BFA704 Work Placement Assignment Sample

BFA704 Work Placement Assignment Sample



The current portfolio is compiled on the objective to critically analyse the achievements gathered during the process of placement. Moreover, the concerned study highlights the personal work experience within the organisation of Banana Apps Limited situated in the UK.

Moreover, the learning contract objectives currently provided by the firm and accepted by me shall be discussed in detail along with a critical analysis of the major achievements against the concerned objectives. The study also incorporates a personal reflection through the Gibbs reflective cycle for the achievements and failures during the work tenure along with a personal development plan for future developments.

Summary of organisation and Agreed Learning Contract Objectives

The organisation selected for the current study is Banana Apps Limited situated in the UK is a digital technology company situated in London. Furthermore, the company is found to be associated with a group of talented coders, designers and coders for development of applications based on food recipes, doctors, livestocks, chosen care groups and others (, 2022a).

Moreover, the company was first found to be incorporated in 2012 through the usage of hybrid technology that was primarily aimed at helping other companies through the personalised mobile applications for better performance and growth of their concerned businesses.

Moreover, the company has focused on the creation of digitally informative applications and websites for the small and medium businesses along with providing necessary digital marketing services. The organisation has also emerged to develop and create enterprise level applications with multi-tier facilities and usage of CMS native and microservices (, 2022b).

There has been a set of agreed learning contract objectives provided to me by the company in offer letters that are to firstly analyse user requirements. Furthermore, the company’s policy is also found to firstly focus and research on the customers in accordance to the industry or sector their businesses are associated in.

Moreover, the organisation is found to be considering similar applications and websites of the competitive businesses along with analysing the newer additions that can be further incorporated within the applications before sending out proposals. Thus, it also helps me to understand and critically analyse user requirements before sending out proposals.

Moreover, the next objective assigned for me is to write and test the codes along with the tasks of rewriting and refining any disturbances within the code. In addition to that, it has also been mentioned to communicate with fellow programmers regarding issues in coding and take necessary help as and when required.

Now, focusing on the second working objective of the firm, it has emerged that they are focused on discussing with customers regarding their personal requirements of the working mechanism of the application along with the looks and performance (, 2022a). Therefore, significant changes in coding is required for the business applications or computer games being developed by the firm as highlighted in learning contract objectives.

Proper and effective evaluation of software systems along with critical evaluation in performance of hardware mechanisms is found to be another contract objective for the job. Furthermore, basic knowledge regarding the computer hardware and software details is expected from the job role of a Software Developer for the organisation.

According to the words of Venkatesh et al. (2020), software developers are found to be associated in testing and fixing major or minor problems associated with softwares within organisations. However, the current job role has also highlighted some basic knowledge regarding computer hardware.

The next objective is found to be associated with identifying and analysing further modifications in the development of existing programs. Focusing on the third business objective of the firm, it has emerged that the firm is primarily focused on developing customer’s ideas, imagination and vision into application and hence termed the stage as “fruition” (, 2022a).

Moreover, the following learning objective is associated with integration of existing software products within incompatible platforms for working together as a group. Therefore, it helps in the development of sound knowledge in computer application products and also creates better knowledge for technological specifications.

In addition to that, other objectives are found to provide effective control over scheduling of jobs for employees along with delivering undivided control in the level of access provided towards the users or other remote systems. Furthermore, this has helped in developing a sense of responsibility and gaining control for controlling user centric restricted access levels.

Moreover, the next objective also highlighted in writing operational documentation for the company with taking help from technical authors. As per the words of Sakovskyi (2020), operational documentation can be further considered as the visual documents and activities hereby conveying information associated with people, things and places. Thus, it highlights the usage of visual and graphical representation within the applications and websites for a better user-enriched experience.

Maintenance of systems through close monitoring on defects in software is found to be a major learning objective in working for the organisation. This is one of the basic work requirements of a software developer who is associated with the rectification of software defects through bug fixes and also systematically modifies the versions of an application as per the requirements of customers.

For that, respective communication and synergy levels with graphics designers, project managers and other UX developers or designers are essential for coding as per the visual requirements of the company. Another objective was highlighted as developing adequate communication levels with the system analysts, marketing and sales professionals.

Direct consultations with colleagues and clients regarding the performance and maintenance of software systems is highlighted within the work objectives along with critical review of “writing and modifying current operating systems”.

In addition to that, focusing on investigation of new technologies, and to be constantly on the verge of updating personal knowledge base though attending external and in-house courses are essential for the current job role Therefore, the aforementioned objectives are found to be focused on personal development of interns working for the firm helping in understanding the job structure, technical knowledge as well as being productive regarding the current job structure and job roles.

Critical review of achievements against objectives

The current section highlights the critical review of achievements gathered by me during the tenure of internship with Banana applications. Furthermore, the requirements and job responsibilities have been highlighted within the previous section. Focusing on the positive achievements against the objectives gathered by me are, understanding the basic user requirements from the prospective customers of the firm.

As stated by Ahmed et al. (2010), agile software development is associated with understanding the business needs and requirements of a customer for further understanding in operational constraints of a project. Therefore, I have been able to indulge in the customer interactions for two different instances for the understanding of software and project developments.

Furthermore, I have been able to focus on the development of applications in relation to a social care media group who were focused on featuring their social deeds and activities online through Bananaapps’ application. I was hereby able to engage myself in understanding the software requirements from the customers and jot down the respective points for future reference during the end of November, 2021.

Furthermore, focusing on the second objective, which has been highlighted as writing and testing the concerned codes, I have been able to write a scratch code for the development of a social care application as previously discussed by the client along with basic testing of the application in the android platform. Moreover, the association of the senior executives and software developers has also helped me to understand the critical elements of android programming platforms and have also modified the scratch code for development of the operations of the application.

Moreover, focusing on the third objective, it has emerged to highlight the research and designing of new software programs which has also been conducted by me during the month of December, 2021. Furthermore, the application developed has been written in JavaScript for the AndroidOne platform as per the requirements highlighted by the client.

As per the words of Roberts et al. (2018), Javascript is found to be helpful for web and application developers in creation of interactive and dynamic web page development through further implementation of customer-centric scripts. In addition to that, I have utilised Javascript as it is found to be the best programming language for meeting and modifying changes as per client-side requirements.

The next week was controlled on understanding the botware and glitches present within the application and written codes that were kept under intense scrutiny for further modifications. Therefore, I have significantly been able to achieve the objective of development in existing programs for further identification and analysis of modification in areas. Moreover, the next objective was found to be associated with integrating existing software products within the incompatible platforms.

During the second week of January, I have focused on further modifying the current application from Android to iOS platform focusing on the demands of concerned clients. Furthermore, I have been able to incorporate the usage of “Swift” programming language after significant development of communication with the senior software developers within the organisation.

Moreover, their recommendations have helped me to understand and utilise the “Swift” programming language which is powerful and interactive in nature. Furthermore, the concise syntax with expressive nature of the language has helped in easier modification of the application from Android to iOS development.

Furthermore, the recommendations have been provided to create technical specifications with respect to the feedback gathered from the customers after the first dry run. Some of the major elements in graphics design and UI based system were found to be further modified for user friendliness and were dealt with utmost importance during the session.

However, the incorporation of job scheduling through gaining proper access of user control in coding could not be effectively completed by me due to the limited knowledge in Swift programming language. Therefore, I had to seek complete help from my senior software developers during the completion of the current module in scheduling jobs.

In addition to that, focusing on the objective of working with other staff within the organisation of Bananaapps, the project managers were found to completely guide and mentor throughout the application development procedure along with actively collaborating with the UX designers and graphics artists. Moreover, this helped me to understand the basic user-interface being picturised by the team which has further guided in processing and writing codes.

On the contrary, I have failed to meet and collaborate with the sales and marketing professionals as the application is still under development and the completely finished product is not yet built. However, words of Kalaignanam et al. (2021) states that association of marketing executives with software development can incorporate rich-feature driven applications through meeting the majority of the expectations of clients.

However, the current application development has failed to consult with the clients regarding further development of the software systems and focusing on any further modifications. According to the words of Hao et al. (2021), effective feedback and consultations with clients can be helpful for software programming through the incorporation of modifications in operating systems or programming codes. Therefore, a lack of achievement in the objective to associate with clients for feedback could not be completed by me during January.

According to the words of Sadath et al. (2018), technical skills are found to be essential for software developers in working efficiently through higher confidence levels and portraying as a prospective valuable candidate towards the employers. Therefore, I have also constantly focused on developing my technical and cognitive skills learnt during the internship process. The courses provided during the completion of the internship have helped in further nurturing the technical knowledge through understanding new programming languages and new applications.

Reflections and Personal Development Plan

Personal Reflection

Reflective statements for the current scenario shall be incorporated through consideration of Kolb’s experiential learning cycle for the understanding of change resulting from “experience, reflection, conceptualisation and experimentation”. As per the concerned cycle, the learner is found to experience and reflect upon the same for further analysis and abstract conceptualisation (Widiastuti and Budiyanto, 2018).

Furthermore, focusing on the first stage of concrete experience, I experienced the privilege of working with the organisation Banana Apps situated in the UK. I have been able to closely analyse the requirements of the users through associating with them personally regarding the development of a social care company mobile application. Moreover, the concrete experience gathered through the personal communication has further helped in the development of the perceptions and needs of the client for developing the application.

BFA704 Work Placement Assignment Sample

Figure 1: Kolb’s experiential learning cycle

(Source: Influenced by Widiastuti and Budiyanto, 2018)

The second stage is associated with reflective observation which can be associated with further testing and writing the codes myself through active cooperation from the senior programmers of the firm. The current stage can also be highlighted into the researching of designs and new software programs within the concerned operating systems of computers.

Moreover, this has helped me to develop both analytical and cognitive skills and has thereby helped in personal development. The cooperation from the senior team members, associate staff along with the CEO of the organisation has helped in developing reflective observations for working as a software developer within the concerned firm.

The following stage is depicted as abstract conceptualisation which is concerned with the classification of concepts and conclusions towards already occurred events (Tura et al. 2018). The current stage presents the learners a chance to understand and learn from the new ideas applied in the real world. Therefore, focusing on personal experiences, I was further focused on evaluating the computer systems and analysing the functions of both hardwares and softwares being utilised by the PCs.

Furthermore, I have been also focused on implementing the necessary changes required for further modifications in the programming language along with integration of a new programming language to further produce the mobile application on iOS platform other than the previously depicted android platform.

The next stage consists of active experimentation which helps in trying out the learned experiences. Therefore, to incorporate the same I also came into touch with a new programming language named “Swift” for writing programs in iOS platforms as per the requirements of the client. Furthermore, this has also improved the communication levels with other subordinates namely graphic artists, project managers, UX designers, system analysts. However, I have failed to communicate with sales and marketing professionals during my internship tenure with the firm.

Personal Development Plan

My personal development plan would be significantly focused on growing and developing my position from the Software Engineer to CEO of the current firm that are as follows,

What are the major goals? What are the necessary steps to acquire the same? When do I want to achieve this? What challenges might be faced? How can I improve chances to meet goals? Where can I go for further support?
Earn a master’s degree 1. To appoint myself in masters of business administration course

2. To understand and analyse the differences in accounting to human resource management.

3. To pay off the university fees within stipulated time

I would like to achieve the goal by end of 2024 1. I might face challenges for working out time for the course after working hours.

2. Lack of motivation in continuing the course

1. Getting enrolled into a flexible learning course


Team manager, CEO
Focus on achieving post of senior software developer 1. Demonstrate the rules and techniques of writing programs

2. Help in writing complex codes for firm

3. Have thorough knowledge of databases, application lifecycle development and application services

I would like to achieve the concerned post till the end of 2022 1. Increased burden and pressure from hierarchy

2. Increased responsibilities to guide young developers


1.  To further train in conceptualising plans for building out complex projects

2. To associate in further training to gather technical skills

3. To take up challenges and personally deal with clients regarding modifications or issues in application.

Software development lead, graphics designers, team leaders
Improve management skills 1. To undertake a training course on complete organisational management

2. To portray leadership skills and develop them in daily communications with employees

I would like to achieve it by end of 2026 1. Lack of motivation

2. Lack of time to study for course

3. Decreased knowledge gathering from the course sessions

1. I can focus on writing down important summary for the chapters and sections learnt

2. I can consistently modify the timings of the course to meet my work and study requirements efficiently

Online learning materials, management professionals.
Completing a PhD 1. Learn about the PhD application process.

2. Find suitable university

3. Submit PhD application

4.Work on developing an academic CV and publish paper in my chosen field


I would like to complete the course by the end of 2024 1. Lack of motivation

2. Lack of proper funding

3. Lack of proper knowledge

4. A weaker application of CV

1. Focus on my current domain to understand and apply the concepts in academic paper

2. Read and watch guides in how to apply a better application

Career advisors, university staff, online lectures etc.



The current study has been focused on understanding the learning contract objectives from the offer letter of Banana Apps. Furthermore, findings have highlighted the critical review of achievements against the concerned objectives. While writing, researching and modifying the programming language could be acquired, the researcher has failed to incorporate modifications in the current operating system. Moreover, the incorporation of Swift programming language has helped in working across multiple platforms like Android or iOS. The study has also analysed the personal reflection through incorporation of Kolb’s reflective cycle and formulated a personal development plan for growing and developing position to a CEO in the current organisation.



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