BISY3005 Knowledge Management Assignment Sample

BISY3005 Knowledge Management Assignment Sample

Introduction(BISY3005 Assignment Sample)

Knowledge management is a process that involves accumulation, creation as well as sharing of knowledge in the enterprise. Companies through successful management of knowledge can retain information in the workplace and contribute to its smooth operation in an external environment. In the current scenario with development in technologies, companies are able to gather, analyze and make use of large amounts of information while taking any decision. This report will cover necessary information pertaining to the topic 3: creating knowledge- organization learning.

It will describe the meaning, type, strategies and business model associated with organization learning.

Organization learning

Organization learning is one of the significant processes of the company in which it devotes both the time as well as efforts to learn new things so that it could improve its operation. The current environment is dynamic in nature; thereby it is very significant for the organization to adapt itself with the changes (Di Vayu et. al. 2021).http://BISY3005 Assignment Sample

Companies in order to survive in an external environment focus on learning new things or activities that could help in attracting more individuals within the organization.

In this process, the whole organization focuses on learning and adapting itself for long term benefits. Likewise, with the development of technologies, companies have started learning and making use of digital platforms, such as computers, the internet and other things to provide extreme qualitative services (Ferreira et. al. 2018).http://BISY3005 Assignment Sample

In short, organization learning contributes to a company in finding more innovative and creative ideas to promote smooth operation of a firm in a competitive market. BISY3005 Knowledge Management Assignment Sample

Figure 1: Organizational Learning Strategy: The What, Why and How, 2021

(Source: Organizational Learning Strategy: The What, Why and How, 2021)

From the above image, it can be depicted that there are three main functions being performed by organization learning such as, knowledge transfer, knowledge retention and creation. All these help the company to learn new things and improve its set of operations for a better future ahead.

Furthermore, organization learning is significant as it enhances the employee’s satisfaction as they are always taught new and innovative methods to complete a particular task (Organizational Learning Strategy: The What, Why and How, 2021). This leads to enhancing their overall productivity and profitability of the firm as they feel it will improve their skills, knowledge and key capabilities.

At last, the company is able to effectively change or adapt itself with the current situation and promote its growth and expansion at a rapid stage.

Type of organization learning

There are different types of organization learning, such as individual, continuous, learning through empowerment, embedding system learning, team learning, learning through leadership and Dialogue and Inquiry Learning (Odor, 2018).http://BISY3005 Assignment Sample

All these types of organization learning are being present in the company that can be illustrated in more in-depth as follows:

Individual learning: It is the first and foremost method that is used by a company to provide knowledge or learning to employees about the way a particular task must be completed if desired. In this process, the organization held a formal training in which it provided guidance to employees related to the manner in which tasks should be done.

This contributes in providing learning to the way they have to do specific activities so that the desired outcome could be achieved (Doyle & Johnson, 2019).http://BISY3005 Assignment Sample

Continuous learning: The second learning method being promoted within the organization is continuous learning in which opportunities are provided to employees through initiating programs.

Through this process, the individual could make effective use of their existing skills, knowledge and capabilities to learn new things and enhance their knowledge for a bright future ahead.

Learning through empowerment: This is one of the most powerful methods used by companies to enhance the learning of individuals. In this, the manager has provided both authority and responsibility to the employees to perform a particular task and achieve the set objective.

Hence, through actually doing the task, employees learn new methods or techniques to complete tasks in the desired manner (Caputo et. al. 2019).http://BISY3005 Assignment Sample

Dialogue and inquiry learning: In this method a series of inquiry learning is being set up in which employees are provided opportunities to share their respective point views. It helps in encouraging individuals to share their problems or issues that they face while completing a specific task.

So, employees learn through sharing information with each other (7 Prerequisites of a Learning Organization, 2021).http://BISY3005 Assignment SampleBISY3005 Knowledge Management Assignment Sample

Figure 2:  Types of Learning Organization

(Source: 7 Prerequisites of a Learning Organization, 2021)

Embedded Systems learning: There are some large companies that invest their capital in having new systems that could be used to provide knowledge to the employees.

For examples: process system, workflow system and many others are being utilized to promote learning within the company for its overall growth and development (7 Prerequisites of a Learning Organization, 2021).http://BISY3005 Assignment Sample

Learning from leadership: It can be stated that a leader is an individual that influences others to do a particular task in a specific manner. In other words, employees learn directly or indirectly from the leader’s actions or their behavior within the organization.

So, leaders play an active role in enhancing learning among the individual with a motivation that they could easily perform the assigned task.

Team learning: This is the last but not the least method of organization learning in which a meeting or training is being organized to teach team members about the way they have to work in a team (Billet, 2020).http://BISY3005 Assignment Sample

They are taught to work in teams rather than individuals so that companies can easily gain competitive advantages.

Strategies for organization learning

There are a number of strategies that are being utilized by the manager of a company to promote organization learning so that individuals can learn the way they have to work in an organization.

This will help in knowing their respective roles and responsibilities within the firm. Such as:

Create a learning culture: Most firms focus on creating a healthy and learning environment in which the employees are provided enough opportunities to learn and grow. They are being encouraged to share their respective ideas, views and opinions so that each and every individual can learn from another person (Kool’s & George, 2020).http://BISY3005 Assignment Sample

Moreover, feedback from employees is taken on whether they have actually learned the thing or not, so that an appropriate method can be used to teach them in the desired manner.BISY3005 Knowledge Management Assignment Sample

Figure 3: Strong learning culture

(Source: How to build a strong learning culture, 2021)

Provide training to employees: In the current scenario, many large enterprises are making investments in training and development programs. So, through that it could teach employees about the manner in which it must be completed in the best possible manner (How to build a strong learning culture, 2021).http://BISY3005 Assignment Sample

The training is being organized on a continuous basis at specific points of time to promote learning and changes within the company.

Setting proper budget, time for organization learning: Apart from this, companies also make use of proper setting budget, time, procedure and policies related to organization learning.

With a motive that a sufficient amount of capital can be used to improve the learning and existing knowledge of employees working in the organization. It sets an appropriate time frame in which learning will be provided to the selected individual (Smith et. al. 2019).http://BISY3005 Assignment Sample

Reward and recognition: Furthermore, the manager of a firm lays emphasis on rewarding and recognizing the efforts of each and every individual that has devoted time and effort to learn. Company also provided the opportunity of being promoted within the organization to higher positions to employees that are interested in learning new things.

Financial and non-financial benefits encouraged them to take active initiative in learning things that could provide more opportunity in future circumstances.BISY3005 Knowledge Management Assignment Sample

Figure 4: Employee Recognition

(Source: Employee Recognition?, 2021)

Making use of learning system: At last, efforts are being made by the organization in installing a learning system that could be used to teach the individual about new methods or techniques used in the firm (Employee Recognition?,2021).http://BISY3005 Assignment Sample

Use of the learning system encourages employees to put more effort into learning and enhancing their knowledge to the fullest.

Business model related to organization learning 

Business model defines the set of standards or rules and regulations that are being abided by the company while learning new things.

In other words, it describes the whole process being used by firms in accumulating and delivering value to the end customers for earning high profitability (Mehta et. al. 2019).http://BISY3005 Assignment Sample There are various business models in the context of organization learning that are being explained as:

Personal Mastery: It is a model that focuses an organization on continuous learning about the way it could create the future by making changes in its existing process. This model is fruitful when the employees are themselves motivated to learn new and creative things, and lay efforts on understanding their overall strength and weakness.

On the basis of that they planned a method to overcome or remove their weakness by learning new things.

Learning Team: This is a model which is useful when the team members mutually agree to learn new things and make use of them while completing their respective task. In this all the individuals must have capabilities to act as per the common set plan, so that they could easily coordinate with each other (Sagdeev et. al. 2018).http://BISY3005 Assignment Sample

Hence, collectively take steps to learn and anticipate changes within the organization to maximum extent.BISY3005 Knowledge Management Assignment Sample

Figure 5: Organizational learning model

(Source: Organizational theory and design: Learning organization, 2021)

Systems Thinking: While, it is an organization learning model that emphasizes understanding the interrelationship between the external and internal factors and the way it impacts the overall operation of the company (Organizational theory and design: Learning organization, 2021).http://BISY3005 Assignment Sample

In this, the enterprise comprehensively takes steps to understand the changes happening in the external environment and try to learn from them to get the maximum benefits possible to the organization.

Mental model: In this model the manager lays focus on understanding the mental ability or capability of each and every individual to learn new things. For example, there are some individuals that are more likely to learn new things while others do not like to learn (Kool’s & George, 2020).http://BISY3005 Assignment Sample

Thus, on the basis of their actual capabilities and ability to learn and retain information the manager provided learning for better outcome.

The manner in which the knowledge gained will help group in future career as an IT Professional 

It can be stated that the knowledge gained related to definition, strategies, model and types of organization learning will be useful for groups in future circumstances, as IT professionals. As it will help in finding all new techniques that could be used by us to learn new methods.

Along with it, influence others to work in a team and learn different methods of accomplishing the task in desired manner. Furthermore, technology keeps on changing at a rapid stage, hence it is very important for IT professionals to quickly learn and adapt to new methods and technology (Odor, 2018).http://BISY3005 Assignment Sample

Likewise, I have planned to provide learning of new technology through organizing a meeting where each and every individual is free to share their respective point of view and perspective.

This will lead in enhancing our learning and knowledge to the way tasks can be completed and set objectives can be achieved. I also get to know the system of learning could also be used by us as it is an innovative and creative method of learning and retaining information for a longer time frame.


From the above report it can be concluded that organization learning is an important process that helps a company in effectively adapting itself with the changing environment.

Firms are able to learn new methods of delivering qualitative services to end customers for satisfaction of their wants in the most desirable manner. Finally, it can be summarized that different business models such as system thinking, mental models and learning teams help in promoting learning in the enterprise. This helps it in gaining competitive advantages in future scenarios.


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