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1. Difference between Law and Ethics

Law can be defined as a set of instructions or rules and regulations created and enforced by any government or social organization of a particular country, region or the whole world in a bid to deal with crime, human practices, social relationships and all forms of securities of countrymen (Clare O’Callaghan et al. 2018). Ethics is nothing but the moral perspectives of humans to conduct in a society. Ethics is one of the best qualities someone can have and inculcate in his descendants. Law is enforced structured rules to govern the human society

2.  Importance of law and ethics in the healthcare field

Since the slightest deviation from proper care can cost a patient his or her life, healthcare staff should be well aware of their ethical concerns in the field of treatment and looking after their patients. A doctor with a great ethical conscience is more preferred over a doctor with avarice for money. The WHO and the World Association of Medical Doctors have implemented a law regarding the promotion of the rights of humans (Beshara et al. 2020). The occupation of healthcare staff is a noble one and careful as well as respectful relationships should be maintained between doctors and patients to keep the healthcare sector operating properly.

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