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Social workers are responsible for identifying the crisis within various families and individuals to ensure solving issues. The main purpose of this essay is to identify the issues of the Blake Family and support them to improve their overall living life by providing them guidance, support, and facilitation.

This essay has elaborated on the major roles of social workers in terms of enhancing the quality of living and solving issues of the people who are in need through identifying and providing effective guidance. Through utilizing effective theories and models the importance of the role of social workers has been highlighted in this essay. This is essential to improving the performance of social workers to develop multi-agency teams for improving the quality of lifestyle.


Social worker

  1. The main concern of this essay is to identify the issues of this case and this can be found from the case study that the Blake family who is based on black and African-Caribbean families are facing issues related to finance and mental stability. Nancy was the guardian of this family after the death of her husband and there are three children of them who are 17, 12, and 7 years old. Among three children the two younger children Tanya and Jason are experiencing health issues such as sickle cell anaemia, Autism, and ADHD. This was getting difficult for Widow Nancy to manage the entire days with the amount of pension of her husband. The mental pressure of this widow was another issue as the older children were disobeying her mother and skipping school for shopping and other activities with her friends.
  2. The major issues of this family are associated with the financial crisis and management of children in the absence of a husband for a widow. According to the legislation this family needs both financial and mental support to deal with the issues this family such as the treatment of two children who are suffering from sickle cell anaemia and ADHD and managing the protection of the elder siblings Sandy from poor lifestyle at the age of 17. As per the Rights of Widow Act, 1857 this is important for supporting them financially and mentally (, 2022). The social worker will focus on the matter and identify the solution for this family to support them with financial and management guidance as this Blake family was becoming vulnerable.
  3. There are mainly three levels of interventions in the practice of social work which are such as micro, mezzo, and macro to identify the issues and guide vulnerable families with proper facilities. This is an important role of social workers in developing a multi-agency team that has an essential role to guide vulnerable families and individuals through various interventions and professional attitudes (, 2022). In this case, the social worker will need to implement a micro-level of intervention that is associated with direct interaction with the vulnerable person for supporting them according to their need. According to Mhlanga et al. (2019), mental consultation and guidance of this intervention are essential requirements of this case and that will need to be provided for enhancing the quality of lifestyle of this family. This micro intervention will be implemented as this is the most common intervention of social work which is associated with helping families or individuals in terms of health care, managing the house, and social services (, 2022). This level of intervention will be beneficial for this case to help the Blake family helping them with health care facilities and guiding them with proper guidance.
  4. The major role of social workers to help an individual or family is to develop a multi-agency team for which people from various professional fields will be actively engaged. There are various types of issues within a family and this is important to involve various professional workers to help the vulnerable people from the end of the social workers (, 2022). In this case, the social workers will need to involve health care staff, mental health services, and financial advisors as three professionals within the multi-agency team for helping the Blake family. The major issues of this family are related to financial crises and unhealthy mental conditions which can be resolved by involving these three professional advisors within the social worker team. According to Davies et al. (2019), health care staff will be able to help this family to take appropriate steps for developing proper procedures of treatment for the youngest children Tanya and Jason who are suffering from sickle cell anaemia and ADHD. On the other hand, a mental health advisor will support Nancy to cope with the elder daughter to enhance her academic concentration.
  5. The knowledge of social workers is an important factor in assisting vulnerable families in fulfilling their needs. The social workers will have to develop the knowledge of the problems of that particular family or individual for suggesting to them the correct methods and steps taken for enhancing the quality of living hood. The social workers will need to have adequate knowledge about the effective policies which are beneficial for the family to improve the quality of living by providing them necessary (facilities, 2022). Implementing social work professions theories is essential which need to be implemented by the social workers for resolving the issues of this Blake family. According to Allen and Langford (2021), there are various theories such as management of mental health, and financial service and this is an important role of social workers to engage accurate professions within the multi-agency team of social work.
  6. The major responsibility of social workers within the multi-agency team of social work is directly associated with finding the accurate issues from the affecting family or individual to implement effective strategies or policies. According to Abendstern et al. (2021), the major role of social workers is coordinating with needy families to help them with effective policies to improve the quality of lifestyle. In this case, the social workers will need to develop effective communication with their family of Blake to know her problems. According to the case study, the problems are associated with the financial crisis, health care, and mental health and the social workers will need to assist accurate professionals in helping the family and Nancy overcome the issues.
  7. Theories of social work are beneficial for identifying effective interventions for improving the practices of social work for helping vulnerable people. According to Shepard et al. (2018), there are various types of theories within the social working aspects such as Social Learning Theory, Systems theory, and Psychological development theory. According to Finne et al. (2019), theories have a different impact on enhancing the standard of practice and performance of social workers in terms of helping needy people in terms of mental health, financial support, and health care. Psychological development theory is associated with several principles such as consulting the victims with proper guidance and this theory is beneficial for this case to help Nancy and Blake’s family with mental and psychological support. The social worker of the multi-agency team helps Nancy and her family with financial, mental, and health care systems through implementing social learning theory which is effective for improving the entire livelihood of this family [Refer to Appendix ].
  8. This is essential for social workers to maintain an accurate relationship with the target family who are suffering from health, financial or mental issues. By implementing voice service the social workers will get a higher ability to interact and develop effective relationships with the clients for maintaining effective communication (, 2022). According to Payne (2020), there are several strategies within the voice service of the super such as maintaining eye contact, speaking clearly, preferring to call the person by name, and facing the clients. In this case, the social workers will need to develop voice service for maintaining effective relationships with the Blake family and Nancy for increasing knowledge about their problems.
  9. The multi-agency team for social work is effective for addressing the sinuses of individuals or families to develop effective interventions to help them with accurate facilities. This is essential for this team to collaborate with other professionals with social workers for enhancing the outcome of this multidisciplinary (, 2022). The social workers of the team will need to engage other professionals such as health care services, and mental health services to provide effective service to the clients (, 2022). In this case, the social workers will need to develop collaboration and team up with the profession of healthcare and mental care services to ensure better service to the Blake family.

Reflective discussion

  1. The MA team in the social working team has various benefits and challenges that are faced by the teammates of this team. I have faced various issues while working in the role of the social worker in this case such as an unpredictable working schedule that is associated with work and personal life balance. On the other hand, this experience has allowed me to know more about the policies, laws, and models regarding social work which will help me in the near future. I have learned a large amount about appropriate ways to communicate and practice social work through dealing with the Blake family.
  2. Through this experience I have learned about various matters such as legislation, laws, and practices of social work along with various social work modules.
  3. I have understood the importance of laws and legislation within social work to improve the service through this case of the Blake family. I have gained knowledge about the various laws such as the Rights of Widow Act, 1857 which is associated with providing various facilities to those who have lost their husband and have children.
  4. My knowledge about the laws has helped me to understand the effectiveness of the laws to provide facilities to the vulnerable family through working. In this case of the Blake family this is beneficial to help them in terms of healthcare, financial help, and mental support.
  5. This case of the Blake family has helped me to gain adequate knowledge about the effective theories and models of social work. The psychological developmental theory, and social learning theories which are beneficial for helping needy families or individuals.


  1. The main key learning points are such as the effective laws of providing service to vulnerable families through developing a multi-agency team in social work. Through using Gibbs’s reflective cycle, I feel as per the feeling phase of this Gibb’s model that the learning experience has helped me to gain knowledge about laws, legislation, and theories about social work. There are various theories that are beneficial for providing effective services in terms of social, healthcare, and financial support to protect the needy family from mental depression and suicide. This can be concluded that social workers have a major role in enhancing the quality of facilities and living hood of vulnerable people.
  2. This assignment is associated with the role of social workers in terms of identifying the issues of individuals or families and implementing effective interventions for those people. This case will be more effective if I will know more about the laws and legislation about the facilities of necessary help for needy people. This assignment has focused on the role of social workers and the effective practices to improve overall performance within the multi agency team of social work.
  3. I think this assignment will help me in the near future while working as a social worker to help others to live quality lives. I have learned about theories and models such as the social learning model, and psychological development theories which are beneficial for implementing effective practices for providing beneficial services to people who are suffering from crises. I have gained knowledge about the accurate role of social workers. This is important of involving other professionals within the multi-agency team of social work for removing the issues such as healthcare, and mental care in financial service. I will be able to solve issues in the future as a social worker to improve the quality of society and the livelihood of the people.

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Appendix : Psychological development theory

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