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A business resumption plan acquired by an organisation enables it to obtain knowledge regarding various procedures. It further enables resolving normal operations following significant disruption and emergency. Therefore, effective planning of various aspects associated with reopening of existing cafes would assist an organisation in arranging significant functions and procedures. Moreover, it would ensure safe utilisation of facilities for customers and employees. Thus, in this segment Poppy Café, a major beverage and food facility is arranging to resolve their services following lockdown. Certain significant factors are taken into consideration based on Covid-19 restrictions imposed in hospitality industry. Therefore, a seating arrangement is provided in this segment for refabrication of overall layout of Cafe.

4V Analysis of Poppy Cafe

Business operations are a significant aspect of an organisation and in this sector, and enhanced percentage of direct labour is observed. Moreover, business operations are task-oriented and implement significant steps till completion of service. Thus, in reopening process of Poppy Cafe in UK, 4V analysis plays a significant aspect as it illustrates various procedures such as variety, volume, visibility and variation (Chowdhury, S., 2020, p.4). Moreover, 4V analysis provides significant details based on quantity of products required to address customer requirements.

Volume Dimension

Volume is a primary aspect of business operation as it regulates production units in business operations. Moreover, through evaluation of a significant quantity of product required by an organisation, production factors are regulated. This is significant for major organisations that regulate volumes through requirements of customers in order to exclude under-production and over production (, 2021). Thus, deficiency of volume management capabilities in an organisation would lead to an inability of wasting and delivering resources based on labour and finances. Thus, volume is a significant aspect and is required to be effectively regulated by an organisation in times of crisis. Moreover, volume aspects are effective for customer base as an enhanced volume of customers in an organisation would enhance overall business prospects.

Variety Dimension

Variety includes different products which are produced in an organisation. Moreover, fewer varieties signify that an organisation possesses simplified operational procedures. Thus, if a major variety of products are produced in operational procedures of an organisation, it illustrates organisation’s flexibility towards providing different services(, 2021). This ensures ability of an organisation to transform and redesign its operation procedures based on customer requirements. Thus, versatility, flexibility and knowledge that an organisation possesses are based on several services that can be offered by a business. Moreover, variety dimension ensures that a company can provide significance at a lower rate as compared to its competitors.

Variation Dimension

Variation in an organisation illustrates procedures through which demand levels transform through various periods. Thus, a company possesses probability of acquiring low variation based on certain highs although those variations are predictable (, 2021). It is significant for Poppy Cafe to comprehend variation in order to adjust based on requirements of customers. Requirement of variation is implemented in organisations through conducting surveys among customers and acquiring feedback from customers regarding changes that can be implemented (Alomari et al., 2021, p.282). Therefore, it is essential for organisations to keep a track of significant demands of products in market in order to acquire a comprehensive idea regarding market patterns.

Visibility Dimension

This factor enables a customer to visualise and illustrate their experience by ordering through operational procedures and keeping a check on their experiences. Thus, visibility dimension ensures to provide customers transparency regarding availability and quality of their order and further illustrates time required in supplying their products (Clegg, 2019, p.34). In Poppy Cafe, customers are required to place their order in case counters and based on their sequence, digital boards in cafe illustrate their order number during delivery period. Thus, customers are able to keep a check on time required by this organisation in supplying suitable service and further analyse quality of a product.

Floor Plan of new Café

Assessment 1 for C11OE

Figure 1: Layout of latest Poppy Cafe Building

(Source: Developed by Learner)

Justification of Layout and flow

Layout of Poppy Cafe building has been fabricated based on prevalent Covid-19 restrictions imposed in hospitality industry of UK. Moreover, various seating arrangements have been implemented keeping in mind various limitations associated with Covid-19. Seating arrangement plays a vital role in eradicating threats of contracting viruses as social distancing has been prioritised by UK government (Sofaer et al., 2021, p.1). Thus, a distance of a minimum of 1 meter is maintained among various seating arrangements (, 2021). Furthermore, pathways for food collection from counter and entry and exit points have been fabricated in a manner to avert contact with individuals sitting in their respective spaces. Thus, this floor plan fabricated for Poppy Cafe for their reopening is an extremely beneficial plan as it abides by various measures that are implemented by UK government to eradicate spread of Covid-19.

Entry unit and exit unit off this cafe are maintained in opposite sections to eradicate hustle of customer flow during peak hours. It would further contact among customers due to one-way movement. A sanitisation unit has been kept in front of entry door to ensure customers entering this cafe are completely sanitised and a complete check of their body temperature is taken into consideration(, 2021). Moreover, this layout ensures that there is enough space of movement for customers availing 6 people seating and thus, these individuals are segregated in two extreme walls of a cafe for easier accessibility and movement of customers and cafe employees. Toilet and wash area of this cafe has been situated near to exit door as various customers would be able to utilise it at any point of time without interfering with one-way flow in a cafe. A situation of toilet near entry door would lead to two-way movement of customers and probability of customers being in contact with other individuals would enhance (, 2021). Thus, to abide by one-way movement of customers effective placement of wash area and toilet near back end of cafe has been taken into consideration.

Assessment 1 for C11OE

Figure 2: Covid-19 protocols imposed in Poppy Cafe

(Source:, 2021)

Furthermore, a collection counter of food and other materials has been maintained at opposite end of cafe to direct customers towards a specific area. This would leverage interference of customers in various seats by following their respective pathways (, 2021). Moreover, seating arrangements of 4 people are maintained at a significant section of Cafe in order to provide sufficient space among various tables for effortless movement of four individuals at a table without disturbing others. In addition, a seating arrangement of 2 people has been kept near the delivery counter and effective space has been maintained among each table of 4 people seating, 2 people seating and 6 people seating for appropriate movement of customers. Therefore, based on response and strategic preparedness plan on Covid-19 by WHO, it has been illustrated that various organisations should implement necessary measures in mitigating significant challenges and risks associated with Covid-19 prior to initiation of functioning on office premises (, 2021). Therefore, Poppy Cafe is required to maintain a powerful regulation to avert gathering in cafe premises during peak hours.

Moreover, prior booking systems would be initiated by this organisation for reservation of tables in peak hours in order to eradicate crowds. In addition, effective sanitisation of various chairs and tables in this cafe would be conducted following its utilisation. This cafe would also emphasise on utilisation of biodegradable products for single-use purposes and effective disposal of items (, 2021). It also looks forward to constantly cleaning its common touch areas, tabletops and self-service areas in order to eliminate spread of viruses. Moreover, wash areas and toilets are required to be cleaned effectively. Based on FDA food code requirements, employees in an organisation that are sick or possess symptoms of Covid-19 are required to stay back at home (, 2021). Thus, CDC guidelines are required to be instructed to employees for implementation of effective measures that involve self-isolation for a tenure of seven days from initiation of symptoms (, 2021). It further assists in being symptom-free for nearly three days after initiation of appropriate medication.

Assessment 1 for C11OE

Figure 3: Signage for safe movement of customers towards exit and wash area of Poppy Café

(Source: Developed by Learner)

The floor plan of Poppy Cafe’s dining area has been redesigned through appropriate arrangements of seating and ensuring a six feet separation among table setups for effective movement of customers. In above figure, signage for safe movement of customers in Poppy Cafe has been illustrated through arrows and specified lines to govern one-way movement. This would eliminate individuals in maintaining contact with others and further ensure a distance of 1 meter is maintained among various customers (, 2021). Moreover, social distancing measures dependent on square footage are required to be taken into consideration and also guest areas are required to be determined (, 2021). Restriction of contact among guests and wait staff is enforced although face coverings are a mandate for guests and wait staff while having interaction. However, covering face of customers while having meals is leveraged. Moreover, employees working in kitchen areas and in other areas that possess direct interaction with customers are imposed to wear face coverings.

Assessment 1 for C11OE

Figure 4: Signage for safe movement of customers towards Cash and delivery counter of Poppy Cafe

(Source: Developed by Learner)

Based on diagram illustrated above, it is observed that to ensure one-way movement of customers for providing orders and acquiring deliveries. Thus, a certain pathway is required to be followed by customers and third-party delivery drivers to satisfy requirements of internal distancing (, 2021). Moreover, inside restaurant premises steps are marked, this would ensure during high volume of customers in cafe premises, guests can easily maintain social distancing norms. In addition, workstation of this cafe has been staggered to avert employees from standing opposite to each other (, 2021). A number of employees in workstations are further regulated by segregating them based on their requirements and further enabling them to wait in break rooms.


Certain recommendations that are required to be taken into consideration by Poppy Cafe prior to their reopening following Covid-19 pandemic involves:

  • Poppy Cafe is required to make a complete review of their food safety management system as it would assist them in determining risks associated with coronavirus transmission and being closed for a prolonged duration.
  • Prior to reopening of restaurant contacting local authority is a mandatory aspect and also evaluation of waste disposal services is essential. This would enable in acquiring significant knowledge regarding transformation in business activities
  • Upgradation of “food safety management system” of Poppy Cafe prior to reopening is an essential aspect as it would inculcate latest procedures for delivery service and takeaways, diminish cross-contamination risks, ensure staff checks and implement suitable training and communication plans for employees.
  • Site check is supremely essential prior to reopen as food preparation areas are required to be analysed effectively in order to maintain hygiene through promoting sanitisation and hand wash measures to their customers during Covid scenarios.
  • Signage is required to be installed in various sectors of a restaurant to assist safe movement of customers and also to promote one-way movement in cafe premises. Moreover, foot markings are provided in café premises to hinder gatherings and guide customers towards following one-way paths. It would further streamline customers and guide them to their respective places.


This assignment concludes with significant details based on customer requirements through a 4V analysis of Poppy Cafe. Moreover, it provides details on seasonal impact of Poppy Cafe in terms of nature of hospitality provided and superior staff utilisation among demand for effective customer service skills. Furthermore, for reopening of Poppy Cafe following Covid-19 pandemic a floor plan has been fabricated through redesigning overall seating arrangement in this organisation to address Covid-19 guidelines. Thus, this segment illustrates significant details associated with social distancing norms implemented by Poppy Cafe. Therefore, signage for safe movement of customers around Poppy Cafe is depicted to provide clear ideas in this area.





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