ASB4521 Marketing Communication

ASB4521 Marketing Communication


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Super Bowl games have as regularly as conceivable been among the United States’ most-gazed at the transmissions; Super Bowl forty-nine in 2015 set a record-breaking record for viewership at the game, with an ordinary of 114.4 million watchers according to Nielsen, outperforming a record set the previous year at Super Bowl forty-eight.

ASB4521 Marketing Communication Assignment

Of the primary twenty transmissions in the United States by viewership, only one program, Goodbye, Farewell and Amen, the 1983 plan finale of MASH—was not a Super Bowl, situating in Super Bowl forty three (98.7 million) and forty-four with 106 million watchers. The game transmission pulls in a wide group, anyway a various group crossing various economics and age get-togethers, and women have spoken to at any rate 40% of Super Bowl watchers. In this way, circling a business during the Super Bowl can be significant for supports searching for a gathering of individuals for their things and organizations (Branikas, and, Buchbinder,  2020).




No Time to Die is an impending administrative agent film and the twenty-fifth portion in the James Bond film arrangement created by Eon Productions. The movie highlights Daniel Craig in his fifth and last excursion as the anecdotal British MI6 specialist James Bond. The last time James Bond was seen on the film screen was in the year 2015, for Daniel Craig’s previous trip as the too secret usable in Specter. With the resulting No Time To Die being the performer’s last 007 experience, desire has run high.

Exactly when MGM conceded the film surprisingly fast before its novel April conveyance date to November, it got one of the essential critical studios to respond in the start of the COVID pandemic that made execution communities close. Exactly when No Time To Die was starting late conceded again until April 2021, a year after its hidden conveyance date, some other film studios didn’t have a comparative fervor, and moved their motion pictures down the course of electronic streaming. While this was presumed for the Bond film, MGM have made it clear they expect to convey in movies – possibly much later than anticipated.

Advancement started in 2016. No Time to Die will be the primary Bond film dispersed by Universal Pictures, which gained the global conveyance rights following the termination of Sony Pictures’ agreement after the arrival of Specter in 2015. Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer auxiliary United Artists Releasing holds the rights for North America, including overall computerized and TV rights. General will likewise deliver the film on actual home media around the world.

James Bond is one of the most series of the world. The attention it deserves is huge and so does it get. No Time to Die had the costliest TV spot at the 2020 Super Bowl. Taking into account how monstrous a draw the NFL title game is, it isn’t astounding organizations utilize the enormous stage to advance their items with eye catching ads. Film studios have been a piece of the Super Bowl for quite a while, building publicity for their impending tentpoles. Any semblance of Black Widow and Fast and Furious 9 broadcasted recognizes this year, creating more buzz closely following their individual full-length trailers (Fahik, 2020).

Another profoundly foreseen 2020 delivery to get a Super Bowl business was No Time to Die, Daniel Craig’s last trip as James Bond. While brief, the recording prodded the entirety of the exhibition, clever chat, and interest fans have generally expected from the 007 movies. MGM was unquestionably hoping to make a major sprinkle at the Super Bowl, and they pulled out all the stops to have an effect on moviegoers.


Increasing Brand Sales

The marketing objective of the commercial includes promotion of bands which are exclusive and will get the best views and have increased sales. This most recent portion of the establishment, Bond drives four diverse Aston Martin vehicles. Novel to this film however is the way that two of the four extravagance vehicles locate the specialist making strides toward environmental friendliness! Supposed to be seen all through the film and in various variants of the trailer, Bond drives the half breed Valhalla just as an electric Rapid E model. Alongside this, Omega has plainly expressed its base in the business (Fritzsche, and Duerrbeck, 2020).

Brand recall

Since 1995, Bond has worn an OMEGA Seamaster watch, and Daniel Craig’s last portion of the establishment denotes no distinction. For this film, OMEGA and Craig cooperated to make the Seamaster Diver 300M 007 Edition. Craig being a gigantic devotee of watches himself, assumed a major part in the plan of this watch, as indicated by OMEGA president and CEO, Raynald Aeschlimann.

Increasing Brand Awareness

In this most recent portion, famously showcasing cordial adidas cooperated with the film unexpectedly to make a restricted release rendition of their Ultraboost 20 shoes. There is some cool sewing over the toe, however generally speaking the shoe is inconspicuous and tasteful, much like Bond, in all dark with the 007 image in gold on the rear of the shoe. The coolest thing about this organization is that it’s James Bond fan merchandise that the normal fan can really manage.


The Tv Advertisement No time to die has an estimated reach to 90 million people at once. The target audience is between an expected range of 16-34 age group (Pownall, 2020). The advertisement in itself has become the most money making one and has topped among all other advertisements listed in the Super Bowl league.


Courage is the key.

#Be Courageous.

The Social media campaign on the tv advertisement No Time to Die focuses on how courage can be put to use to do the right thing even when the most precious thing of one’s life can be used against a person. It gives strength and determination a new route to follow as people who idealize James Bond and his methods. Ultimately its not about the war and the games fought with weapons but the mind which should have an absolute control over itself.

Marketing Objectives

The marketing objectives of the Social media Campaign- Courage is the key, is to promote the positivity associated with the confident style statement of the favorite hero of the audience and that is James Bond. The marketing objectives mainly include the promotion of the styling brands used by the hero and his supporting actors.

Target Audience

The targeting audience is the age group of 16-30 years here. The suitable age and the suitable field of promotion aptly fits this stage. Also, a survey gives an insight of the social media accounts of the hero and the promotion house and production house which is populated by the age group from 16 years to 28 years. Therefore, this target is defined and absolutely promising. Associating a social idea with it would mean an increase from the social base of the same and promotion as implicated will be multiplies by 2.




The message is simple and alluring. The message is about the role of courage in a man’s life which can turn him into being powerful and the right use of which will lead to success. Thus, the importance of being courageous and making the right choice on the basis of it becomes the important part to be played here.

Marketing Appeals

The marketing appeal would include an increase in the cost per click rates from the social media – Facebook. It will also be required to run the hashtag (#Be Courageous) on the social media platform – Instagram. Apart from this, brands like adidas and Omega which are an integral part of its marketing business can be made partners in its promotion.

Adidas can be useful for targeting its audience with its new launching collection and inviting them to share their stories of being courageous and that will make the business of the movie ear points. Omega can feature the hero and parts of the same thrilling trailer and share a part about James Bond actually be courageous in real life. In this way the marketing appeals can be done.


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