BIZ102 Understanding People and Organisations Assignment Sample

Part A: Selecting your team

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence for this team is quite good because of a high score for certain essential qualities like self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and relationship management. As per the results, a particularly high score for self-awareness and self-management is going to be extremely effective for the proper functioning of this team. According to the Top 5, Gallup Talents Module skills like that of strategic, restorative, realtor, restorative, and analytical skills are present as well. It is quite well known that the formulation of a proper strategy is one of the primary steps to ensure proper team building. As per the opinion of Walliser et al.(2019), besides relative, deliberative and analytical skills help a team to flow efficiently through certain ups and downs. A team mainly functions for proper work distribution through task allocation. This means that the presence of deliberative functions as well as analytical skills to going to take discussions in the right course for this team. [Refer to Appendix 1, 2]

Hofstede Country Comparison

Power distance

This tends to understand the distribution of power in a particular country as per the opinion of common people. Bangladesh stands in a better position than India as people, in general, think that common people have more say in this country. The political scenario of India being quite complex along with diverse social divisions tends to create a more power distance in this country.


The individualism scenario is better in India as individuals have got more freedom in exercising their various rights. In India, people have a more diverse culture as compared to that of Bangladesh which plays an essential role in ensuring unity in diversity.


BIZ102 Understanding People and Organisations Assignment Sample

Figure 1: Hofstede Country comparison

(Source: Walliser et al, 2019)

Masculinity is a little more in India than that of Bangladesh, which can be attributed to our population of teeming millions.

Uncertainty avoidance

Bangladesh tends to score a lot higher in terms of uncertainty avoidance as compared to India. This happens because Bangladesh may have a more expansive countrywide planning mechanism than India.

Long term orientation

India has a better scenario of long-term indulgence as compared to that of Bangladesh. This may be attributed to a better-centralized planning procedure of this country.


In terms of the indulgence scenario, both India and Bangladesh tend to get almost equal scores. But India having a better G.D.P is a leader in this scenario as well.


Volatility- This reflects the extent to which there can be a general fluctuation between bad and good situations.

Uncertainty- This reflects the extent of the unpredictability of a certain scenario.

Complexity- This is based upon difficulties that turn to crop up.

Ambiguity- Lack of a clear and proper description tends to generate more ambiguity.

Student name Skills Skills Skills Skills
#1 Relationship management Self awareness Sorting skill Self management
#2 Social awareness Restorative skills Self management Relationship management
#3 Self awareness Sorting skills Social awareness Time management
#4 Collaborative Time management Problem solving Team leading

Table 1: VUCA table

(Source: Bruner et al., 2020)

Part B: Analysis of Results

Students have got to have certain qualities to form an effective workgroup. A key quality that is required to function well in these kinds of situations is to have proper strategic skills as well to be able to formulate plans to be able to drive various strategies for that of a particular team. According to the opinion of Bruner et al.(2020), teamwork one important thing is to engage all the members in proper deliberations as well as discussions. As per the given module, there is also a presence of some major relative skills which are also present among members of this team this tends to form a certain cohesion in this group. Thus this team is surely going to function quite well in this current situation. Problems are bound to happen in any group sooner or later. But a presence of proper restorative skills is going to be helpful to get over some major difficulties.

There are several benefits of team work within an organization and so it is considered to be important for growth and sustainability of a business (Bruner et al., 2020). Teamwork improves the overall efficiency of an organization and paves way for new and innovative ideas. Besides, teamwork ensures better quality of performance and improved morale of employees working in an organization. Online Ludo games can play an effective role in building a healthy team for an organization. Online ludo game allows people from different countries to play ludo through websites and apps like Facebook. This game helps people to break their social awkwardness and create a better work environment.

Conflict in team management is not an unknown scenario for any person involved in teamwork. This team despite being well accustomed to various key areas may develop certain conflicts due to lack of experience. As per the opinion of Khan and Wajidi (2019), most of the people who have come up in this team are mostly students who are a little naive in terms of working in a serious group project. According to the opinion of Barna and Fodor (2018), this lack of experience may draw up some communication problems across different levels of this organization. This can thus create a major deadlock in the proper functioning of this team. As seen in the above scenario, most of the members generally possess some key qualities but there can only become effective through the usage of a proper communication channel.

Various complex work tends to come up in a team where there remains a requirement to properly brief various coworkers regarding various facets of that particular project. As per the opinion of Smallwood and Allen (2020), this can only be managed through an efficient leader who can mitigate any crisis that may come up in any particular situation. Thus at the initial face, there should be a proper method of job descriptions well as allocation among various team members to create efficiency. Conflicts among a team can affect the overall productivity and performance of the team and so it is essential for a working team to try team building activities often. Adoption of online ludo game as a group activity can result in free flow of communication among group members which eventually leads to engaged employees and a productive workplace.

Several reasons responsible for barriers and conflicts among group during team building activities are confusion regarding goals of the activities. An ineffective leadership of group activities also causes confusion and conflicts among group members that eventually turn into a barrier to team building activities (Smallwood and Allen, 2020). Besides, communication gaps and lack of trust among group members plays a vital role in encouraging conflicts and barriers during group activities.

Part C: Team Building

Activities Ways to achieve
Active Listener This activity allows a group leader to give a speech to their group members and conduct a quiz at the end to identify who among the group was an active listener.
Group Timeline This activity involves a team to sort multiple things in groups based on their characteristics. It is considered to be important for enhancing the sorting skills of group members.
Pair Up This activity involves making pairs of people belonging to different groups. It is considered to be important for building employee bonding and the bonding of teams altogether.
Office Trivia Office trivia is a team-building activity that involves hosting an office trivia that allows one to test employees’ knowledge on the facts related to their workplace in a fun way.
Cultural Celebration Parties Cultural celebration parties allow employees belonging to different departments and groups to come together and interact with each other. Health interactions in cultural parties are considered to be significant for building strong teams.
Circle of Appreciation This activity requires the group member to stand in a circle and appreciate the person standing on their left. It encourages healthy bonds between different members of a group which eventually helps them to perform effectively as a group.
Business Simulations Business simulation games played by a group enhance their bonding by helping them to solve a problem collectively.
Office Debates Office debates that involve low stakes and friendly arguments are healthy to improve cooperation among the group members.
Work Jeopardy Office jeopardy is a team-building activity that involves playing a question and answer session in the workplace by dividing employees into various groups and selecting one employee from each group to play the game.
Idea Workshop Idea workshop allows employees to come together and find solutions to real issues involved in their workplace.
Office Pictionary This team-building activity involves a team of two or more, one of the team members draws a picture of an object on paper and other members need to guess the object.
Community Service This activity encourages people to form a team and work for a social cause together which enhances their understanding and helps them to form a strong team.

Table 1: Team building activities

(Source: Pollack & Matous, 2019)

Part D: Analysis and Reflection (Individual)

Team Building Activity-

My team building activity has mainly been focused upon the creation of a team that has got members with certain qualities that are essential for a good team. Playing Ludo as a team building activity helps to create an organic team building. Ludo enables group members to have short, daily interactions that have greater impacts in building a team compared to forced yearly activities.

Dynamic roles of various team members-

 I  have been quite lucky to have formed a team that has a presence of numerous members with diverse qualities as well as representing diverse backgrounds. Emotional Quality shows that my team members possess quite a lot of qualities like that of self-awareness. This quality is considered as a basis for starting the proper functioning of any item. Without a proper amount of self-awareness, it becomes almost impossible for anyone to understand various points of view of others. Besides, some members also possess proper relationship management skills. This has helped to get over the various crises. Besides social awareness as well as self-management has been beneficial to form important decisions in a team.

The behavior of team related or unrelated to prediction

Most of the performances of my team have got through as per prediction because of possession of certain qualities by many team members.

Analysis of personal capacity

The module has helped me to understand my effectiveness and competencies to contribute significantly in a group. It has made me identify various skills that I possess along with skills that I lack in order to work efficiently in a group (Marasi, 2019). From the analysis of my personal qualities, I have understood that I am an active listener and I communicate effectively with other members of my group. Besides, I am significantly self-aware about various things and I also have self-management skills. However, analysis of my emotional intelligence results reveals that I lack social awareness and relationship management skills. [Refer to Appendix 1]


Social awareness and emotional intelligence can be improved by understanding the body language of other members of a group. Besides, identifying personal emotions and reflecting effectively can also improve social awareness (Keith et al. 2018). In addition, relationship management and emotional intelligence can be enhanced by setting clear mutual goals and developing shared values with other members.


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Appendix 1: Emotional Intelligence Test Results

BIZ102 Understanding People and Organisations Assignment Sample

(Source: Global EI Test Results)


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