Working Notes

Best Working Notes 

  1. Persuade the audience

Persuasion Strategy is the important aspect especially for the new business idea like Kettle green tea. In this study, it is necessary to define the persuasion strategy for the kettle so that new product i.e. green Tea get the maximum recognition in the UK market. There are various persuasion strategy will be used by the Kettle in order to persuade the customer for purchasing the product. It includes the following:-

Ethos: Kettle persuades the target audiences through mention that green tea helps to reduce the fat and make people healthy for a longer duration.

Logos: Kettle needs to develop a Logo for the Kettle by mentioning that 78% people consumed green tea.

Pathos: Green tea consists of nutrients which are rich in Polyphenols and it result in fighting the germs and diseases like cancer. Thus, this persuasion strategy helps kettle to attract or persuade the consumers towards the new product.

  1. Persuasion Strategy also involves the Pricing or Promotional Strategy

Pricing Strategy: – Kettle will be used the competitive pricing strategy for setting the price of green tea. This strategy will help the company to give tough competition to its key competitors.

Segments Price Per Kilograms
Segment1: College Students $5
Segment2: Health Conncious $10
We provide 10% off in the purchasing of green tea.

Promotional Strategy: – kettle will target customer based on the broadcast media within which advertisement will shown with the help of television or bill-boards. Moreover, it also includes the social media advertisement for capturing the large customer base.   

  1. Explanation of the planning process:-

Planning process for the Green Tea includes the following:-

  • Research about the topic
  • Determine the purpose of topic
  • Develop the company profile
  • Document all aspects of business
  • Develop the persuasion plan for new product
  • Implement the business idea

Why you choose this topic

I choose the product of Green Tea because this product is high on demand due to growing health related problems like the issue of fat is recorded in current scenario. That’s why green tea is selected in this work.

How you researched the information

I researched about the information through use secondary method in which I used the Journal articles or e-books to collect information about the topic i.e. green tea.

Other activities to be undertaken

Planning Decisions:

It includes the following

  • Generation of idea
  • Analyse the idea
  • Implement the idea

Rehearsing undertakes:

I have been rehearsing about two times for the presentation. This help me to perform well on stage.

Delivering of Product:

Kettle will deliver Green Tea through opening the physical store in UK market. This helps the consumer to easily access the Kettle green tea.

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