Assessment In 2020


Assessment Task 1 (Multiple Choice Test)

Answer 1

Legacy system is an old application or technology relating a previous or outdated computer system. (Ans a)

Answer 2

Commas Separated Values- Delimits field in text files using a comma. (Ans b)

Answer 3

A data model is an abstract model that organizes elements of data and standardizes how they relate to one another and to properties of the real world entities. (Ans b)

Answer 4

Data conversion is the translation of data from one place to another. (Ans a)

Answer 5

Data conversion is commonly required for new system supports the old data format. (Ans c)

Answer 6

An intermediate format is a format that data is converted to before reaching to its final form. An intermediate format would be used when there are available tools to convert data directly to its final form. (Ans b)

Answer 7

The task that must be performed after data has been converted is testing. (Ans b)

Answer 8

Data Validation is a process that happens before data conversion. (Ans b)

Answer 9

When converting from legacy systems, there is a need of conversion of data system that generally requires an intermediate format to convert legacy into a new one. (Ans c)

Answer 10

The common mistake companies make when dealing with legacy data extraction is extracting unnecessary data as most is not required in the target system. (Ans c)

Answer 11

Parsing is a term which is used for analyzing the text data identifying logical syntactic components that conforms to a grammar. (Ans b)

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