Assignment: What is strategy?


British Airways is a global airline organization, which offers the flight services with the highest quality standards on the low fares. The business plan of British airline targets customers by providing uniqueness in the service with a global route network (Grant and Robert, 2016).

The business strategy of British Airways is developed to cover the international market in an aggressive manner. In addition, the company is covering all centrals of different countries for business expansion. The strategy of the company is very effective by the use of digital techniques into various aspects of the service. It can be explained that the organizational strategy and goal are making it excellent in the Airline field.

What is Strategy?

According to Robert (2016), strategy is a high level plan of an organization which provides certain conditions to achieve the goals. The strategy used by British Airways is very effective because it is providing low cost strategy to pursue the customers in the global market.

In this strategy, the company is trying to be first mover to complete the objectives and goals to demonstrate the business on the top in the industry (Johnson, 2017). British Airways targets all type of customers like first class, business class, best class and economy class by providing different facilities on classes.

The company is also using several techniques to motivate the employees such as provide a classic working environment, improved training, rewards and recognitions. In addition to this, British Airways is also motivating the employees by providing different fringe benefits like Airways pension scheme.

Similarly, British Airways is making the annual planning for the fleets and routes according to the needs and preference of the customers (Jing, Bai & Wang, 2012). The company also focuses on the study of the competitors and also finds the impact of different economic and political factors to get the success in this industry.

It also provides the clear direction to the employees that the major strategic decisions provide the success to the business in the 21st century. On the other hand, the company is getting the results of the effective implementation of the strategy that is the reason behind the current position of the business.

The unique value of British Airways is their service network because it develops a worldwide network of the service. Additionally, the company is also using the resources that are highly capable to provide best services. The operational research of British Airways provides the techniques that help to sustain unique value of the business (Bailey et al., 2012).

The strategy of British Airways includes planning to get the success in this industry including fleet planning, business planning, network planning, policy & economics and operational research. All the specialization in the areas makes this business model effective and innovative.

In this strategy, the service is useful for the worldwide customers and competitors need high investments to compete the market (Shen, et al., 2015). Whenever, the experts of the company use their skills for the development, it provides a good impact on the business.


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