Assignment Sample On Managing People In The Organization

1. Introduction

The aim of this report is based on the analysis of the effective and innovative way of managing people in an organization to increase its productivity and the possibility of business expansion. Insights is an organization of consultancy for providing solutions based on learning and development skills to the local SMEs in the UK. This business report is for providing the required advice to the management before selecting the employees for the organization. The employee appointment strategies of the small organizations are discussed under the shade of their appropriateness for expanding business successfully.

2. Personnel selection and career

Personnel selection

Personnel selection is a process applied by an organization under a methodology for collecting important information about an individual employee. As per the opinion of Stanujkic et al. (2018), the management of an organization should involve in the selection process with an understanding and determination to give an appointment to the employee. The management of insight has been facing a huge financial loss during the last four or 5 months and needs to appoint a new consultant. The following discussion is based on the personnel selection process that may be adopted by the management of Insights for hiring some efficient consultant for the organization.


Figure 1: Recommendations for personnel Selection

(Source: Aguinis, 2019)

Application: The management of Insight has posted the advertisement of vacancies to attract the attention of the candidates. Insights are a reputed consultancy organization and that is why the number of applications has been submitted based on function and availability of work. The basic qualification of the candidates is based on the consultancy services and required strategies of SMEs in any industry. The management as per the requirement has collected a huge number of CVs of the graduates. As per the opinion of Nabeeh et al. (2019), the Job opportunities created by the company can be reflected by its attractive advertisement. In this way, the application for hiring more consultants is collected by the organization for proceeding into the next step.

Screening and preselection: This step is one of the most important including the screening for the applicant. The screening of the CV of graduate students is the most common technique used by the management of Insights. This can help their recruiter to collect the basic knowledge about the relation between the qualification of the candidates and the criteria of the company. The candidates who have the experience to serve as a consultant are chosen separately with their CV. As per the opinion of Heidary Dahooie et al. (2018), resume-screening tools may be applied to the quick selection. Phone screening can align the expectation of the candidate and Employer with a clear verification of the information provided in the resume. Pre-selection tools such as cognitive testing help to know the quality of new employees.

Interview: In this section, the candidates and Insight management became face to face for accessing the suitability of the candidate as a business consultant. The interviewer checks the verbal fluency and knowledge about the HR function. The current performance is disclosed in front of the candidate for providing ideas about their jobs in the organization (Alexander, 2018). In Insights, 16 graduate consultants are working and their lack of experience affects the business performance. In the interview, the management has to concentrate on the practical knowledge of handling any critical situation.

Reference and Background Check: Insight can reduce the number of candidates by the successful utilization of previous steps. The final candidates are quite fit for the fulfilment of job requirements. Checking of references can help to get better confirmation about the perception of the selected candidates. Any skills and doubts about the skills and efficiency can be removed by the importance of references. As per the opinion of Woods et al. (2020), the principal consultants, who are the senior recruiter, crosscheck the reference and background of the candidates, as they are fit for delivery, quality and expansion.

Decision: The decision about the selection will be very confident between the higher authority and recruitment board after checking the background of the candidate very carefully. The future potentiality of the selected candidates is highlighted in this step before making the final decision. As per the opinion of KRAEV and TIKHONOV (2020), qualification is less important for the post of a consultant and the management of Insight may select the candidates, who are not qualified but have a strong commitment to the growth of the organization. The decision is made by data-driven approaches

Job Offer and Contract: after decision making about the selection of a candidate, the process is not completely over. The salary structure and allocated post with the job are still needed to be approved by the candidate. The management will provide all the information about their job to collect positive assurance from the selected candidate. The candidate for gaining the information that the selection is quite appropriate must serve the provision period. The joining letter is given to the selected candidates and the final appointment letter is given after the compilation of the provision period for 90 days.

Career Development

A huge number of employees have left the consultancy organization named Insight for the lack of career development in this organization. Newly graduated talented employees prefer to join other organizations, as there are no increments of salary and position. As per the opinion of Liu (2019), the management of insight must have to outline the caste development process for the newly appointed employees, as they do not want to leave this organization. The following discussion is based on the required steps that may be utilized by the company for providing a better chance to develop the career of the candidates as a business consultant.

  • Analysis of current performance: The management of Insight consultancy may organize a team with the help of a principal consultant, under whom the newly appointed employees. The current performance of a consultant can affect the overall performance and development of an organization. As per the opinion of KORKMAZ (2019), the success in allocated jobs increases the confidence of an employee and any other serious jobs can be handsomely done with utmost efficiency. The management can arrange a monthly meeting to display the data about the current performance with the required suggestions for better development.
  • Career development course: New courses related to the consultancy services may be provided by the management to the employees for increasing the quality of performance. Management courses can help the employees to collect better information about the issues and challenges an organization can face. The efficiency will be developed and the involvement in the organizational performance can be developed after taking the courses. The management can utilize the talent of the employees in their productivity.

Office monitoring program: Consistent monitoring program can provide a better realization about the current performance of the employees to the management of an organization. The employees are divided into several groups with a skilful and efficient team leader. The newly appointed consultant will work under the 2or 3 senior consultants who are acting as a team leader. As per the opinion of Spurk et al. (2019), the senior consultant will arrange a meeting for discussion before providing the required advice to the client. The senior consultant may carefully listen to the different opinions and views and the best ideas are selected.

3. Conclusion

In conclusion, it can be said that successful organizations must concentrate on effective ways of managing people to increase overall performance. The above discussion about the personnel selection process will provide a clear idea about the requirement of process development. Necessary steps, in which the management of Insight may recruit new employees, are provided in the above business report. Insight Consultancy can increase the process of career development for the employees, as they cannot leave the organization. Various job-related courses are offered to the employees to develop their skills and efficiency, which are the most necessary aspects as a consultant. However, the above discussion is based on the career development course and selection process of employees in the selected organization named Insights.

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