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B9MG117 Project Management Assignment Sample

Agile Project Management Concerns


Businesses have been given a substantially shorter time window in which to develop innovative goods that fulfil the wants of customers while still making a profit. In recent years, there has been a significant movement in the product development industry, with the product life cycle being shortened and the time it takes to develop new goods being reduced.

Therefore, firms have been forced to make constant adjustments as a result of the current scenario. When it comes to adopting new techniques that will assist them in adapting to changing environments, the vast majority of organizations are putting forth the effort necessary in order to generate innovative goods and services that will meet the needs of customers and address the problems that they are experiencing in today’s marketplace (Loiro,2018).http://B9MG117 Project Management Assignment Sample


In this context, one of the tactics that organizations may use to adapt more rapidly to changes in the marketplace is the deployment of agile management approaches. Agile management approaches are a type of management strategy that allows organizations to manage change more effectively.

Throughout today’s corporate world, agile management concepts and practices are becoming increasingly commonplace, and this trend is expected to continue. Agility project management, as opposed to traditional project management approaches, which tend to be more rigid in their nature, raises the possibility of customer satisfaction while also boosting the likelihood of the production of new ideas (Uludağ,2019).http://B9MG117 Project Management Assignment Sample


In the beginning, agile project management approaches were developed in reaction to economic swings that necessitated frequent revisions on the part of project managers and other stakeholder groups in order to remain competitive. Because of this, agile project management solutions emphasize continuous development while also permitting real-time alterations to various objectives and goals in order to respond swiftly to changing conditions (Turk, France & Rumpe 2005).http://B9MG117 Project Management Assignment Sample

Because of the existence of a few critical requirements, the deployment of agile approaches is not feasible for many organizations. Through the course of the investigation’s literature review phase, the investigators will delve into further depth on the preconditions for conducting the study. It is difficult for many organizations to apply agile approaches due to a variety of problems, including a lack of available resources. This is despite the fact that many organizations recognise the benefits of doing so.


Scrum, Extreme Programming (XP), Crystal Approaches, Dynamic System Development Methods, Feature Driven Development, and Adaptive Software Development are just a handful of the agile project management methodologies that are now available (Augustine et al. 2005). http://B9MG117 Project Management Assignment SampleIn contrast to Agile Project Management, there are substantial differences in the processes that are employed to attain those objectives between the two approaches, making a direct comparison impossible.

There are significant connections between this and Agile Project Management in terms of features and goals, to name a few (APM). Increasing consumer happiness, generating new goods, and delivering actual value to the company’s operations are just a few instances of what may be done, among other things. It is necessary to do a thorough assessment of the current scenario in order to evaluate whether or not an agile strategy is acceptable in the specific situation and conditions (Obradović,2018).http://B9MG117 Project Management Assignment Sample

Major concerns

Because of the continued competition between businesses, a state of constant struggle has developed, making it difficult for project managers to adjust to shifting scenarios and conditions. Especially true in the technology sector, where customer requirements change on an almost daily basis, making it difficult to keep up with the pace of the market (Augustine et al. 2005).http://B9MG117 Project Management Assignment Sample In a study published in 2004 by Highsmith titled Customers in the United States Anticipate New Innovative Goods

That Outperform Their Predecessors in Terms of Quality, the researchers discovered that consumers in the United States are anticipating new imaginative goods that outperform their predecessors in terms of quality. According to Highsmith’s results, clients in the United States look forward to receiving new and innovative items that exceed their predecessors in terms of overall quality. (2004).http://B9MG117 Project Management Assignment Sample

As a result, conventional manufacturing organizations are finding it increasingly difficult to produce new products in a short period of time as a result of this trend in technology. A large number of unique product development processes have been created in the 25 years since their inception, but only a small number of them have survived to the present day.

The conventional plan-driven approach to product development, which requires documenting system requirements and then constructing system designs, as well as the more modern agile product development approaches, which are becoming increasingly popular, are among the possibilities available. Despite the fact that this method is still in general use today, it is not recommended that you use

Resource Development

In order to achieve specific goals and objectives in software development, a variety of plan-driven methodologies are employed. PSP, TSP, and RUP are just a few of the approaches that fall under this category. Listed below are just a few examples of the types of strategies that might be used in this situation (RUP)

Many experts, like Lindvall and others, believe that the early steps of plan-driven procedures such as documenting, planning, and architecting may be difficult to complete when the environment changes frequently (2002).http://B9MG117 Project Management Assignment Sample Before implementing any of these tactics, it is essential to precisely understand the requirements of the target audience.

As a result of the rapid pace of technological innovation, this is no longer a feasible strategy, and purchasers are unable to predict their own preferences in advance of making a purchasing choice. It was recognized that an iterative and gradual approach was necessary, and as a consequence of this process, the development of agile techniques and practices was made more straightforward and efficient (Wu,2021).http://B9MG117 Project Management Assignment Sample

B9MG117 Project Management

Iterative processes that allow for continuous adjustment to market changes were developed in response to the demand for high-quality goods that meet or exceed the expectations of customers. Iterative procedures allow for continuous adjustment to market changes (Turk, France & Rumpe 2005).http://B9MG117 Project Management Assignment Sample

Communication Techniques

When it comes to products that are approaching the end of their lifespan, according to the agile technique, an organization’s capacity to compete greatly improves as a consequence of the flexibility and quick development process that the agile approach gives.

This enables the organization to compete more successfully with its competitors as a result of the change. As a consequence of the vast variety of techniques accessible in the product development sector today, a large number of product development organizations have adopted agile management practices. As a result of their agility to meet the demands of any given situation, agile management practices have proven to be a popular choice for many companies in the product development industry.


B9MG117 Project Management

Risk Assessment

B9MG117 Project Management
Work Breakdown Structure

B9MG117 Project Management


Acceptance criteria

A flood relief program for the Arklow and Ferrybank districts is being planned by Wicklow County Council, in partnership with the government and the Office of Public Works, with funds from the Office of Public Works to be provided by the government.

The construction of the Arklow Flood Relief Scheme will be funded by the Office of Public Works, which will also provide the financing necessary for its completion once it has been completed in its entirety. It is anticipated that the application for consent to the planned Scheme would be received by An Bord Planula at a later date than originally anticipated in order to accommodate the anticipated time schedule (Loiro,2020).http://B9MG117 Project Management Assignment Sample

It is anticipated that there will be some physical overlap between the proposed development and the Arklow Flood Relief Scheme, which is now in the design phase, based on the predictions made thus far. Given the limited amount of time available to each design team, a series of meetings was organized between them to ensure that the design and construction of overlapping components of each design could be completed in a timely fashion. During the construction of Arklow Bridge and South Quay, it is predicted that there would be physical overlap between the construction regions of the two plans’ construction plans, with the overlap being concentrated in particular at those two construction sites (Obradović,2018).http://B9MG117 Project Management Assignment Sample

Land use changes and/or new development are expected to occur in the research zone in the near future, which will enhance the chance of future receptors in the surrounding region as a result of these alterations occurring in the near future. (Tereso,2019)

A further consideration is that according to the Arklow and Environs Local Area Plan 2018 – 2024, the so-called “Waterfront Zone,” which includes the quays and site of the Wastewater Treatment Plant, creates the potential for additional future receptors (in this case, residential) to be built in close proximity to and adjacent to the proposed development.


In order to govern and operate this type of institution, it is required to hire personnel who are highly qualified in their particular fields of expertise.

When necessary, suitably qualified municipal workers can perform this function, or it can be outsourced as part of an operating agreement with a private company if it is deemed suitable.

Procurement Strategy

Being awarded a contract as an operational contract instead of a construction or design contract eliminates the need for a separate contract to be awarded for the design and building of the facility, which would otherwise be required. When the operation of the plant is integrated into the design process, it ensures that this aspect of the plant’s operation is fully understood by all parties involved, right from the start of the design phase (Zakrzewska,2022).http://B9MG117 Project Management Assignment Sample

  • The direct running expenses may be higher if the contract is awarded as an operating contract rather than as a maintenance contract, depending on whether the contract is awarded as an operating contract or as a maintenance contract. If the contract is awarded as an operating contract rather than as a maintenance contract, the direct running expenses may be higher. If the contract is awarded as an operating contract, the direct operating expenses may be higher than if the contract is issued as a maintenance contract (Uludağ,2019).http://B9MG117 Project Management Assignment Sample
  • Profit and risk transfer concerns, among other factors, are taken into consideration while assessing this situation. The increase in plant efficiency may result in higher indirect savings, which may be sufficient to more than balance, if not completely eliminate, the rise in direct expenses (Salvato,2020),
  • if the plant is more efficient. Identifying which parties will be most successful in mitigating future hazards is the first step in constructing an operational agreement. Once this is determined, the parties can proceed to developing the operational agreement.
  • The procedure for creating contracts can only begin once this has been completed. Because of the implementation of a policy for maximum risk transfer and the following execution of that policy, operating costs are frequently greater than they should be.
  • Even if a DBO for the WWTW included network operation, it would be fraught with danger for any potential Contractor, owing to the current state of the network and the uncertainty surrounding repair results at this point, as well as the lack of a hydraulic model and the limited control that could be exercised on a network with a high concentration of gravity-based infrastructure, among other considerations.


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