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Manufacturing and New Materials

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 Part One: Manufacturing industry overview

  • Manufacturing is a procedure for making a product by hand or machines.
  • Manufacturers arrange raw material or other metallic components to create a big project (, 2020)
  • Manufacturer adds value to raw materials and converts them into a final product.

Manufacturing is a fast-growing business in today’s world, and all the people under supply chain management depend on the manufacturing industry. Manufacturers of a company usually arrange raw materials from global supply chain management and estimate a budget for manufacturing a product. A factory mainly operates three manufacturing units such as make-to-stock, make-to-order, and make-to-assemble. Manufacturing industry plays a pivotal role to increase countries GDP; moreover, governments depend on the profitability of the manufacturing industry.

Reasons for Choice this industry

  • Overall revenue of the manufacturing industry is $5.1trillion (, 2020).
  • The manufacturing sector is the backbone of any modern industry.
  • People can easily understand what they need to do.

It is an efficient option for people to start their career without any previous training. It allows people to choose industry as per their capability and creates many entry-level opportunities for them. People can grow their money by giving more time in their job, and it also engages people to actively perform innovative work in their work. Most high-tech manufacturing industries are aerospace, food technology, pharmaceuticals, and machine monitoring industry (, 2020). Through this industry, people can get an opportunity to show their innovation or creativity to make a model in a better way. Manufacturing industry helps to create tangible products for the people.

New material for a manufacturing process

  • In this current situation, manufacturers are highly using robotics technology instead of human resources.
  • In the UK, 59% of the manufacturing process is handled by robotics technology (, 2020).
  • Robots are using sensor data for material manufacturing, assembling, and fabrication.

In order to meet productivity, manufacturers are using 4D and 3D printing methods. 4D printing is changing the design of materials; moreover, modern manufacturing industries use self-assembling tools that can change its shape as per the requirement. The 4D printing market can be worth up to USD152.782 mn by 2023 (, 2020). For example, aerospace and automotive industries use 4D printing to enhance their overall revenue and mitigate human interventions. 4D imprinting, shape-morphing, and active-origami tools are other materials which are used for manufacturing. Manufacturers use thermoplastic composite pipes in their oil and gas industries with low installation cost compared to other conventional metallic pipes (, 2020).

Ways to improve manufacturing efficiency

  • Focus on design, take a close view of shipping process, recycle extra material, optimize used material
  • Need to improve the training of employees (, 2020).
  • Needs to apply cellular manufacturing

People need to focus on their design to meet the current market’s requirements; moreover, people need to gather waste material for future use. For example, Tesla reuses extra material extracted from their manufacturing house; moreover, they recycle their battery. On the other hand, manufacturers can sell extra metals to another industry to convert metals into profit. Training needs to be improved to aware old employees about modern technologies, and employees need to gather resources or raw materials to use it in further production (, 2020). Cellular manufacturing is used to improve the efficiency of production by grouping similar procedures.

Part Two: Manufacturing and new materials

Additive manufacturing

  • Additive manufacturing is a transformative approach to industrial production.
  • Helps to create a 3D printing easily using a superfine layer (, 2020).
  • Powder bed fusion, binder jetting, energy deposition, and material extractionare additive manufacturing processes (, 2020).

Additive manufacturing is a process to implement 3D printing in product development. It helps create a powdered layer using an electron beam and fuse powder (, 2020). Powder bed fusion tools are used to develop different types of AM procedures; moreover, it involves “direct metal laser sintering”, “selective heat sintering”, “electoral beam melting”, and “selective laser sintering” (, 2020). All these things are used to melt ultra-fine layers of a product to build a 3D space. Binder jetting is a procedure to build an alternative powder layer for the 3D model of the product; however, it is the same as material jetting.

Direct energy deposition is the same as material extrusion; moreover, it involves polymer, metals, and ceramics. It is like an electron gun with a five-axis arm made of filament or other metals. Vat polymerization is similar to “liquid resin photopolymer” that protects resin layers from UV rays or sunlight (, 2020). There are several additive manufacturing materials such as thermoplastic metals, biochemical’s, and ceramics. Additive manufacturing is used in aerospace, healthcare, automotive, and product development industries (, 2020). For example, The FAA has implemented 3D printing for making commercial jets in 2015, and CNN has reported that people have used the additive manufacturing process in Formula 1 racing cars (, 2020).

Zenon software platform

  • Zenon is automation software which helps to create simple, cost-effective, independent, and secure automation.
  • It involves “cross-location” data management and data acquisition to enhance software efficiency (, 2020).
  • It connects different types of manufacturing companies from their sensor level to ERP level.

Using the Zenon software platform, manufacturers can operate machines safely and quickly; moreover, it also provides a multi-touch system to users. It is also used as a process control system; moreover, it controls, monitors, and visualizes the system in a complex network (, 2020).  Zenon can be used as an integrated PLC tool, and it can communicate with heterogeneous hardware tools. On the other hand, it can be used as an energy management tool or software’s, and it helps to understand all the requirements of ISO 50001:201 (, 2020). It is platform-independent and environment-friendly SCADA software; moreover, it can quickly adopt any manufacturing tools (, 2020).

Part Three: materials of manufacturing

7 New Materials Invented in 2018 that Could Change Our Lives

  • A wood sponge is used to clean the ocean (, 2020).
  • Biomaterial products are more substantial than any steel or metal, which is also biodegradable.
  • Self-healing materials, platinum-gold alloy, silicon x, recyclable plastic,and sunlight block glass coating are another material (, 2020).

A wood sponge is used to consume oil from water; moreover, it has developed using renewable materials. It can absorb 16-46 times more than its weight and people can use it ten times after squeeze oil from it (, 2020). On the other hand, bio-material is more potent than steel and other metals; moreover, it is called spider silk. It must be used as an alternative to plastic as it is biodegradable. It is made up of “cellulose nanofiber” and wood plat body. It has 86 GPa tensile and 1.57 GPa tensile lengths. On the other hand, self-healing materials can absorb vast amounts of carbon from the manufacturing industry.

Moreover, using these material people can remove environmental pollution and can improve the ecological condition of the world.  Silicon X has developed using silicon nanoparticles, and it can be used in mobile batteries. Researchers have developed sun ray blocking glass, and it also helps to reduce the use of electricity (, 2020).

Types of manufacturing process

  • Machining, joining, forming, and casting are four types of manufacturing processes.
  • Machining is used to give shape to a solid material, and joining is used to join several machines (, 2020).
  • Forming is used to create metallic components, and casting helps to dissolve solid to liquid material.

There are four parts of the manufacturing process where machining is done by removing extra metals or other materials from a model. There are mainly three machining parts such as standard chief-making machine, modern machine tools, and presses (, 2020). Joining is a type of assembling different parts; moreover, joints pattern involves load factors, operating surroundings, assembly effectiveness, a material chosen, and overhaul. Forming is a procedure to create metallic components, and it involves bending, drawing, stretching, and spinning. Casting is another manufacturing process which helps to dissolve metal into liquid (, 2020).

Part Four: Impacts of our Project Consequences after pandemic 

Future Impact on 4 Ps

  • 4p’s of marketing helps to enhance the position of a manufacturing company.
  • It mainly consists of place, price, product, and promotion (, 2020)
  • 4p’s of marketing is necessary to promote products of a company.

Product is the main key component of any company; companies need to make such products which can meet the requirements of customers. In order to promote a product, it is necessary to estimate the overall budget of a product. On the other hand, manufacturers have to mark price as per the situation and economic condition of the person. Palace plays a pivotal role in marketing; people need to choose a place as per their estimated budget. On the other hand, people have to promote their product using social media, most demandable television channels, and newspapers. It can be said that people have to advertise their products per locality and people are interested (, 2020).

As people are much active in social media; hence, it is necessary to advertise products on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp (, 2020). Manufacture needs to arrange more numbers of effective suppliers and wholesalers through which they can enhance their overall profit. Stakeholder management is a vital part of any prodigy and managers of the manufacturing industry have to support stakeholders so that they can maximize their profit.


  • Manufacturers need to take care of their supply chain management system.
  • Needs to estimate proper budget
  • Needs to guide low-level employees (, 2020).

It can be said that the manufacturing industry needs to care about their products and price. Moreover, they have to estimate their product’s budget as per the current situation. For this COVID-19 situation, the entire situation has changed, and the overall profit of the manufacturing industry has reduced (, 2020). It is recommended for manufacturers to provide proper training to their low-level employees so that they also can implement modern technology in their workplace. Moreover, training managers have to encourage their employees to share their thoughts to invent new products, and HR managers have to recruit skilled people in their workplace (, 2020).

Part Five: Summary and Conclusion 


  • It can be said that manufacturing industries have enormous scope.
  • It helps to create or destroy a product.
  • It can hire a considerable number of employees and removes unemployed from country.

Current report has described that the manufacturing industry creates different types of products based on current technologies. On the other hand, manufacturers use 3D, 4D, and other technical tools to create products more efficiently. A manufacturing company must use robotic technologies in their firm to remove massive human interventions.


  • It can be concluded that the manufacturing industry has considerable scope for the future development of a person.
  • Current report has been described different types of components of the manufacturing.
  • It has provided knowledge of the additive manufacturing system.

It can be concluded that the current report has described the necessity of manufacturing system, different process of manufacturing system, and process of manufacturing. 4p’s marketing mix has also been discussed to provide a clear overview of product promotion. On the other hand, the additive manufacturing system, its process, and used materials for the additive manufacturing system have also been provided. It has discussed the impact of COVID on manufacturing systems, new manufacturing materials, and reasons for choosing this manufacturing industry.

Future Insights

  • Manufacturing industry can use different types of technologies in their workplace.
  • Using these technologies, they can build cost-effective and sustainable products (, 2020).
  • They need to develop such products by which environmental pollution can be mitigated.

In order to develop the best market of manufacturing, they must implement some tools in their manufacturing process. Moreover, they have to reduce overall pollution from the environment by inventing carbon absorb products. It can be said that the overall implication of the manufacturing industry is considerable, and its need to develop such tools by which they can create success (, 2020).

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