunities, market shifts, hardships to be faced and changes in the employees (Mustafa, Olgun & Taylan, 2011).

Relocation astrology is a new field in astrology just focused on the most fruitful geographical locations for the business expansion, relocation and commencement.

Furthermore, it is even used by the employees to relocate on other department within the business. Relationship compatibility at the same time leads to enhancing the communication among the employees, assess the talents, understand the manufacturer and distributor relationships and evaluating the cycle in which the business is functioning at present (Mark, 2008).

The businessmen make use of relationship astrology helps in improved productivity and higher employee satisfaction. The concepts of astrological science have been proved to help the business progress and even offers consistency to the business. The decision making in the business even becomes easier with the help of astrology.


  • By the study of the horoscope of the businessmen the astrologer can enlighten the field of work and even for paste the products which will lead to a path of success.
  • The relationship between the sun and the moon sign can be studied by which the first letter of the business for its success can be found out. In case the sun and moon sign collapse it is a bad omen and business will not run well (Ronosan, 2014).
  • Numerology has now become an integral part of astrology.
  • Astrology does not only offers the name of the business and aids in relocation but it is even affective in business address, bank selection, account number and even the telephone numbers.
  • Auspicious date of starting the business can be found out.
  • The luck of the business can be boosted with the help of the lucky number, colors, day and time. The use of gems is also observed by the businessmen to influence positivity in the business (Poorsoltan, 2012).
  • Higher level of work satisfaction when success is achieved and aids in building up greater confidence of businessmen (Campion, 2016).


It was even observed that the business women are much more in lined towards astrology then businessmen (Wood, 2008). 28% of women believe in astrology when compared to 22% of men. Businesswomen go to fortune teller more than men as it offers the ppresence of external locus of controlandhighercomfortlevel.

Mark S, (2008)




The research can be either descriptive or explanatory in nature. For this research use of descriptive research will be used. Under the descriptive research the study will be very well structured and planned. The research questions are framed in a systematic manner and high heed is paid to validity and reliability of the data being used.


The research approach can be either qualitative or quantitative. The quantitative approach is scientific and isbasedonlogical reasoning whereasthequalitativeapproachmakesuseofcertain variables for the study. The results always change with the changes invariable.

For conducting this particular study the amalgamation of both the methods will prove to be worthy (Panneerselvam, 2014). The reasons of use of astrology in the business is the same for all the businessmen which is increase in profits.


Both primary andsecondarymethodsofdatacollectionwill beusedforthestudy. Secondary data will be collected from number of sources such as: books, past research papers, newspapers, websites, articles, magazines and manymore (Kumar, 2014).

On theotherhandtheprimarydatawillbegatheredwiththehelpofconductingtheinterview of the businessmen and businesswomenandaskingthemseveralstructuredquestionsabouttheirbeliefsin astrology forthebusiness.  Total of 40 respondents will. Be randomly selected under which 20 respondents will be male and 20 female.


Thestudyisfocusedontheapplicationof astrology inbusiness.Theanswerstoseveralquestions about where the astrology can be effectively and efficiently used in the business will be found out. The data forthestudy will beaccumulatedwiththehelpofprimary and secondary methods of data collection. The primary data will be collected by interviewandsampling methods using the sample size of 40 respondents.


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