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Module Code And Title : BMG880 Assignment Sample Data Analytics


Today almost every company, no matter if it was a big company or not, is looking for a correct business model for their business and for that business models are now a very essential factor in the business world. They assist emerging as well as expanding businesses in attracting investment, recruiting expertise, and motivating administration and personnel. Successful firms should revise their corporate strategies on a daily basis or they will struggle to predict future developments plus obstacles.

The technical challenge within BI is compiling and retrieving critical information from diverse resource configurations, including its proper organization and translations. As a consequence, programs analyse information to extract “key performance indicators” from massive datasets and show those in a graphical format. Like a dashboard where all necessary information is present in a single page with complete conclusion in the form of graphs. In this project developers also try to collect all the required information of Amazon and with the help of Power BI software they want to explore the data analysis of Amazon.

Case Company and Problem Statement

Amazon is indeed the firm on which developers intend to conduct more study for their project. Amazon was founded in July 1994 by Jeff Bezos. Corporation was founded to sell textbooks as an electronic shop, but even as times went, in the year of 1996, Amazon expanded into selling things officially using their webpage, becoming

In Amazon Company some issues are detected by the developers and among those problems are very effective problems which are displayed by them in this project. Those problems are: Worker turnover is mostly prevalent in all businesses. However, with Amazon, labour turnover is substantially higher, indicating clearly something is fundamentally problematic with personnel administration.

Next problem, it is thought that Amazon is focusing more as well as more upon their Amazon-Prime’s two-day complimentary execution idea while falling behind in the delivery of their normal consumers’ products. Undoubtedly, this does not imply that Amazon significantly delayed, but this is also not the quickest.

Also as per developers the most effective problem of Amazon is that the additional third-party merchants joined the Amazon family, the quality of items is deteriorating. Amazon has become such a customer-friendly marketplace that it really offers a vast array of goods kinds at a wide spectrum of costs. However, in order to maintain low standard and repeated items, such third-party merchants have used various strategies to convince their consumers to retain the goods plus leave phoney reviews on Amazon, allowing them to continue doing commerce. Amazon bears some of the responsibility as well.

Theoretical Framework

Business intelligence is a wide word which refers to software services that help users analyse enormous volumes of commercial information in order to generate better educated and profitable industry choices. A framework becomes essential owing to the intricacy of the stages engaged in the business intelligence. In this project developers find several resources like they reviewed several journals, authors’ experiences and many organisations interviews to understand the significance of the correct framework for business analytics.

So here developers discuss the SAM framework which stands for social media analytics because Amazon is an e-commerce business house which needs to know about the social media’s power as well as how they can resuces their issues with the help of digital media (I.C.G. and Ferraz, 2020). For that developers chose SMA framework to solve the Amazon’s problems.

This framework is categories into three basic parts or layers: awareness benefits, awareness motivation as well as SMA resources.

BMG880 Assignment Sample Data Analytics 1Figure 1: The SMA Framework (Source:

Awareness motivation

Organizations motivation defines any company’s main aim which they want to pursue, meaning the actions which any company follows that is set by that organization’s motivation. Developer’s characteristics of awareness purpose as the collection and analysis of digital network information in an attempt to develop corporate expertise or comprehension of customer-empowered environmental challenges (de Almeida, et al. 2020).

Organizations may use social media information analytics to raise awareness regarding their trademarks, goods, operations, conferences, advertising initiatives, and general market tendencies. The three primary aims of consciousness motivations in SMA framework are as follows: creating insights regarding consumer attitudes and behaviors; assessing the effects and efficacy of virtual promotional efforts; and finding innovative concepts for company recognition and involvement reasons.

Awareness motivation help Amazon to distinguish their main purpose of the business and also aware them to focus on their all types of customers not only on their prime membership customers. Also this framework help Amazon to achieve mass amount of customers with the help of social media platform.


SMA resources

SMA components (IT architecture plus SMA technologies), SMA characteristics (analytical competences and practises), plus dynamic capacities are mutually reinforced entities.

  • IT Assets

These are IT infrastructure, programming, and communication configurations which serve as the framework for collaborative IT solutions. They serve as a versatile foundation for SMA projects, allowing for the creation of novel solutions to boost corporate productivity. SMA applications have the ability to integrate with the operational IS systems.

  • SMA capacities

The abilities embedded in persons or groups who effectively handle or achieve organizational activities are referred to as SMA capabilities (T.S.A. and Caeiro, 2022). They are formed by understanding as well as the repetition of relevant actions. Persons or groups who participate in the SMA for a specific goal learn, create abilities, and acquire skills. As per Aral as well as Weill, competences have two key measurements: IT, SMA, as well as commercial knowledge skills, including leadership skills.

Also an effective application of SMA findings is dependent on three critical organizational practices: customer administration, procedure management, plus achievement management. The capacity of a business to comprehend its client base (example, aspirations) plus market features is referred to as consumer administration.

Developers analyse the SMA framework and they find that an effective application of SMA findings is dependent on three critical organizational practices: customer administration, procedure management, plus achievement management. The capacity of a business to comprehend its client base (example, aspirations) plus market features is referred to as consumer administration.

  • dynamic capacities

In volatile situations, the capacity of IT resources as well as SMA skills to generate corporate advantages may fluctuate over time. The RBV is criticised for being too static,’ therefore dynamic capabilities were advocated as a way of updating and reorganising IT infrastructure with SMA competencies to guarantee they remain to give profitability and positive advantages. Since they’re not directly engaged in the manufacturing of commodities or the delivery of activities, dynamic competences are thought of as second order constructions. Their mission is to refresh and restructure existing ‘first order’ strengths in sequence to keep them precious, uncommon, unique, and non-substitutable.

Two procedures are involved in dynamic competencies: exploring for and picking new technologies and possibilities, and resource orchestrating to refresh and rearrange resources and functionality.

All the SMA resources help the Amazon to utilise all their web related components properly which directly impacted their security system as well as increase their profitability. Also SMA capacities suggest Amazon how to manage their customers all over the world, then it increases the service management and enhances their achievements. These activities may help Amazon to reduce their third party merchant’s related issues.

Awareness benefits

Consumer related gains, economic advantages, and organizational effectiveness advantages are the three categories of consciousness advantages gained using SMA assets. Economical (e.g., revenues, expenses), perceptive (e.g., consumer happiness), as well as behavioral metrics (e.g., usage of SMA findings) can be used to quantify rewards. Customer-related consciousness advantages include a greater grasp of consumer experience rates, increased client involvement, as well as a deeper awareness of consumer feelings about goods and services. Economic advantages refer to activities taken as a consequence of SMA discoveries that result in more revenues, lower expenses, and higher profits (Gomes, et al. 2022).

Financial advantages are frequently tied to purchaser related as well as organizational effectiveness-related incentives, and they may require significant time to manifest. This benefits are decreased duration to markets, increased levels of development, enhanced manufacturing as well as supply chain adaptability, and enhanced marketing campaign performance are all advantages of organizational performance.

BMG880 Assignment Sample Data Analytics 2Figure 2: Dynamic model for online purchaser’s experience (Source:

Awareness benefits hep Amazon to increases their manufacturing process as well as enhance their supply chain adaptability, which indirectly help Amazon to reduce their employee turnovers because if manufacturing is increase then Amazon made a good profit from their sales and they also able to satisfy their workers as well. So if their employees are satisfied with their employments then the big problem of Amazon which is employee turnover cab reduced.

Data Analysis of the Case Study

In this section developers analyse Amazon’s data and try to fulfil their aim of this project. The complete analysis is divided into four basic parts and those divisions are first one is data understanding, second division is data preparation, next is data modelling and the last division is the dashboard evaluation. All these divisions are properly examined by the developers and discussed in the below:


All the statistical data which is consider by the developers for their analysis is

  • Gross Profit
  • Total Revenue
  • Net Income
  • Tax
  • Rating
  • Reviews
  • Product Price

All these key factors are considered by the developers for their business model preparation and calculations.


The procedure of scrubbing as well as altering original data preliminary to transmission for evaluation is known as data pre-processing. This is a critical stage before treatment that frequently involves reinstalling information, improving data changes, including integrating information collections to expand statistics (Ueno, et al. 2021).

Data preparation process is frequently a time-consuming task for the data experts or enterprise customers, but this is required as a requirement for putting relevant data in an attempt to transform it into discoveries plus minimise bias caused by poor data integrity. For instance, standardising data structures, enhancing primary data, plus/or reducing outliers are all part of the information processing procedure. In this project developers use Power BI for the data cleaning as well as to reshape the data plus visually integrate the source.


After the examination of every aspect, the modelling procedure entails selecting a modelling approach, developing a concept prototype, constructing the models, as well as assessing the model. To confirm the model’s relevance as well as reliability, a validation methodology is required. Following this step, the primary goal of a modelling procedure begins with data visualization.

Power BI:

Data resources are groupings of knowledge from which the Power BI application generates graphics. Visualisations are pictorial depictions of data; they usually take the shape of tables, drawings, maps, layouts, or other techniques of visually understanding the details. Power BI is a very easily understandable and user friendly software tool for data analysis. Today maximum organisations use Power BI tools for their data analysis (K.V.B. and Ventura, 2021). In this project developers with the help of this tool able to produce the dashboard of Amazon and the obtained result is available in the below:

BMG880 Assignment Sample Data Analytics 3Figure 3: The obtained dashboard of Amazon  (Source: Self-Created in Power BI)



The data is examined with the help of Power BI software and the result of the analysis is discussed in this division.

BMG880 Assignment Sample Data Analytics 4Figure 4:The representation of total revenue as per years  (Source: Self-Created in Power BI)

Analysis: The above graph is created by the developers with the help of Amazon dataset and the result contains the information about the revenues of Amazon as per the years. Here developers consider four consecutive years of 2018, 2019, 2020, and 2021 (Sardinha, et al. 2021).

The result says that Amazon gained their highest revenue in the year of 2018 and after that 2019 and 2020 their revenue drastically falls, but they manage their issues and are able to grow further in the year 2021. Meaning Amazon is not able to make an increasing manner revenue from their services and the unstable performances is directly impacted Amazon’s employee’s satisfaction.

BMG880 Assignment Sample Data Analytics 5Figure 5:The representation of amount of reviews as per years  (Source: Self-Created in Power BI)

Analysis: The above diagram is about the amount or volume of reviews which Amazon obtained in each year from 2018 to 2021. The result defines that in the year 2019 they don’t receive any reviews and in 2020 their review rate is just doubled compared to the other years. Review is an effective way to sell the products especially for the e-commerce sector. So if they are not gaining their customers’ responses then it is a very impactful factor for their profits. Amazon must give priority to their customer’s interest because this is the only way to satisfy the customers and insist customers to share their experience in their platform.

BMG880 Assignment Sample Data Analytics 6Figure 6:The representation of total revenue and net income (Source: Self-Created in Power BI)

Analysis: The above result is about Amazon’s total revenue and their net income. From the result developers say that Amazon is not able to achieve their total revenue, they lose 15K. Amazon platforms need to focus on their third party engagement and solve the existing problems.

BMG880 Assignment Sample Data Analytics 7Figure 7:The representation of net income as well as gross profit (Source: Self-Created in Power BI)

Analysis: As per the result Amazon’s gross profit is 55.76 % and their net income is 44.24 %.

Here also Amazon faces issues and for that they are not successfully converting their gross profit into their net income.

BMG880 Assignment Sample Data Analytics 8Figure 8:The representation of reviews as per years (Source: Self-Created in Power BI)

Analysis: The above graph is all about the comments or reviews which are shared by the customers in the Amazon platform and their types of problems are categorised and represented according to the year by the developers.

BMG880 Assignment Sample Data Analytics 9Figure 9:The representation of customer’s footprints according to year (Source: Self-Created in Power BI)

Analysis: The above representation is based on the year 2018 and the customers’ involvement with the Amazon platform. The result says that 50 % of customers’ involvement happened in that year and if Amazon focused on their e-commerce activities then they realise how important customers’ involvement with any electronic system is for their profits. So Amazon need to focus on their customers’ satisfaction to achieve highest customer involvement in their platform.

BMG880 Assignment Sample Data Analytics 10Figure 10:The representation of total amount of revenue, net income, gross profit, operating income and net income before tax (Source: Self-Created in Power BI)

Analysis: The above result is a combined analysis of several factors and developers try to show each effective element in a single frame.

BMG880 Assignment Sample Data Analytics 11Figure 11:The representation of customer satisfaction by years (Source: Self-Created in Power BI)

Analysis: The above graph contains the information about the amount of customer satisfaction according to the years. The result shows that in the year 2018 Amazon achieved 24.98 % satisfaction report, then in 2019 they have 24.99 %, next in 2020 25 % and in 2021 they receive 25.01 % responses (L.E. and Silva, 2018). So the result is in increasing mode but not rapidly increasing mode. So Amazon should concentrate on their customers’ satisfaction. Along with this they also need to solve the third party involvement to increase their performances and satisfy their customers.


The designers end their comprehensive database study of Amazon throughout this segment. Researchers in this initiative evaluate Amazon’s analytics to determine the difficulties as well as how to remedy them. Developers found that Amazon, Organisation operates in 3 divisions: North America, Internationally, as well as “Amazon Web Services” (AWS). The Firm’s items comprise commodities as well as material purchased from manufacturers for reselling as well as those sold through third-party retailers.

This also designs as well as distributes electrical equipment. Also they establish some effective problems of Amazon and among those issues employee turnover is one of them. There are several factors that contribute to Amazon’s high staff retention rates. Low desire to succeed, supervisors who lack to demonstrate responsibility, resulting in worker unhappiness, a difficult work environment that fails to maintain a work equilibrium plan, organizational norms, objective set-up as well as full-fillment no matter what, and so on.

Also this problem of Amazon affected very much because, workers coming and going does not make a positive image on any organization. Since there is an expense involved when a worker quits a firm as well as the corporation recruits a new worker.

Next developers realize that Amazon suffers from their customers misinterpretations because, this company has moved their focus from ordinary delivery worldwide to their two-day prime shipment in order to increase revenues by breaching commitments to several non-prime consumers. Along with these problems they are much more affected by the fake reviews which are run by the third-party merchants.

To complete this project developer’s use Power BI tool and developers create a dashboard of Amazon which is the primary aim of this project. The Power BI technology solution allows programmers to create not just quick studies and breakthroughs, but also large-scale real-time evaluations on vast amounts of data.

As a consequence, the Power BI application assists with the business intelligence requirements not just for minor organizations, but also for large corporations dealing with vast volumes of data. In the end of this project developers concluded that they successfully achieved their aim of this project and they tried to discuss each findings.

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