Best MITS5003 Wireless Networks Com Sample

Best MITS5003 Wireless Networks Com Sample

Introduction – topic

The progress in the field of wearable, as well as implanted monitoring technologies tends to have a very strong ability to change the future of the services provided in the field of healthcare.

This is done by enabling the monitoring process that is ubiquitous in nature.  This monitoring is done on the health updates of the service receivers (Gambari, 2016).http://Best MITS5003 Wireless Networks Com Sample

A particular healthcare monitoring system has a specific network of numerous sensors that are wearable in nature. These sensors are responsible for continuously monitoring the he4alth condition of the service receiver.

Besides this, it is also responsible for sending these updates to the service providers such that in emergency situations, necessary steps could be carried out.

Introduction – paper

Topic of the paper: Wireless Body Area Networks for healthcare Systems in Residential Environments

The increasing population all over the world is growing rapidly which results in increasing the longevity, majorly attributable to the improvement in the nourishment provided to people.

The advancement in the healthcare sector and improved medicine also contributes to this.

The article discusses that various healthcare organizations that are funded by people confront that the number of people who are diagnosed by numerous diseases has increased in number some of the reasons for these include diabetes and obesity (Paraph, 2017).http://Best MITS5003 Wireless Networks Com Sample

These diseases are caused due to improper diet, insufficient physical exercises and sedentary lifestyle led by people. As per various researches, it had been noted that the usage of technology is important for the healthcare sector in order to provide efficient services to the service receivers.


In order to carry out this research, the researcher had summarized the main requirements as well as design considerations in the technology of wireless communication. This had been applicable in the WBAN system before the section had ended.

The researcher had categorized this requirement into several subjects; the subjects include lesser consumption of power, reliability of transmission, latency, rates of data, privacy as well as security (Xu, 2019).http://Best MITS5003 Wireless Networks Com Sample

The methodology that had been used by the researcher includes the extraction of data through secondary sources. These sources include articles, newspapers and many more relevant sources.

Comparison of the results

From the research carried out, it had been found that the concept of lower consumption of power is considered as a challenging as well as most important necessity in the systems that run on WBAN.

It had further been noticed that the devices that run in WBAN system tend to consume a huge amount of energy during the process of sensing important data, processing of data and carrying out wireless communication (Huang, 2019).http://Best MITS5003 Wireless Networks Com Sample

On the contrary, when this system is compared to the sensing data as well as the computation of data, the concept of wireless communication tends to consume a certain amount of energy.

Advantages/ Disadvantages


The advantages of the technology mentioned in this article include the fact that it helps in providing improved healthcare services to the service receivers. Besides this, it helps in reducing the stress of staffs.

This technology further helps the healthcare organization in the process of reducing the time that had been consumed in delivering healthcare services to the service receivers (Wang, 2019).http://Best MITS5003 Wireless Networks Com Sample

It reduces indirect works as well because the service receivers are provided with direct access to the medication that had been provided to them. It further provides a direct care delivery of the services.


Similar to the advantages that are provided by the technologies in the healthcare system, there are numerous disadvantages too. The main disadvantage is suffered by the service receivers.

This is because not all customers have detailed knowledge on the implications of the technology, besides this, the service receivers might not feel comfortable in sharing their personal data to a technology-driven organization (Wang, 2019).http://Best MITS5003 Wireless Networks Com Sample

This would further lead to creating more disadvantages for the organization in the process of delivering effective services.  Apart from this, the implementation would not be successful until and unless the employees are trained regarding the usage of the technology and how it could be used for the delivery of efficient services. This training might require investment in huge amount.

Changes/ Future directions

The changes that had been brought about by the introduction of this technology include the fact that the healthcare organizations had been able to provide improves healthcare services to the service receivers.

Besides this, it helps the professionals in keeping a track of the health condition of the service receivers because the technology keeps updating the service providers regarding the medications that had been provided to the service receivers along with the response of the patients towards the medication (Kaur, 2020).http://Best MITS5003 Wireless Networks Com Sample

Apart from this the changes that had been implemented include the fact that the quality of services provided to the customers is improved in nature


From the above discussion, it could be concluded that the article provides a brief review on the present research in the concept of the WBAN with a certain amount of focus on the reduced consumption of power, reliability of transmission, latency, rates of data as well as security.

This further provides a de3tailed comparison of numerous energy efficient as well as reliable wireless communication protocols.

This paper also tends to oconside4r numerous requirements as well as challenges of WBAN system in a specific healthcare system for the purpose of exploring how the systems have been able to communicate effectively.



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