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Service Line offers call center services to several service organizations and retail companies for managing commercial and domestic inquisition. Dealing with the problem is quite challenging for the employees. The team involves 18 members and the manager is not to handle stressful situations in the call center. Multiple challenges are identified and this includes motivational factors, team management, and conflict management factors. All these three factors had been explained in detail and these issues must be resolved. Environmental influences on HRM practice have been elaborated. Management of HRM issues is identified in this assignment. In order to mitigate the issues, intervention strategies have been recommended in this assignment. Also, the way intervention strategies can improve problematic situations is discussed below.



It has been demonstrated in studies that enhancing awareness regarding environmental influence on HRM practices has become a crucial factor in organizational strategies. Especially the employees of Service line call centers do a challenging job and it becomes quite stressful and difficult to deal with the customers at times. It is found in the survey that only 43% appellant that are well paid and their stressis manageable in their job and 73% employees are not well paid in Service line and often feel demotivated (Chicuet al,. 2019). Their working hours become boring at times. Hence it is essential to keep the employees active with fun activities like yoga and make them stay close to nature so that they can get a good environmental influence on their mental health.  Other than this monetary motivational factors are important for the proper functioning of the employees. This is a major and critical aspect that the service line industry needs to mitigate.

Team management

One of the most significant aspects of a company having a good organization performs well is the management of the employees. Team leaders and managers are often key to the cues of the organization. The issue identified in the Service line call center is a lack of proper team management. According to the theories,the proper team management will lead to a successful and high-performing team. Team management includes understanding the team members, choosing the best person for a particular job. In the service line call center the mentioned team leader has little or no connection with the team members (Bittner, Schietinger, Schroth, and Weinkopf, 2017). This leads to a major gap between the team leader and other members of the team. The issues may further bubble-up and can have a significant impact on the company. The same has been reflected in the particular team’s performance in meeting the standards set.

Conflict management

Conflict management is another major issue identified in the service line call center. The issues in the company among the employees and among the employed and management needs to be mitigated.Several HRM policies must be directed towards the analysis of such situations (Doellgast and Marsden, 2019). In this case service line has a major shortcoming in defining a well-planned conflict management process which ensures that the company has the policy to mitigate any issues arising among the internal human resource systems. Employees being one of the major stakeholders in the company needs to be marinated and looked after to ensure proper productivity.

Environmental influences on HRM practice

Government policies are continuously changing and there are certain policies that affect the employees of the service line. The government is supporting a limited working hour in call centers. Here the limited time period is 6 to 8 hours and according to the government policies, the HRM practices in Surviceline must be changed (Kerdpitak, 2020). The government policies and the HRM policies of Surviceline must stay parallel. It is known that environmental influence on HRM practices is huge and the employees get affected at times due to the changes. It is essential for organizations to follow the rules on behalf of the employees.

Interventions to HRM issues

HRM interventions are the strategic plans developed to improve the overall functioning and the performance of the company. The HRM intervention strategies influence the function of the team. It incorporates the traditional methods in the company with new strategies. Performance design is one of the best implications for the service line call centers. The company can design a performance analysis process (Kowalski and Loretto, 2017). This will ensure accountability both for the team leader and the employees. Other than this the company shall include talent management and planning process in the working environment. To ensure that the human resource of the company is maintained and proper strategies are taken in order to ensure productivity. Talent management shall also improve the internal human resource force and make the company more competitive in the market. Call centers usually have a high rate of employee turnover to mitigate this challenge. The talent management process in the company must be one of the most significant areas for development.

Management of HRM issues

The hrm issues identified in this case are lack of motivation among the employees, improper team management, and challenges in conflict management. The company must take a serious role in mitigating these strategies and also ensure proper productivity in the organization. Conflict management is one of the most critical aspects of the organization. The HRM policies need to be redesigned (Hauffet al., 2021). The company can take into consideration weekly meetings and ensure completing, collaborating, avoiding, and accommodating styles to ensure proper management of conflict. The company needs to identify the issues that the company is facing. These issues need to be regrouped under the above-mentioned categories and proper management of such issues needs to be done according to their significance.

 Apart from this, the company must ensure that the employees are motivated. The company can bring various motivational fun and recreational activities for the employees in order to motivate them for better performance in the organization. The company shall ensure high-level productivity by keeping the mind space of the employees clear and effective in nature.


The service line has several issues which need to be mitigated in order to ensure that the company can perform better. The team is the case study lacking in the serious application of HRM policies. This has led to devastating results for the team overall. Thus the recommended strategies need to be included by the company in its HRM policies. The company shall also need to increase and update its control over the employees and bring in proper management skills in order to get the best out of the existing workforce.


To ensure the proper functioning of the employees the service line call centers must bring into effect several strategies to ensure smooth functioning within the organization. The company needs to have better control over the team leaders and follow a strategic approach to ensure high-quality productivity. The HRM policies shall be created in the training and development of the employees of the company. Training and development act both as a motivational tool and is also equally important for the company in maintaining its internal human resource. This shall also motivate the employees to work for the company for self-development training gives the employees opportunity to grow in the chosen field, this shall ensure that the employees are motivated to work better. The leaders and the managers must be made responsible for the team’s performance. It shall bring more responsibility and accountability on their end. Service lines may include strategies for regular checks and meetings with the team elders to identify any issues and also take note of their performance. This shall enable a competitive mindset in the organization and ensure that the company performs along with the set standards. The team leaders must practice more accountability.


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