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1. An ethical and legal aspect related to clinical placement

The ethical and legal issues in this workplace are based on the incident of the conflict in the hospital.  A patient party had come with an accidental patient in a hospital and the state of the patient was very critical. The hand and waist are fractured due to the accident and the brain of the patient was also injured.  However, no senior doctors were patient in this hospital at this time. A nurse was present there and in spite of being the condition of the patient was very critical; they wanted to admit this patient to the hospital.

However, the manager of the hospital did not want to admit this patient because of management issues. Therefore, a conflict between the nurse and hospital manager was created regarding this problem. The relationship between its works is based on an interpersonal relationship work environment, therefore, two persons are right from their own. Two types of ethical conflicts had arisen between them. The nurse was anxious about this patient’s condition and the manager wants to maintain their responsibilities as well as, the manager do not want to break the law. This conflict created a problem between the patient parties.

This is an unresolved issue because two persons are right on their own part. The manager thought about their laws and regulation of the hospital as well as the manager thought about the popularity and safety of the health professionals. As per the view of Casey et al. (2017), the nurses thought about the situation and condition of the patient. As the condition of the patient was critical and no senior doctors were present at this time. Therefore, it seems that the manager was right because he did not take any risk and he transfers the patient to another hospital.

2. NMBA code

NMBA code is a regulation of nursing and midwives in the Australian countries and this practice provide protection to the public of Australian country.

Activity 1: NMBA code of professional conduct 

  • Act with professional integrity

The NMBA code of professional conduct is developed for nursing and midwifery under the board of AU. As per the opinion by George (2019), this NMBA code guides all nursing and midwifery in their work. In addition, this NMBA code assists all nursing and midwifery to understand the responsibilities of their work. Moreover, this NMBA code gives ideas about patient safety and care. The main purpose of the NMBA code of professional conduct is that it helps all nursing and midwives to make decisions about care. Moreover, the NMBA codes of professional conduct help all nursing and midwifery by increasing awareness about the rules and regulations of the hospital as well as this code of professional conduct assists all nurses and midwifery to build trust in the patient party (Hoel, 2020).

Here this case study shows that the nurse follows the NMBA code of professional conduct. The nurse thought about the patient’s care and situation. It is one of the most important responsibilities of the nurse. However, the nurse focused on the laws and regulation of the hospital that is also a good practice for nurses.

  • Practice legally

  The NMBA helps all nurses and midwifery to understand the legal aspect such as any laws and regulations and framework of any problems as well as any conflict. According to NMBA codes of professional conduct, the nurse follows all rules and regulations of the hospital. The nurse understands the framework of the issues (Lyskova, 2018).

Activity 2: NMBA code of ethics 

  • Nurses and practices

The NMBA code of ethics is established for nursing and midwifery under the board of AU. This code is required in every situation and in every practice such as clinical domains, management domains, education domains, and research domains. As per the view of Maw et al (2020), it is noted that Codes of ethics include nursing care for patients, kindness for patients as well as for self, maintaining safety and healthcare, etc. In addition, the code of ethics includes giving values to the diversity of the people. The purpose of NMBA codes of ethics is to provide a reference point that assists nurses and midwifery how to conduct with the patients as well as this practice guides nurses and midwifery about their ethical decision making.

Here, the case study shows that the nurses apply this code of ethics that helps in decision making. Apart from that, this ethical code also helps to handle the situation as well as to understand the situation (Ryan, 2017).

  • Nurses and co-workers

According to the NMBA code of ethics, the co-workers support the system and practices and give suggestions to the nurses about the conflict. In addition, they provided support and ideas to the nurses about these issues.

3. Enrolled nurses standards for the practice

Activity 3: Enrolled nurses standards

The enrolled nurse’s standards for the practice are the part of a practice that gives suggestions for accessing the enrolled nurse’s practice.

Accepts accountability and responsibility for own actions

This domain provides ideas about rules and regulations, legislation, own educational preparation, etc. Moreover, this practice gives some idea about the accountability and responsibility of the nurse as well as gives ideas about how to promote safety to own and another patient in all nursing practices. Apart from that, these practices provide pillars to assistants and nurses as well as the practices elucidate the roles of nurses and midwifery regarding healthcare settings (Sulaiman, 2017).

Engages in the ongoing development of self as a professional

This practice gives an example of the EN standard for4 accessing the performance of one’s own. This practice helps to identify lack, needs as well as the skill of the nurse and midwifery. In addition, this practice assists to identify the learning needs and practices as well as helps them by giving support. The supports include professional support, resources such as clinical supervision is provided by this practice that also aids professional improvement and personal development. Apart from that, this practice will give a clear picture of the professional image (Lyskova, 2018).

4. Reflection

How are you monitoring your own compliance with legal obligations and requirements of your role?
In order to monitor my role compliance and legal obligations, I take help of my senior who are having essential knowledge in this respect. The guidance and support of the seniors and co-workers have helped to be complying with legal requirements and obligations.
How are you maintaining your own awareness of current ethical issues and potential conflicts of interest that may impact your nursing practice?
I am studying a lot about the current ethical issues and potential conflict that might occur in the workplace.  I have already experience such issues in my tenure of nursing practices. I have gained knowledge of about ethical issues and conflict interest, trough different online journals and articles.
What professional education can you access to help you develop your skills?
My skills of the handling people and decision making can provide me an opportunity to develop the professional education of management. I believe that I will be able to take essential decision is critical situation, while not abiding to legal and ethical perspectives.
What strategies can you use to resolve ethical issues within your nursing practice as an enrolled nurse?
In order reduce the ethical issues in the nursing practices; it is important to raise awareness about workplace ethics. I can the take the measurement of providing ethical training to employees to maintain workplace ethics. Besides, I would develop strict code of ethics for the employees and managers to reduce conflict of interest.
If you have committed a mistake while performing your duty as an enrolled nurse, what should you do?

What are the different roles of the MDT during an open disclosure meeting?

In case, if I make a mistake while performing a task, I will immediately notify this to my managers. This action will prevent further negative consequences from the act of negligence.

Following are the most important roles of MDAs:

·         Organizing and coordinating healthcare services

·         Meet the complex care of individuals

·         Plan and manage healthcare strategies

Table 1: Reflection

(Source: Learner)


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