Biodiesel for environmental sustainability


Sustainability is required to be managed in the environment so that it could help in meeting with principles and standards which are ensured by the government regarding sustainability. Biodiesel has been considered as the most viable resource which maintains the energy balanceand reduces the dangerous emission into the environment. Biodiesel has been made for the development of the environment by contributing it to having a sustainable environment and climate in the system. The usage of different biofuels has been the concerning point in the environment, which makes the organisation have their contribution to know which needs to be used in an effective manner. The research will present the role of biodiesel over sustainability, which is required in the environment for optimal growth and development.      The significance of biofuels in the environment and it impacts the people, industries and principles made by the government. Different people have their own contribution to the identification of needs of the biodiesel, which is used in the environment. The lesser negative impact of biodiesel has made it have its effective use in the system.


Biodiesel has been the most vital fuel which has been used by the people for having proper and required the usage of it for having sustainability in the environment. Vitality utilization is named as the procedure of the all-out vitality that is created and is utilized by the whole human development. This should be assessed by the administration with the goal that it could take the restorative measures for utilizing the wellsprings of vitality in an ideal way. This makes the nation like the United Kingdom to have legitimate measures for controlling the use of assets in it. This can be guaranteed with appropriate arranging and correspondence with the businesses as the unrest has brought forth the advances and ventures in the market. This has expanded the utilization of vitality hotspots for the assembling and generation of items and administrations for gaining benefits. The best possible arranging is required for understanding the arranging and tasks of vitality generation and utilization inside the nation since it helps in deciding the utilization of per capita vitality utilization in the UK. The impact and benefits derived with the usage of biodiesel for having a cleaner environment and having proper health benefits in the country will be demonstrated in the following study.

Literature review

According to (Gebremariam and Marchetti, 2018), The producers of the biodiesel have been made to adopt the principles of the government which are made to produce the products which aims are improving the quality of life and carrying the required standards in the industry. Biodiesel improves the quality of life, quality of air and remains committed to sustainability. This is required for keeping up the utilization of assets in the association and driving the nation to have a satisfactory measure of assets in it. This guarantees it would have the accessibility of assets for the age of power which is required for the purchasers. Government has given its accentuation on the development and endurance of the enterprises with the utilization of vitality assets in an ideal way. This will drive achievement in the enterprises and make the assets to be obtained which could be utilized in a future occasion. Legitimate arranging and activity for the utilization and use of vitality could lead the administration of assets for the future. It is required for ensuring the balance between energy production and its usage made by the people.

The production of biodiesel is made with the use of soybeans as this has been declared as the highest producer of energy in the environment. Moreover, the balance is carried with plantation, harvesting, production of fuel and transporting it to the end-user. The development of technology has made an improvement in the usage of biodiesel and lead to havingan effective contribution to the positive balance. The development of vitality utilization increments inside the nation rises the odds of the nursery impact that bombs in looking after manageability. Overuse of vitality upsets the economy of the nation as well as it increments natural aggravations, obliteration of vegetation. The over-use of vitality has harmed the biological system works and expanded a worldwide temperature alteration intensification which has expanded the discharges, ozone-depleting substance, contamination, and biodiversity. Besides, the effect of vitality utilization has likewise affected the cycle arrangement of Earth as in light of the fact that the overuse of assets delineates because of which shortage of assets emerges (Baskar and Aiswarya, 2016).The degradation in the ecosystem has made the government to ensure that more usage of biodiesel is required in the industry so that it would help in balancing the equation in the environment.

The analysis has presented that usage of biodiesel is safe for the people as this reduces the carbon emission in the environment. This makes people have safe health as this would not hamper the breathing of the people. It can be used as an alternative to EPA tier 1 and tier 2 and quantify the emission that affects human health. Biodiesel does not contain sulphur in it which affects the lives of people at great extent. The presentation of the vitality is benchmarked through different methodologies which are considered as the vintage innovation, activity scale, and particular of crude fixings and nature of item determination. It helps the organizations in recognizing the accepted procedures and contrast with the vitality execution of the business which targets and checking the setting works out. The creation factor and execution of plant vitality has likewise been influenced by applying the standards of vitality improvement obtainment (Verma& Sharma, 2016). This makes the biodiesel to be used as an effective source for the generation of services provided to the people. This ensures that the environment would have a safe and secure structure with the use of biodiesel.

It has been identified that dependence on foreign oils has been reduced with the use of biodiesel in the nation. The production of 500 million gallons in the US has been replaced with 20 million barrels of petroleum and usage of biodiesel in the country. This has impacted on the displacement of foreign oil and made effective use of fuels in the country. Additionally, the efficient use of fuel creates 5.54 units of energy for producing fuels. Thus, it makes the production of a large number of fuels which are required in the country at every level. The production of biodiesel has made the country to be free from the pollution which helped in having sustainability. The least impact made over the people with the use of biodiesel has made the environment to be free from ill effects carried on the health of the people (Van Gerpen, 2005). Thus, it has affected the climate, environment and air of the country in a positive manner which is required for generating sustainability. It the diverse fuel which has been used in the nation and majorly used in the US as the production of biodiesel is made with the use of its soybean oil. It leads to maintenance of sustainability in the environment with the use of biodiesel in the nation.


Research question

What is the role of biodiesel in the maintenance of environmental sustainability?

The dependent and independent variable relate to each other and make the derivation of results with the identification of its interrelationship. The impact of biodiesel on the environment and sustainability will be researched.


The aim of the research is to identify the role of biodiesel in the maintenance of environmental sustainability. This will make the achievement of objectives in the following manner-

  • To make the usage of multiple case study for the derivation of data or information with the usage of environmental sustainability.
  • To review the literature for having an understanding of environmental sustainability with the relation of using biodiesel.
  • To evaluate the benefits those are taken up with the use of biodiesel for carrying a safe and secure environment.

The research will make the usage of qualitative research methodology and case study research approach for the collection of data. The literature review will consist of data-driven with the research and identification of areas where biodiesel has been used at a huge level.

Research type

The research is exploratory or descriptive in nature as this makes the derivation of data for analysing the biodiesel impact on the environment. This also involves the viewpoint of different authors which has been made by having an open-ended question and implements their responses in the study. This would make the research to have a wide area and large information for identifying the major impact of biodiesel on environmental sustainability. It is basic to guarantee in connection to the accessibility of the information for directing the examination study. The exploration procedure is likewise viable to expand inquire about consistency (Bresler and Stake, 2017). There are diverse research methodologies like a contextual analysis, writing survey, centre gathering, and tests, and so on. In regard of the momentum inquire about the theme, the contextual investigation looks into the technique is generally reasonable as it gives an alternate point of view in worry of a similar idea to build up the comprehension of the exploration. Alongside this, a contextual analysis procedure is additionally compelling to legitimize the examination in a powerful way.

The conduction of descriptive research will enhance the knowledge and have viewpoints regarding the relationship that is carried between the biodiesel and sustainability. The effect the biodiesel has on the environment would also be embedded in the research. It would make a clear presentation of data and information in the research.

Research methodology

Majorly qualitative and quantitative research methods have been taken into research by the researcher for having accurate and authentic data. The exploration reasoning is recognized as the impetus for the examination study since it is advantageous to finish the examination in a deliberate way. Along these lines, there are three strategies for a look into theory, for example, Realism, Positivism, and Interpretivism. For the present research, interpretivism inquire about the way of thinking is very helpful it is compelling for the analyst to build the greatest data with respect to the exploration point.  The information assortment strategy is one of the significant pieces of the exploration by which the specialist is competent to gather significant data from the different assets accessible for the examination. With the assistance of information assortment, the analyst can produce compelling results (Choy, 2014). For the most part, information assortment is should be possible in two different ways like essential information assortment and optional information assortment.

In worry of the present research study, the specialist has chosen the quantitative methodology so he/she can gather the information without burning through additional time. In worry of the optional information assortment strategy, it is mirrored that the subsequent technique is additionally called by the name of statistical information since it is gathered by the researcher through the auxiliary assets, for example, the web, digital books, diary articles, writing a survey and by different ways, and so forth. Qualitative research methodology makes the presentation of data in semi-structure form while quantitative research methods make the derivation of data which is in numerical or statistical form. This makes the researcher have an accuracy of data with the usage of quantitative research methodology (Ledford and Gast, 2018). This sort of information is progressively compelling in light of the fact that it has been gathered by the other individual as of now and its results have investigated before. Simultaneously, it is additionally referenced that the auxiliary information assortment technique has been chosen by the scientist so as to make the investigation increasingly compelling. For the optional information, a writing audit has been directed in which various thoughts and perspectives on different writers have been incorporated.

Research method

Qualitative research method analyses and evaluates the data that has been carried with the opinions, viewpoints and standards of the people. This aims at finding out the meaning, opinion and emotions that are attached to the particular situation. It makes the data to be presented in the semi-structured or unstructured form so that it would not affect the data-driven from the respondents. The data is exploratory in nature and cannot be presented in graphical form (Kumar, 2019). This examines the valuation of decision making in the research with the exploration of its purpose and objectives.

The quantitative research method has been used by the researcher ta high level as this makes the derivation and presentation of data in numerical structure or statistical form. this makes the structured valuation of data and information that has been perceived with the opinion, attitude, behaviour and responses of the respondents in the research. It made the research to gather the information which is authentic in nature and easy to understand.

The qualitative method presents the information with the evaluation of relation carried among the sustainability and biodiesel by estimating the principle. The data does not provide the information which is easily understood. This ensures the impact of biodiesel over the environment and sustainability which is managed by a reduction in pollution. The literature review has presented the benefits which have been driven with the use of biodiesel in the environment. Simultaneously, quantitative research will explore different areas with the derivation of data from different people. The method is time-consuming and does not allow covering large area but provided the information which is accurate in nature as no biased data in made into the research (Mackey and Gass, 2015). The research methods provide the interrelationship between the variables that are taken up into the research. The usage of different case study and perception of the author will result in the information carried in the research for having string research with great information.


Ethical considerations are required to be taken into consideration while taking up the research. This segment is essential to introduce the significances of the undertaking of morals into their exploration particularly on account of information assortment. It is discovered that analyst has done a parcel of deceptive activity at the hour of an assortment of information through review strategy. It significantly incorporates the sharing of respondent individual certainties to firms and this training raise the issue identified with security and wellbeing issue for people (Novikov and Novikov, 2013). That is the reason; it is a must for a scientist to guarantee that individuals’ individual data kept verified. Additionally, the territory of literary theft and copyright are imperative to attempt as it underpins the scientist to play out the examination study on solid way. This involves the proper transmission of information to the respondents involved in the research.


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