BFO0242 Understanding Organizational Behaviors

Assignment Sample  BFO0242 Understanding Organizational Behaviors


The motivation of the employees is very essential for the organization. This can increase the efficiency of the work produced by them. The performance produced by them is also superior in nature. The motivational tool is one of the main aspects that support the profitability of the organization.

Employee motivation can be termed as the work that is conducted by the employees of the organization with immense loyalty, hard work, and creativity on a daily basis. The works produced by them have a specific role to play in the success of the organization. Motivation has been derived from the Latin word “movere” which means to move from one place to another.

Employee motivation can also be said to be the process through which the goals of the company are supported by the operations implemented by them. The engagement of the employees is the main important aspect. Motivating the employees does not mean that they are forced to work. It means that the employees are supported in their path and pushed so that they can accomplish the goals of the company.

The employees can be motivated in various ways. The employees can motivate themselves or can be motivated by any employee within the organization (Esteve et al.,2019).http://BFO0242 Understanding Organizational Behaviors However, still there lies the dilemma employees can motivate or cannot motivate themselves. In this following essay, it has been stated how can employees self motivate themselves. Also, various tools have been discussed in detail that supports motivating the employees.

Motivating the employees can be very fruitful for the organization. These advantages and disadvantages also have been mentioned here. Motivation can be classified into various types whose categories have also been mentioned here. It is high time to realize the organization that the employees are an essential asset of the organization and to get the work done, they are required to be motivated.


Self-motivation is the process with the help of which the employees can motivate themselves without any guidance or assistance from any superior. However, this becomes a tougher job than being motivated by others (Gunawan et al.,2018).http://BFO0242 Understanding Organizational Behaviors The initiative is taken by the employees themselves to produce noticeable changes within the works that are delivered by them.

The actions taken by them to motivate themselves can help them in focusing on personal development. Motivational skills are also essential for the personal effectiveness of the person. It can help the employees in becoming effective leaders in the future. When a big goal has been set, it is essential for the employees to motivate themselves.

This can even reduce the chances of conflicts within the organization. There are two types of self-motivation. These are intrinsic motivation and extrinsic motivation (Ryan et al.,2020).http://BFO0242 Understanding Organizational Behaviors There are various goals that are made on the internal factors of the organization. This requires the motivation to adapt to those goals. This motivation is known as intrinsic motivation.  This means that no money or reward is given to the employees when they motivate themselves. Instead, motivation can be gained for self-enjoyment, happiness, and attaining excellence.

The employees desire no return from the organization. There are various goals that are made on the external factors of the organization. This requires the motivation to adapt to those goals. This motivation is known as extrinsic motivation. In this motivation, the employees demand various things from the organization. In order to motivate themselves, the employees demand power, status, or rewards. This becomes a problem for the organization since it is always not possible for the organization to pay for all the hard work that they have made. These needs are termed esteem needs as per Maslow’s framework. Maslow’s theory has been discussed in detail below. In order to motivate themselves, the employees need to break down the large goals into smaller ones because it will be easy for them to acquire them.

The expectations of the employees should be managed. Sometimes it might happen that they have huge expectations from a thing that was not successful. This can hamper the motivation of the employees. The employees should always mix around with people who are supportive. This means that the employees will not be judged and demotivated even when they fail. Instead, they will motivate them more. Employees should never hesitate to seek the help of others when they need it. Following all these steps, the employees will be able to motivate themselves. There are various types of motivation theories. Two theories have been provided here.

These are Maslow’s theory and McClelland’s theory (). In Maslow’s theory, there are a total of five needs. These are named Physiological needs, Safety needs, Belongingness and love needs, Esteem needs, and Self-actualization (Hopper et al.,2019).http://BFO0242 Understanding Organizational Behaviors Physiological needs and safety needs are the fundamental requirements while belongingness and love needs and regard needs are simply the mental necessities, and realization is self-satisfaction. Physiological conditions are food, cover, warmth, and so on. Safety needs are what a worker needs to make sure about this work in the association.

Belongingness and love needs are the necessities to get a solid relationship with the association and different workers. Esteem needs to incorporate the workers’ glory and how well the representatives are cultivated in their fields. Self-actualizations allude to the requirement for self-development in the association. Maslow’s hypothesis was first laid in quite a while book Motivation and character in 1954. All the requirements of the workers must be satisfied by the association to accomplish the ideal objective. As indicated by Maslow’s hypothesis, well-being is fundamental and should be given to the representatives.
During this pandemic circumstance, it is important to ensure the representatives care for their government assistance. For this, the association ought to arrange a well-being exam to test the workers. On the off chance that any of the side effects are found in a worker, at that point quick moves ought to be made. On the off chance that the workers’ security is given consideration, at that point, the representatives will likewise anticipate the association’s advancement. Legitimate cleanliness ought to be kept up in the association. Without any representative, different workers must be moved to that specific position.
The administration needs to recognize the abilities needed by the representatives to satisfy these empty positions. All the requirements of the workers must be satisfied by the association to accomplish the ideal objective. According to McClelland’s theory, there are three categories (Gopalan et al.,2017).http://BFO0242 Understanding Organizational Behaviors These are achievement, affiliation, and power. All of the employees within the organization want to create strong professional development. When the employees are motivated, they have the sudden urge to accomplish in whichever field they go. Affiliation means that the employees want enough recognition for all the achievements that they have made within the organization.
Power means that the employees after achieving want power of themselves within the organization. This sometimes becomes a problem for the organization since it is not possible to delegate power to all the employees within the organization who perform well due to motivation. There are various motivational tools that are used to motivate the employees within the organization. These are as follows. These include Gamify and Incentivize, treating them with trust, setting smaller weekly goals, providing a purpose, being transparent, and providing positivity. A demonstration of approval can go far. The companies should tell them that they are confined to do the most ideal work and they will infrequently disillusion the organization. The association needs to lift want, in any case, set up more unobtrusive destinations on the way to keep people in it. Rather than making a billion this year, based on getting 100 new customers this week-something that will get the association to that billion.
By then, the prize ought to be given to that bunch for achieving the goal with a night off, a social event, etc they will see that the destinations are useful and everyone benefits by locking in. The associations ought to be prepared to convince the delegates by giving them an explanation. Right when they accomplish that, they appreciate the vision better and can execute it even more unequivocally.
Besides, by understanding their inspiration and the explanation behind the business, a laborer is better prepared to perceive how they fit into the spot well overall. The association should zero in on constantly siphoning energy through the work environment. The association is really energized and needs its staff to deal with that positive energy. Since culture is so basic to me, the representatives play music, make some great memories, joke around, and wreck around. They lock in; notwithstanding, they play hard also. The organization must be at the time and high-energy constantly.
The organization is unguarded with workers about what’s going on at the most elevated level so there are no curve balls and everybody gets an opportunity to pose inquiries and give criticism. The organizations need workers to feel remembered for major choices and focused on the course the organization takes. This has assisted with supporting inspiration and expanded the organization’s faithfulness and pride. Motivation is considered one of the most integral tools within the organization.
This is because motivation holds various importance within the organization. These have been stated below. The importance includes utilizing human resources, increasing the efficiency of the employees, supporting organizational goals, good relationships, and harmony within the organization (Hitka et al.,2017). http://BFO0242 Understanding Organizational BehaviorsThe motivation ensures that the human resource of the organization is used efficiently. It is often evident that various companies use modern techniques to increase production. This is because the employees are not motivated enough to replace the machines and do the tasks effectively.
Motivated employees are used more in companies than that in machinery. When the employees are motivated they tend to produce good work. As a result of this, the performance of the employees is also enhanced. The efficiency of the employees is also increased with the help of this. Thus, they can finally focus on both personal development and professional development.  The employees are usually motivated in such a way that all the activities that are performed by them support the profitability of the organization.
The motivation strategy of the employees should abide by the aims and objectives of the organization. This can increase the sales of the company by increasing production.   Motivation can also help in building a good relationship with all the employees of the organization. When the employees are motivated, they feel that they are taken into consideration by the organization. This can help in a good relationship. They tend to cooperate with one another and support each other in any situation. When a good relationship between the organization and the employees is created, it can ensure that harmony is maintained within the organization.
They work together and the possibility of conflicts within the organization also reduces to a greater extent. This can be helpful for the organization. Motivation provides various advantages. These advantages have been provided. These advantages include satisfying the needs of the employees, increasing efficiency, job satisfaction, learning, and attaining discipline.
Each and every employee of the organization has some personal desire that he wishes to fulfill while coming into any organization. All the desires of the employees are satisfied when he is motivated to work better in the future. When the employees are motivated to work better, they produce a better outcome. As a result higher efficiency is gained.
The performance increases and the production of the company increases. When production tends to increase, the sales of the company also increase. This is one of the main advantages of motivation. When the employees are motivated, they feel that they are important to the organization.
This can help the organization in having control over the attrition rate. The employees tend to be satisfied with their job due to excel in their performance because of the motivation that they receive. Motivation can only be attained when learning is there. If the employees d not wish to learn then they will not be able to take the motivation that they are provided with.
When the employees are ready to learn, it is only then that they will be motivated to do better in the future. Learning is stimulated with the help of motivation. When the employees are motivated, they are shown the direct path following which they can attain success. This makes the employees more disciplined and confident. It has been witnessed that most employees lack confidence because they do not produce satisfactory results.

Once, they are confident enough in their work, they will be able to increase their knowledge and excel in their professional career. However, excess motivation can lead to various adverse impacts on the organization as well as the employees. These disadvantages of motivation have been provided below. These include inconsistency in wage, arousal of conflicts, job rotation, and delegation of wrong information. When the employees are motivated, it is often witnessed that they demand reward in return.

The reward can be paid when the company earns a profit. But the employees demand the reward even when the organization incurs a loss. This becomes barely impossible to pay them and the employees get dissatisfied. The employees might often feel that they are given less motivation than other employees within the organization. This can give the chance to arise conflicts within the management.

This can hamper the harmony of the organization. So it is necessary to ensure that no partiality is done and all the employees are treated equally by providing them equal motivation. When the employees are motivated, they tend to deliver work better. Through this, the position of the employees tends to change. This can become quite often. When the employees are promoted frequently based on their good performance, the efficiency of the work is hampered.

This job rotation occurred due to motivation is not fruitful for the organization. When the employees are motivated, they tend to motivate their employees in the future. The motivation passed on to them might not be clear and transparent. So, proper delegation of the motivation is not done to the employees sometimes. This also creates a negative impact on the operation of the organization.



The entire essay has focused on all the theories and tools that are mainly used in the motivational process of the employees. The efficiency of the representatives likewise dominates with the assistance of operational administration. The exhibition of the multitude of workers is checked and is assessed if they are helpful for the association.
The workers are persuaded for better execution and are given preparation with the goal that they show better outcomes in the future. Through this, the workers are roused to give better outcomes the exhibition of the representatives is exceptionally subject to the inspiration that they get and the presentation of the organization is profoundly reliant on the exhibition of the workers. The manager needs to set up a shared objective for every single one.
He at that point demands every one of the representatives run after those shared objectives so the targets of the organization can be handily accomplished. With the collaboration, the manager likewise gives inspiration to the individuals o that they can give better exhibitions which can be useful for the organization to acquire higher proficiency. However, not only the manager but the employees can also self-motivate themselves. This can be done by acquiring good motivation skills.



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