Assessment: Individual Reflective Journal


This report will discuss overall study and learning which I had while doing research work on effectiveness of social media for business. In this reflective study, I will be defining my learning experience by giving by own opinion. In addition, I will also highlight on the ways that will helpful or useful for me in my learning process. In this, all required details will also be provided that happened during my learning process.

Further, I will also evaluate my learning and work performance which I performed and also I will also explain clearly my learning process through my feeling and hypothesis study. At last, I will also develop a plan that how efficiently I will be using my learning in my future and present career decision.

Critical Reflection Analysis

Week 1

My learning experience is very great and useful for me as this study helped me in understanding my knowledge and skill to next level. In concern to this, my first week learning is very effective too as I learned how to select a relevant topic which adds value to existing research work for which I need to identify a relevant research topic from related aspects such as Economic, Finance, Marketing, Business and IT.

In context to this, the importance of social media support for business practices is selected as a research topic by me. However, this week study also helped me in developing my skill and knowledge i.e., from where to collect the best research information related to research topic. In simple words, this research helped me in identifying best research journal and articles which can help me in continuing my research work in an efficient manner.

Week 2

In addition to it, in 2nd week, I learned something different which helped in understanding that while selecting a research topic it is necessary that research should be done in your interest area. By considering this point, I also selected a research topic which meets my interest area i.e., technology and management. In this week, I also learned that there is a different research area which creates influence on the research study which is done by researcher for any organization or for other purpose.

Week 3

After that, in third week, I focused on my research topic for which I need to focus on different aspects which help me in completing my research work on time. In respect to this, I identified that while conducting a proper research, a researcher need to focus that data or facts which are used related to research topic must be relevant and justified.

Moreover, I also identified that while writing a literature review, there are some points that are required to be necessarily be considered by the researcher or us in order to make the research study more effective and attractive. Further, this research is completed by me by following the learning process in which I first engage to understand and define the social media and its advantages and disadvantages. After that, I explored more about effectiveness of social media by determining the opportunities which business gets.

Week 4

In 4th week, I learned one more thing that while doing any research work there are some research ethics which a researcher or an individual need to follow in order to avoid the error or plagiarism. This week lecture is quite interesting for me as this lecture helped me in learning some more human ethics which need to be followed during a research project.

I used this research ethics while conducting an interview or preparing a questionnaire. While collecting a information, the respondent feel uncomfortable as they feel that their name or data will get disclose to others in this case, I learned that they must be told in advance about the purpose of research work study.

Week 5

In fifth week of my learning period, I learned that working in a team member is useful to complete the research study on time. In this week, I also learned that before conducting a research work, it is important to define the research objective in advance in order to accomplish the overall research study in a proper and efficient manner.

In this week, I learned simply that research must include some major points that need to be included for completing a research study such as research overview, literature review, research scope and limitation, etc. Overall, this week session was quite complicated as I took some time to understand all major requirements.

Week 6/7

In sixth week and seventh week of my study helped me in developing my thinking level towards the research topic i.e., the impact of social media on business practices. This study helped me in understanding the importance of hypothesis, questionnaire for completing a research in an efficient manner. In this week, I learned that while doing a research study, it is important to state clearly that which research methodology and design is used for this study in order to collect large and relevant or accurate information.

Week 8

In addition to this, 8th week of learning also helped me in understanding in-depth about the designing of a questionnaire. I this, I learned that how efficiently the collect data with the help of questionnaire can help in analyzing the research topic in an efficient manner. During this research work, I also observed that there are different ways to collect a data and for analyzing that data with the help of an effective research tool is used by researcher in order to represent the collected data into table or graph format.

Week 9/10

In ninth week, I also learned that how to check the validity and reliability of data collected from different sources. This helped in identifying that how efficiently the collected data is useful for the researcher. In tenth week of my learning period, I also learned that while conducting an interview, a researcher need to prepare itself that how to conduct an interview, what questions required to be asked from interviewee.

In this, I also learned that proper interview environment need to be developed in order to make respondent comfortable and free from any stress. In context to it, I decided to collect the information by targeting the respondents and asking them to respond towards the social media effectiveness for which proper research question is developed and explained by me,. This survey research method is used by me in this research and this method help in identifying the opportunities and challenges of using the social media for business promotion.

In addition to this, I also decided or plan that I will use my new skill and knowledge in my future decision making as well as in my future professional career. I will my learning my future career in efficient manner i.e., by analyzing the all required aspects that are necessary before making any decision or for accomplishing ay required goals and objectives of an organization. In other words, I can easily state that this learning process is very useful and beneficial for other individual also as this follows a proper steps that need to be focused on.


From the above reflection study, it is very much clear that the study on effectiveness of social media is very helpful for me as well as for future researcher as it discussed all relevant aspects or points that I used to complete by research on time. In this reflection, critical analysis is done efficiently in order to analysis my research work and my learning & also my skill and knowledge that I used for the following research work.

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