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Part A

This part includes the evaluation of customer service of hospitality service. It includes the following:-

Obtain information about the customer needs, expectations and satisfaction level

In order to identify the customer needs, expectations and satisfaction level, there is needed to talk to customers. This can be done in both formal and informal ways. Under formal process, the quantitative and qualitative method would be appropriate within which survey, interview or personal observation method may help to record the reaction of customers (Orel and Kara, 2014). At the same time, the information way can also be incorporated through directly involve with customer activities and assist them to buy the product and similarly ask them for the product preferences. These are the best process to monitor the customer needs, expectations and satisfaction level (Kursunluoglu, 2014). For instance, it is found that student response on college kitchen is that they are facing problems related to customer services. It majorly includes improper service such as unavailability of food and service on a timely basis, Waiting lounge, Cost structure, Quality of food and Consideration is less towards the student and take favour of the faculty.

Feedback of customer and staff

There is a need to take feedback from customers and staff as well. This is because the responses may help the manager to identify the root cause of the problem. Under feedback, the major focus should be on the service quality, price aspects, food taste and professionalism of staff members. Whereas, feedback from staff need to involve the questions related to customer needs and expectations along with the customer behaviour towards the product and service and discount offers. These areas are also proven effective to analyze the customer reaction towards service. In respect to college kitchen, the student feedback is not that much positive as individuals found that kitchen manager is more biased towards professors or faculty as they get more fresh food as compare to students (Falola et al., 2014).

Feedback should be about behaviour, not personality

Feedback is required to be provided to an individual on the basis of the behaviour and attitude. The personality of an individual is not required to be assessed as their values and culture is not appropriate for giving feedback.

Feedback should describe the effect of the person’s behaviour on you

You just ability it caused you to feel or what you thought. Introducing input as your sentiment makes it a lot simpler for the beneficiary to hear and acknowledge it, regardless of whether you are giving feedback.  Analysis of behaviour is required for having an evaluation of behaviour.

Feedback should be as specific as possible

Feedback should be specific to the nature of the occasion as this gives a more prompt impression of the activity that takes place. It also helps in controlling the situation in an evident and easy way.

 Feedback should be timely

Criticism should be opportune, which implies while everybody can in any case recall what occurred. On the off chance that you have input to give, at that point simply jump on and give it. That doesn’t mean without thought. You despite everything need to consider what you’re going to state and how you are going to exhibit it.

Pick your moment

Examine our page on enthusiastic mindfulness and work on your social mindfulness, to assist you with building up your consciousness of the feelings and sentiments of others. This will assist you with picking an appropriate minute.

Verify and define your problem.
problems and their root cause are required to be identified by the marketer in advance so that it could help in solving the problem easily. This will help in finding out the right reasons for the problem.

Research and brainstorm possible solutions for your problem.

The different possible solutions are required to be estimated and evaluated which could help in resolving the problems. This leads to the selection of the best solution to the problem by assessing all the solutions.

Set standards of success and failure for your potential solutions.

Solutions in the system are required to be assessed by putting up them at the right stage by qualifying them with standards. This would help in assessing the outcome carried with the solution put into consideration.

Flesh out the potential results of each solution.

A consequence of solutions in the problems is assessed by the creation of a SWOT table as this would help in managing the changes easily.

Choose the best solution and test it.

With the evaluation of the above test best solution could be used for solving the problems.

Analyze the internal and external environment and integrate into planning for quality service

The internal and external environment analysis can be done through undertakes SWOT and PESTLE analysis within which Kitchen internal resources and capabilities are identified along with the external factors like student taste & preferences and raw-material supplies are also affected the kitchen ability to cater for the needs of individuals (Kulkarni, 2013). Besides that, if any deviation occurs in services then the corrective action is taken out and implements the changes accordingly. For this, proper planning, organizing and leading activities are required. For example, Kitchen owners need to improve their food quality through buys fresh vegetables. For this, he/she need to tie up with some local vegetable vendors to getting timely deliveries. With respect to this, there is a requirement of two or three people to get the product on daily basis. So such changes will get bring some kind of expenses and that’s the result on the preparation of fresh food and provide quick delivery of food to students. This change can be planned through increase the addition workmen.


WorkSafe Victoria deals with the state’s work environment security framework. In the event that your boss doesn’t give you a sheltered work environment, you can submit a question to WorkSafe and they may explore this further. WorkSafe can do a scope of things, for example, giving a consistent notice or authorization request, or indicting managers and people. Your boss and others can’t treat you gravely on the grounds that you have submitted a question about work environment wellbeing. This might be unlawful segregation or unlawful unfriendly activity (in rupture of the general securities). See Workplace tormenting and separation and the Fair Work Commission site for additional data.

In respect to the bring out of new service into the organization, the staff participation can take through implement the performances based incentive which allows individuals to become encouraged to perform better and implement the change with the aim to achieve customer satisfaction (Curtis et al., 2013). Thus, this area may provide several opportunities for firms in terms to achieve the higher satisfaction of customers and gain their long-term loyalty. The improved customer service not only supports the firm profitability ratio but also contribute towards the product quality and achievement of customer positive perception.

First impression

The first impression leads to having a creation of an image in the mind of customers as they create an opportunity for making the people to get attracted to particular product and services easily. Before you address a client just because, all things considered, they have made a decision about your demonstrable skill. in light of what you resemble. In view of nature, ensure you are wearing proper clothing – regardless of whether it is provided to you or not. Also, consider your stance which should be a blend of loose, sure and straight. Your own introduction is likewise a reflection on your manager. On the off chance that you seem diverted, withdrew or ineffectively kept, this is the picture that a few clients will depict on the whole café or occasion.


  • never hack or wheeze over nourishment, or where nourishment is being readied or put away
  • wear a clean defensive dress, for example, a cover
  • keep your extra garments and other individual things (counting cell phones) away from where nourishment is put away and arranged
  • tie back or spread long hair
  • keep fingernails short so they are anything but difficult to clean, and don’t wear nails clean since it can chip into the nourishment
  • avoid wearing gems, or just wear plain-joined rings and sleeper studs
  • completely spread all cuts and wounds with an injury strip or swathe (brilliantly shaded waterproof wraps are suggested)
  • wear expendable gloves over the highest point of the injury strip in the event that you have wounds on your hands


  • it should be suited to the customers and their demands.
  • The quality of the products needs to match the demands of the people.
  • The price of the products needs to be different so that people can afford at easily and profits could take place.

Customer service includes

  • Speed
  • Promptness
  • Helpfulness
  • Attitude
  • Professionalism in staff

Customer service programs including product service guarantee

Items and administrations data – clarifying unmistakably what you offer.

counter and vis-à-vis administration – helping clients address their issues.

Telephone utility – fast, precise help.

Taking client orders – making it simple to purchase.

Development – important and auspicious development

Charging and overseeing instalments – making it understood and simple to pay.

Visiting the client – showing up on schedule.

Making fixes – fixed the first run through, and on schedule.

Written reviews

The written review is required so that improvement which is required in the products and services could take place. This is to ensure that people give their reviews easily through different modes so that company can satisfy the customers.

  • Improvement in the experiences of customers
  • Be in the trend
  • For gaining and meeting with the competition.

Part 2

In order to bring changes in the workplace, there is a need to undertake various requirements such as hire the staff for the organization. Here is the process of staffing: –

Estimating manpower requirement: The staffing process begins with the estimation of manpower requirement which means finding outnumber and type of employees needed by the organisation in the near future

Recruitment: Recruitment is a process of identifying, screening, shortlisting and hiring potential resources for filling up the vacant positions in an organization. It is a core function of Human Resource Management. Recruitment is the process of choosing the right person for the right position and at the right time.

Selection: Selection is the process of selecting a qualified person who can successfully do a job and deliver valuable contributions to the organization. A selection system should depend on job analysis. This ensures that the selection criteria are job-related and will provide meaningful organizational value.

Placement and Orientation:– Placement is a process of assigning a specific job to each of the selected candidates. It involves assigning a specific rank and responsibility to an individual. It implies matching the requirements of a job with the qualifications of the candidate. It avoids misfit between the candidate and the job

Training and Development:-  It is an attempt to improve current or future employee performance by increasing an employee’s ability to perform through learning, usually by changing the employee’s attitude or increasing his or her skills and knowledge.

This is the process within which staffing can be done and changes tend to implement successfully.

The current staffing budget involves the following:-

Activities Duration
Identify the organization needs $ 200
Prepare job description $ 250
Identify personal specification $ 150
Take hiring decision $ 100
Develop the induction and training for employees $ 100
Monitor the performances of employees $ 140
Take corrective action if any deviation occurs $ 210

In order to play a role of customer-focused then there is a need to develop the policy and procedure in the form of undertaking the employment policy within which right employees are hired for the profile and bias-free can be taken out.

Other than that, there is also required to conduct the training session for the employees so that existing staff can be performed the change on proper manner.

For this section, there is a need to make proper communication policies, procedures and expectations to staff:-

  • Workplace Communications
  • Communicating Externally
  • Electronic and Wireless
  • Social Media Communication

Approaches to Customer Service are as follows:-

  • Focus on Retention. Retention based customer service is a great method for companies who have high influxes of customers all at once.
  • Detail Oriented Support. A detail-oriented model is an advanced form of customer service.
  • Meet Them Where They Live.

Policymaking for the implementation of customer service:-

  • Identify needs of the organization and then policies can be developed
  • Identify who will take lead responsibility
  • Gather information
  • Draft policy
  • Consult with appropriate stakeholders
  • Finalize/approve policy
  • Consider whether procedures are required
  • Implement the policy

Staff training requirements for the implementation of change:-

In respect to this, the staff training is developed through conducting on-the-job training sessions within which individuals are learnt on the job only. Moreover, they are also put on the coaching and workshop session in order to develop clarity.

Before conduct training, there are some initiatives effort needs to make including hire the trainers and analyze the organization requirement so that employees can be worked accordingly.  Thus, this way training is proved to be effective and include productive results.

Monitoring of the performance of the customer services

This section includes the monitoring process of customer services: –

In order to monitor the customer service, there is a need to ensure standards are met. For this, it is a must to compare the standard budget with an estimated budget. Along with conduct surveys and collect feedback from individuals to take the right decisions.

For receiving feedback, both online and offline methods require undertaking. The feedback responses can be incorporated based on talking with customers and then incorporate into the organization (Stokoe, 2014).

The effectiveness of customer service can be measured with the help of end organization results. It includes the profitability ratio and rate of returns.

The major customer service problem is the lack of availability of staff members and it can be solved through undertaking the right recruitment and selection policies into the business.

Part 2

Policies and practices for using and implementing standards of Customer services

Different policies and practices have to be adopted in the business so that improvement in staff and customers relationship takes place.

  • Identify the tasks and performance they need to perform in the business.
  • All the contribution in the business by having improvement in performance.
  • Ensure the practices and policies are accommodated in the business.
  • Develop direct communication for acknowledging the policies.
  • Make the people have an understanding of the policies.
  • Educate the staff members regarding the policies and practices so that it could be implemented.

Communication with the customers

  • Listen to the customers so that it could help in identifying their needs.
  • Develop the analogies so that technical issues could be evaluated.
  • Make the development of customer services standards.
  • Resolve the disputes.

The best way of communication

  • Directly through phone call
  • Feedback

Delivering direct services to customers

  • Face-to-face customer service
  • If your clients need to stand by to be served, it is useful to have somebody welcoming your clients and telling them to what extent they ought to hope to pause.
  • Make sure you check in with your clients while they’re in your shop. This likewise allows them to pose any inquiries they may have.
  • Online customer service
  • Consider a live visit administration. A live talk administration permits you to discuss in a split second with your clients and help answer their questions. This administration may require additional staff or observation; however, many can turn on and off during specific hours.
  • Consider including a ‘solicitation to call’ choice on your Contact Us structure. This may permit clients to demand a period and day they might want to get a call from you. This could permit you to assemble explicit data about their solicitation before getting back to the back.
  • Keep a log of any telephone associations you have with your clients. Record the date, time and any issues talked about. This data can be helpful to allude back to when reaching once more.
  • Publish significant data about your business, similar to your statement of purpose and your business history, on your site. This data enables your clients to comprehend your business and its qualities.
  • Add a criticism structure to your site. This will permit you to gather important data about your administration and may furnish you with bits of knowledge for a new items or administration thoughts to develop your business.

Customer service standards and expectations

  • External Customers
  • We will educate our clients regarding ordinary procedure time when they can expect culmination and any defers that may emerge all the while.
  • We will get in contact with our clients to refresh them concerning where we are all the while.
  • We will react to site questions/demands within 24 hours during ordinary business hours.
  • We will react to candidates (representative/volunteer) within 24 hours of typical procedure time to tell them when they can expect finishing and any defers that may emerge all the while.
  • Internal Customers
  • We will meet up with our inner clients day by day, either by email or telephone, to refresh them regarding where we are in the process.
  • We will work to determine issues with associates and different offices by talking about issues straightforwardly and progressing in the direction of settle upon arrangements.
  • We will be accommodating, agreeable and supportive to each staff part to guarantee quality administrations.

Policies and procedures for monitoring the customer service satisfaction

  • Friendly service
  • Value for money
  • Cleanliness
  • Menu variety
  • Fast service
  • Sensitivity to food allergies
  • Good special promotions
  • Inviting atmosphere
  • High-quality food
  • Healthy food choices

Opportunities for solving the problems

  • Making the employees participate in the decision making.
  • Ask them to have their suggestions.
  • Open communication with the people.
  • Engaging them with the law of reciprocity.
  • Making the coworker with incentives.
  • Celebrate the performance enhancement of the employees.
  • Make their communication with their problems
  • Find solutions to problems and make them feel motivated.
  1. Get ready for administration.

1.1Plan and sort out undertakings from authoritative data.

1.2Liaise with colleagues to affirm and educate others regarding administration necessities. 1.3Develop work routines thinking about jobs and obligations of other colleagues.

1.4Prepare work region, hardware and supplies as indicated by techniques to meet assistance necessities.

  1. Offer support.

2.1Provide quality client care, utilizing fitting strategies and methods to meet client desires for quality, introduction and practicality of conveyance. 2.2Offer data to clients on items and administrations.

2.3Assist client decisions that address singular issues, uncommon solicitations or social necessities.

2.4Proactively advance, upsell and strategically pitch items and administrations as per authoritative methods.

2.5Resolve objections as indicated by singular strengthening and utilize suitable correspondence systems to manage strife.

  1. Complete operational errands.

3.1Follow work routines and work agreeably as a feature of the group to augment effectiveness.

3.2Follow working environment security and cleanliness methods.

3.3Maintain the neatness and orderliness of work regions.

3.4Use authoritative methodology and innovation for operational assignments.

3.5 Identify and foresee operational issues and make a move to limit the impact on consumer loyalty.

  1. Complete finish of move obligations.

4.1Follow the finish of move methods.

4.2Complete organization and detailing prerequisites.

4.3Participate in questioning and handover meetings with partners and propose administration upgrades.


Policies required for quality customer services

Different policies and procedures are required to be developed and implemented in the business as they need to make for achieving the services and the standard for providing them to the customers.

Development of session plan

  • The services are to be provided to the people for having proper hospitality services and housekeeping services. It would make them provide accommodation services, clean services, attractive services and comfortable and required services to the customers as per the requirements.

Majorly three departments are responsible for having housekeeping services such as-

  • Reception department.
  • Housekeeping department.
  • Maintenance department.

Main topics

  • Take care of the customers so that customers could be made comfortable.
  • Make the improvement in the services.
  • Have effective communication with the customers.
  • Follow up the criteria.

Time Frame

It will take 1 month to set up a plan for meeting the needs of the plan which is required for meeting with needs and requirements. Time is different for every firm as per the plan as they take decisions which is different in nature, Thus, it is necessary for identifying the time frame which needs to be sued for meeting with requirement and achieving objectives.


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