Assessment task 3: Recruit and Select Staff

Part A: Plan Staffing

From the survey of Wesfarmer key stakeholder, it is analysed that company needs to develop the HR planning in order to fill the human resources requirement with talent and skilled staff. However, HR planning includes the following activities:-Job Analysis, Job Description & specification etc (Pilbeam and Corbridge, 2010).

Wesfarmer is planning to expand its business in different sectors. For this, company wants the talent staff so that they could manage the store efficiently. Company includes internal as well as external stakeholders such as employees, customer, suppliers, distributors and managers etc. Currently approx, 220,000 employees are working with Wesfarmers in different stores of Australia market (Absar et al., 2010). Therefore with the expansion of business, there is need to recruit store assistants. Here is the job description of store assistant:-

Position title: Store Assistant
Position reports to: Store Manager


Qualifications – essential

·         Graduation from reputed college

·         Having a degree in any Specialisation course which is related to management.

·         Having an flexibility to perform different task

·         Ability to follow procedure correctly and fairly

·         Having an leadership, problem-solving skills

Key objectives

1. To assist the store manager for developing store strategy with the aim to raise customers’ pool. 

2. To meeting the sale goals of each store by providing training, motivating, mentoring and provide feedback to store staff.


3. Maintain the positive ambience of different store and install advanced technology system such as visual merchandising standards (Aziri, 2011).

4. Conduct personnel performance appraisals to assess training needs and build career paths.

5. Dealing the issues of staff members

Key position functions

1.  The main function is to manage the store through fulfilling the requirements.

2. To motivate the staff through conduct training.

3. to propose the innovative ideas

4. To follow the compliance with policies and procedures.

Key selection criteria

·         Customer management skills

·         Strong organizational skills

·         Good communication and interpersonal skills

·         BS degree in Business Administration or relevant field

OHS requirement

·         Ensure the work place safety regulations

·         Availability of First aid box

·         Managing stress through appoint consultants

Terms and conditions of employment

The selected candidate should comply with the company policies in their actions.

This is Job description would help to attract the customer. This is because job description is the documents which reveals about the job position and the responsibilities (Berman et al., 2012). On this basis, candidate may take decision whether to apply for Job or not.

Moreover, HR manager of Wesfarmers are looking for the specialist people who conduct the recruitment and selection successfully. For this, company contact to HR panels for organising the recruitment & selection in the campus and pooling the skilled workforce for the given position.

HR manager of Wesfarmer discuss its staffing plan with the specialist so that they hire the people as per the company policy and norms. The HRM policies & procedures include the followings:- Strategic development, Compliances, Workplace policies and Compensation etc (Kok and Muula, 2013). In regards to Wesfarmers HR policies, it involves the recruitment & selection strategy, timely induction and training program, performances & rewards to the deserved candidate etc. therefore, by underlying these HR policy, the specialised HR team will prepare the recruitment and selection plan.


Part B: Conduct Recruitment and Selection Process

Action plan for recruitment and selection

Before conduct the recruitment and selection, there is need to analyse the organisation structure, number/ type of human resources required for the profile. This helps the experts to select the right candidate at right time for relevant job position.

In order to conduct systematic recruitment and selection plan, HR manager needs to follow the steps which mention below:-

  • Develop the Recruitment Plan: Position requires a documented recruitment plan which is approved by the organisation unit (Netemeyer et al., 2010). The placement cell needs to focus on some elements such as posting period, placement goal, and additional advertising resources. Additionally, company need to use the digital platform to post the job description to the target candidate. Other than that, company can also use the newspaper advertisement to inform the candidate about the job position. At the same time, company can take help of college institution to make promotion about the job position.
  • Select Search Committee: Wesfarmers HR manager requires to select the search committee on the basis of following requirements:-
  • Individual should have strong understanding of the role.
  • An individual should have personality that influences the applied candidate in a positive manner.

Thus, these are the qualities are required in the search committee. If search committee having a proper understanding about the role and company policy then he/she will conduct right recruitment and selection process.

  • Post position and implement recruitment plan: Once the position description is completed then it post to the applicants so that they read it and take decision accordingly (Caers and Castelyns, 2011). Moreover, HR analyst can use various advertisement channels for informing people about the job position. Likewise, HR can take help of universities/college to post the job description to the deserved candidate. Other than that, newspaper, online advertisement are also considered valuable source of advertisement. Through this manner, candidate gets to know about the job profile.
  • Review applicants and develop short list: After posting of job description, HR recruitment analyst put candidate into various test. On the basis of test, recruitment panel shortlist the applicants.
  • Conduct Interview: The interview is important step in the selection process. It is the step within which company take the selection decision. Basically, interview allows evaluating the skills, competencies of the candidate. This make easy to panel to decide which one is suitable for the job position.
  • Taking hiring decision: Once the interview has conducted then the committee will discuss about the applicants on the basis of qualification, skills and their performances in test. Based on this, they decide that how many numbers of applicants they need to select. Other than that, there is certain formality company need to undertake. It is reference check as this is to be done prior to making an offer (Cabellero and Walker, 2010). Basically, reference check is the practice in which employer contacts a job applicants previous employer, schools and other source in order to learn more about the employment history, educational background and qualification for a job.
  • Finalize Recruitment: After completion of recruitment process, HR manager offer the official letter to the selected finalist. It is done through use of electronic ways such as E-mail. It is the formal way to inform the candidate about their selection.
  • Conduct Induction program: Prior to initiating the offer, it is recommended that employer should make selected candidate comfortable with the organization environment through conduct the induction program (Caldwell, 2010). In the induction, employer should introduce the employee with the company current policy and describe their roles and responsibility.
  • Training session: Training program is also important to consider as employee can’t perform the given task without having a particular training. So at initial level, there is high requirement of training program so that employee can develop necessary skills in themselves.

Based on this process, Wesfarmers can properly recruit and select the talent store assistant for its new store (Wesfarmers, 2018). This practice will make its expansion plan successful.


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