Beach front hotel in a local town/city

Executive summary

The below assignment gave an understanding about the marketing promotional plan for the Travellers’ Paradise suited at bells beach in Australia. It is also discussed about the product and service which Travellers’ Paradise offers that are the boutique styled motel including 18standard rooms and three exclusive boutique rooms etc.

It also discussed the research methods used i.e. primary method to collect the information about the target market customer value and competitor value proposition. It had also done the current value analysis along with the developing the promotional plan. Hence, it is concluded that the hotel used these measure to differentiate the products and services from its competitors.

Apart from this, it is also determined from the report that the firm needs to adopt promotional programme that will include advertisement, sales promotion, personal selling and digital media with budget of $4900 to promote its services more efficiently to achieve the objectives.


The aim of this report is to develop the marketing promotional plan for Travellers’ Paradise which is suited at bells beach in Australia. The product and service which Travellers’ Paradise offers are the boutique styled motel including 18 standard rooms and three exclusive boutique rooms etc. At the same time, it also provides quality service to target market in the form of well-equipped rooms with modern amenities such as television, air-conditioner, direct dial phones, snacks basket etc. Based on such product & service, hotel tries to make the customer experience unique. This would be done by the firm through promote such product or service among the target customers (Gomes et al., 2010). However, Target market for Travellers’ Paradise will be those people who looking for budget tour such as Bikers, Young people who likes the road trips through cars, families who travel with the four wheelers etc. Basically, people who want quality service with reasonable price would be the target market for the paradise.

In addition to study, current value would be that Traveller Paradise is surrounded with the beautiful landscape, expertise in offering relaxation atmosphere to target customer. Another specialised area is the 18 stores motel which equip with large wooden lobby with fireplace, reception area, laundry room and basement parking. This helps the business to bring differentiates from key competitor in the form of provide boutique styled motel as compare to simply another beach side motel.

The Travellers’ Paradise uses the positioning strategy on the basis of location, rooms and customer service (Bayne and Cianfrone, 2013). Location includes spell bound beauty which is surrounded by the excellence landscape. It also has beautiful ocean view and garden. Other than that, hotel provides rooms with extravagant facilities. Lastly, hotel focus on customer services by offering personalized services.

This practice helps to achieve the differentiation and innovation in its product & service offering as compare to its competitors like Byron Sunseeker Motel, Wollongbar Motel, Bay Beach Morel etc (Sobocinska, 2011). Besides that, Travellers’ Paradise would add more value into its operations through develop effective promotional plan so that maximum people get the detail understanding about the product & service. It could also involve the water sports in its offering as such activities attract major visitors. Moreover, offers and discount coupons also contribute high in regards to make customer loyal towards brand. Thus, through this manner, Travellers’ Paradise would achieve maximum value and become the market leader in Australia market.

Research Methods

The researcher is used the primary method to collect the data/ information about the target market, customer value and competitor value proposition. It is performed through conduct the interview, questionnaires etc (Driscoll, 2011). In this, manager of the motel is selected for interviewed with the aim to understand the current value and positioning of Travellers’ Paradise. At the same time, viewpoint and attitude of customers are recorded for achieving the relevant answers of questions. Other than that, questionnaire survey is conducted for the target market in which paradise current product & service based questions are prepared. On that basis, researcher determines the current value of the company in Australia market. Thus, questionnaire and interview response assist in identify the customer value and competitor position in market. In case to analyse the collected data, the descriptive analysis is used by the researcher and measures the gathered data in the spread sheet of excel (Unguryanu and Grjibovski, 2011). It is a quite effective analysis in regards to interpret the facts as it measures the information through central tendency. In context to this study, the feedback of the manager and response of target customer are analysed with the use of descriptive method. This method tends to be useful as it does not include any calculation.

Moreover, in order to promote the Travellers’ Paradise, there is need to design the marketing and promotional strategy. In this, marketer would select the print and broadcast media. It is because target market of motel is middle class group so in that print advertisement can proves to be quite beneficial for the hotel (O’Connor, 2010). Under the print media, Travellers’ Paradise can use the newspaper, magazine in order to promote the product and services of the motel through showing the discount coupons, attractive offers. Other than that, billboards and broachers are also effective tool to attract the customers. Such practice will help to get the maximum attention of target market. Similarly, broadcast media is also popular medium to promote the hotel product & service (Aalberg and Curran, 2012). Likewise, Travellers’ Paradise needs to use the television ads and radio sources to create awareness among the target market. Such strategy would also help for communicating the target market about differentiate or unique product & service of motel as compare to competitors in Australia market.

Furthermore, it is identified that digital platform in the recent time is considered as a most popular and effective tool to tap the uncovered market. Based on this strategy, Travellers’ Paradise could explore or expand the market from local to global platform. This would be performed through develop the hotel web site and design the appropriate content for the site. Additionally, it also needs to add more pictures or images of location where the motel is situated as it helps to achieve the attention of people towards the brand and allows them to repeat the access of site (Cozma and Chen, 2013). Besides that, digital platform also assist to collect the response or feedback instantly and allows to making improvement in product & services. Therefore, digital platform could contribute high value and uniqueness in the product and service offering. On the basis of study, it is stated that print, broadcast and digital sites all will help the motel to attract large customer from both local and global areas.

Value Chain Analysis-

According to the research of Tigu and Calaretu (2013), the value chain analysis is a process to identify the primary and supportive activities for adding the value in company’s final product. The value chain of Traveller’s Paradise can be identified by the Porter’s value chain model which includes both primary and supportive activities.

Figure- Porter’s Value Chain Model

Primary activities-

There are five activates in the primary activates such as inbound logistics, operation, outbound logistics, marketing & sales and service (Soosay et al., 2012). Inbound logistics is related with receiving, storing and distribution of the inputs and the entire supplier plays in important role to create value of the organization. Operations activity is related with the transformational work that is helpful to provide output by using their input. Outbound logistics is helpful to deliver the service and product to the customer by using different kind of distribution system. These distribution systems may be internal or external for the company. The marketing & sales is a powerful activity that introduces the product and service of the company between the customers. It shows that it is more effective than competitor’s product and service to create the value of the company (Macfadyen et al., 2012). The service activates related with the maintenance of the service quality of Traveller’s Paradise that created the positive image of the company in front of the customer.

Supportive activities-

On the other hand, supporting activity includes firm infrastructure, procurement, HR management, and technological development. The infrastructure of the firm is an important part in order to create the image of the company by maintaining daily operation in an effective manner. The HR management also helps the company to provide best human resources who works effectively for the success of the organization (Samsatli et al., 2015). Additionally, the effective value of the company can be developed HR management who recruits, hires, motivates and trains the human resources in the organization. The technological development activities are also the supportive activity that is helpful to manage and process the organizational information. This information is helpful to reduce the organizational cost and protects data of the company. The value of the organization also develops by the use of good technology in the business process. The procurement is another activity of the supportive activities that is helpful to find the venders for the organizational resources and negotiate the price of them (Miller and Mork, 2013). These resources are very necessary to operate the business in an effective manner and create the value of the company in the market.

In the current scenario, the brand of Traveller’s Paradise has unique image in the market of Australia. It is because there is unique image of the products in front of the customer. There are many loyal customer of the company who uses the service of Traveller’s Paradise during the need of Motel. At the same time, Traveller’s Paradise also becomes a brand in the market area because the image of the company is highly recognized at Australia. If the product or services of the organization is similar with the competitors, the band image helps to differentiate the organization with others (Tigu and Calaretu, 2013). The value of the company is created by the effective quality in providing services. Additionally, the image of the company is also very high due to product and price of the organization. Traveller’s Paradise is providing reasonable pricing products to the customers where the price of per night stay is 100- 150 AU$. There is a very high standard facility of Traveller’s Paradise that creates good value of the organization and it is also beneficial for the organization.

In order to create an effective value of Traveller’s Paradise, the management provides personalized services to each customer of the organization. Traveller’s Paradise is also providing an attractive environment to the customer that is friendly, comfortable and relaxing. The customer never found this kind of environment with other competitors so they are choosing the service of Traveller’s Paradise. The value of Traveller’s Paradise is highly differentiated the service through quality in the experience of the customer (Macfadyen et al., 2012). The organization also focuses on the development of the staff members to create the positive relationship with the customer. This training helps the organization to make efficient relationship with the customer to create an internal value chain. There are strong senses of service of the customer by providing attractive and unique service to the target customer of Traveller’s Paradise. It creates a good value chain of the organization in the market.

Marketing promotion plan

The objective of any Promotional mix is to help the company or is used by the marketers to help to achieve the goals or objectives.  The business organization makes a planned budget for the various elements of the promotional mix. The objectives of the marketing promotion mix are that it is carried out to stimulate or create a demand among the customers about the product. It is the primary goal of market promotion i.e. to generate a demand for the product into the market. There are various means for market promotion such as, personal selling, advertisement, discount coupons, sales promotion, etc. Market promotion helps the company to convert their potential buyers into actual buyers (Weinberg and Pehlivan, 2011). Company tries to highlight the benefits of the products and then try to match and relate the product with the wants or needs of the consumers. Another objective is to present the product’s information and make the consumers aware about the product or service offered by the company. It also helps to face the competition effectively by the company. Promotion also helps the company to enhance their overall brand image in the eyes of their customers. Brand image is an overall outcome of the promotional efforts taken by the company in order to enhance it.

The various promotion tools can be used by Traveller’s Paradise motel to promote their products or services in front of their customers are as follows:

  • Advertisement: Company can use advertisement to promote their product as it will help them to reach large number of customers very rapidly. It helps the company to reach customers who cannot be earlier reached economically and also effectively through personal means. It will also help the company to enhance its brand image (Chan, 2013).
  • Sales promotion: The Company can use various sales promotion activities to promote their product or service. They can give special discounts to their loyal customers and along with they can also provide various premium coupons to the customers. This will help to promote the hotel’s services and products effectively (Law et al., 2015). Sales promotion is an effective tool as the company had lots of options to choose from. The Hotel can also provide various special discounts on the activities such as indoor sauna, the various attractive water rides around the beach, etc.
  • Personal selling: Personal selling is been used when there is a face to face interaction among the customers and the seller. This element is effective as there is a direct communication among the two parties. In this the sales person of the hotel can directly influence the purchase behaviors. The sales person is able to tell the customers that the hotel is for those customers who are been looking out are budget conscious, for the youngsters, for families, etc. (Shuai and Wu, 2011). They can also tell them about the various different services been provided by this hotel such as exotic beach view, indoor sauna and Jacuzzi, morning complimentary continental breakfast, etc.
  • Digital media: As there is been increasing use of the social media platform by the people it can also be seen as an effective tool to promote the hotel’s product or services among the customers. The hotel can promote its services and products on various online sites such as make my trip, Goibibo which also offers various attractive offers and discounts to the customers. The hotel can also promote its brand on Facebook and social networking sites as youngsters use these sites frequently.

These all promotional elements will help the hotel to also differentiate its products and services from those of its various competitors in the market.

Estimated budget for the promotional tools

Promotional tool Estimated budget
Advertisement $2000
Sales promotion $900
Personal selling $1500
Digital media $500
Total $4900


From the above analysis, it can be concluded that this study provides the market promotional plan for the development of Traveller’s Paradise. Additionally, this marketing promotional plan includes different promotional tools to promote the organizational services. These promotional tolls are personal selling, advertisement, sales promotion and social media marketing. In addition to this, it is also concluded that the research methodology is based on the primary data collection methods and conducted the interview through questionnaire. In addition, the survey based on the questioner is also selected to collect the primary data and descriptive method used for measuring collected data. Moreover, it is also concluded that the value chain analysis helped to understand that the organization is providing high quality service with reasonable price to make value in the market. The organizations differentiated the service by creating an effective brand image by delivering unique environment and clearly define the benefits to the customers.


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