Main purpose of this research is to examine to suitable recruitment and selection methods of candidate for the Errand Express Company and to also to determine substitute methods for selecting people in business organization. In this research first and foremost we will focus over the brief information about the company.

Errand Express Ltd. is a private owned company operating its business in Nigerian in courier services. The major challenge in HR department of any of the organization is to select right candidate at the right place (Armstrong, 2007).

Importance of good method and team working has been discussed by various researchers that will be discussed in later chapter of this research proposal. In this research, we will take all the factors that can affect the selection and recruitment process of the organization. Maim aim of the HR department of recruitment and selection process is to select the right candidate with a minimum cost that can satisfy the human need of the business organizations.


Errand Express is a private courier company that had been founded in 2003, with the prime objective of express delivery of goods and services in Nigeria. Errand Express is a totally native company and it mainly focuses over the domestic services to deliver the goods and other things through its services in the country.

This company offers the variety of services like domestic and international documents, parcels, and cargo as well as logistics services. (Errand express 2003).

This company is ready to deliver the services to the people all the time only expect the Sunday and the national holidays. This Company is (Errand express) providing services in 1,454 towns and cities in Nigeria.

There is variety of vehicles used to deliver the parcel from one city to another, they use sophisticated distribution network which includes shuttle trucks, vans, fast moving cars and motorbikes in order to deliver the documents and the parcel on time in any emergency situations (Errand express 2003)


This research has been undertaken to know the importance of the recruitment and selection process. In case of service industry, employee is more valuable asset than technology and machine.

In undertaking research we are mainly dealing with the service company that is operating its business in delivery system. By considering this research we can understand the actual phenomenon used to hire the employee and what are the different benchmarks that have been decided by the organization to select or reject the employee.



This research is being conducted over the selection of the human resources in Errand Express Limited and we are mainly focusing over the techniques that have been used to select the candidate.

Findings of this are not bounded for the undertaking company but it can be applicable in all the service and non-service organizations. There are some research limitations that are also undertaking in this study.

There are two main factors that make restriction to expand the research over the large geographic area one is time and other is availability of fund. It is said that selection of the candidate should be wise to ascertain the growth and development of organization. This research is applicable in specific area that is making restrictions to consider more people in research sample.


It is said that human resource is the core of any service organizations. Employee are engaged with all kind of business operations like investment, production and marketing and they are also work as linkage among all the business system (Legg, 2005).

The findings of the undertaking research will make aware the management of Errand Express about the importance of a proper recruitment and selection process. We will also throw light over the importance of the appropriate people at the right place for achieving the goal of organization.


  1. To critically evaluate the current method of recruitment and selection in Errand Express.
  2. To critically evaluate the appropriateness of alternative recruitment and selection approach which are not in use in Errand express.


It is an important chapter in the research study because all the raw material for developing the research has been discussed in this chapter. In this part of the research we will take overview of the entire concepts related to the recruitment and selection of the candidates.

HR department is the core of the business concern because it deals with the asset that can deal all kinds of asset in business so working of this department is challenging than others.

Selection of the candidate in organization is the certificates of the ability of the HR department that how much the people those are working in HR department are capable to select the candidates for the satisfaction of the company. We will take general overview of some HR concept that is required for the development of this research study.


HRM is the area of the organizational unit that deals with the recruitment, employment, training, redeployment, safety and departure of an organization’s employees.(Boxall and Purcell, 2008).

There are different terminology has been used to bypass some political issue and we use some valuable word like ‘Human Capital Development’ and Manpower Planning’ which makes a distinct image in the mind of candidate that company is considering more valuable asset in organization (Guest 2005).

The main focus of the HRM is to make proper integration among the employee so that proper information can be shared to achieve the organizational objective. HRM also integrated to the strategic plans.

There are various level of manager and other designation and selection criteria also vary with the ability required for the post. It is also proposed that there should be a flexible structure of the selection and hiring the people that help the new HR manager to easy adopt the organization culture in HR department (Armstrong 2006)


Main purpose of the recruitment and selection is to search the appropriate people for the vacant place in organizations. Selection of the candidate is not only depends the techniques that have been deployed to select him but his skills, knowledge and attitude should also match the job description and strategy within the management style and culture of the organization (Leggs,2005)

The essence of the objectives is;

 To motivate the people for becoming a candidate for the offer post and Identify the appropriate place; There are various responsibility that should be clearly intimate to the people so that they can understand the job well. Specify about the tools and the techniques that can help the people to make to select right candidate at a low cost (Redman Wilkinson, 2009).


Clearly identify the position of the job and required skills for the job to select the appropriate people for the post. In selection process it is also undermined that what is the relation between the vacant post and other job place so that selected candidate can easily intimate about the other job because this helps the organization to reduce the turnover rate.


Main aim of any business organization is to develop its position in the market and also to expand the business structure so that company can grow and provide better services to the customer and employee as well.

Development of the organization is also depends over the selected candidate in organization (Martz, 2008). There are various articles have been presented that have shown the relation between the organizational development and the employee.

Organizational development is the outcomes of the employee efforts made at the work place. It is said that organizational development a systematic and planned approach to expand the business in terms of all the business dimensions.

Organizational development is the outcome of pre-planned and structures analysis of the business entity. Development of the business entity communicate the customer and the stake holders positively about the firms achievement (Rowland, Hilary, 2007)


In recent years, most of the organization is paying more attention over the selection and recruitment of the candidate. Main purpose of the organization is to manage the people to achieve the organizational objective but appropriate organizational development is not possible until and unless proper planning will be done to manage the human resources effectively (Pfetter, 2002).

Proper recruitment and selection help the organization to take long term benefit but also affect negatively if not selected properly. Company have to bear recruitment and conducting selection process (Cole,2002).

It is proposed that organization should more focus over the knowledge related to the selection in other economy and also adopt the tools and techniques that have been used to hire the candidate.

It is also proposed by the Human resource planner that before hiring the employee we should fully aware about the job requirement so that we can avoid the deviation of the required skills for the vacant post.(  Armstrong,2005)


There are various recruitment policies and procedures that vary in all the organization but these policies formulation should be free from emotions, sentiments and biases or in other word we can say that there should not be any subjective factor in policy formulation that can be a point of conflict in future (Oribabor, 2007).

Selection of the employee should be based on the skills required for the vacant place.  Consideration of the customer need, want and grievances should be kept in mind at the time of developing policies so that future conflicts can be avoided. We can summarize the point that should be include in recruitment and selection policies:

 designing an effective organizational structure

 staffing the structure with suitable people

 Defining work roles and relationships and

 Optimum working arrangements


Recruitment and selection is not only a theoretical terms in business but they are costly in practical. Company has to invest time and money to conduct the selection process to select the right people.

It is an expensive approach and some selection process require the deployment of the asset and techniques that are costlier in nature like online computer test which required computers for selecting the people other employees have to make commitment

that selected people have crossed all the parameters that have been applied in testing process and this investment of time to check the people is more valuable than money so it is not a child play but require investment of time and appropriate resources (Breadwell, 2007)

Although financial constraints is not matter when company focus over the selection of the best candidate because it will easily covered and company also having opportunity to check some more skills with the deployment of time and resources (Armstrong, 2007)


Main objective behind training and development is to avoid the rework and waste of time in the business activity. Selected Candidate may be experienced or not but it should be kept in mind that he is not aware about the organizational culture and the expectation of the company from his job that’s why company has to invest time and money at initial level to train him.

This is the initial life of the candidate in organization that require full of attention to learn some more things related to the job (Cole, 2002). The emphasis of development inclines to be mainly on an organization’s future manpower requirements, and secondly on the growth needs of the individuals in the workplace. (Cole, 2002)


Importance of the research methods will also discussed in this part of the study. In this part of the research chapter we will consider all the concepts with focusing over two things or in other word two questions will be main highlighter of the concept. One what is the things and why it is considering in this chapter? Introduction of the research will be first coverage of this chapter.

Now we will take some definition of the research that has been given by the research gurus and author of research books.


Research is systematic process to find something new and to get more knowledge about a particular subject. We have also taken some research definitions have been proposed by various researchers.

Research is throwing light over the specific topic with the intension to develop new insight from the available information and to implement that information to solving out the problem prevalent in society and considered areas.


Many kinds of research methods are available but selection of appropriate research method depends over the research problem and the objective which have been developed for research outcomes. In order to achieve the research objective proper selection of the research method are essential for the accurate findings of the research. This research is exploratory and descriptive in nature.


Data sources are the treasury of the information can be used for the development of the research. Authentication of the data is essential in turns of the data source are authentic for developing the research. If data sources are unethical then research cannot provide accuracy in research findings because it does not support the research objective.

Research cannot be imagined without data, so it is necessary that data sources should be suitable to make ethical research. This part of the research will throws light over the types of data sources. There are two kinds of data namely Primary and the secondary data. It is said that consideration of kinds of data are essential for the betterment of the research findings.


Primary data are considered as authenticated for the research study. It is said that this data make positive affect over the research study. Consideration of primary data in research increases the level of the accuracy in research findings and it can use in any kind of research study.


Secondary data have been collected from the books and the magazines and other authenticated journals which having proper record of the previous research findings. It is not a fresh data but already used in previous research and have been used as a supportive data in undertaking research.


Ethics always talk about the legal and authentic part of the research but sometimes researcher forget to keep in mind the research validation and make it illegal by doing some activity which should not be a part of the research study like developing sample without using any method or collection of data without making relevant questions for interviews.

It is expected by the research committee that research study is done by making best efforts of the research team and it is free from the illegality.


This is most important one in all the research because all the efforts from starting to last is dedicated for this chapter.

All above chapters are fully concentrate to get better findings from the research and all efforts made in the direction that can move towards the expected findings.

This chapter mainly deals with the analysis of the data that has been collected from the respondents to make decisions from the research. We analyze the data by using some statistical tools and techniques and these findings have been interpreted to make presentation in front of the research committee.

There are many software have been developed for the research to analyze the data and it took less time and provide instant result. In order to achieve the desired objective we have to focus over the selection of the appropriate techniques and tools for interpreting the result.

In this research data have been collected from the respondents those are working in HR department in service industry.


5.1 Conclusion

It is the summarize form of all the research which focus over the main facts of the research fact of the study that can have more elaboration to make large information in short period of time.

In introduction part of the research we have discussed about the company background and what king of service it is providing to the customer in their operating areas. Second chapter of the research focused over the past research and some HRM theories that are effective for the development of the research concept.

HR functions and some other responsibilities have been elaborated in this part of the research. Third chapter of this research is methodology that deals with the tools and techniques used to develop the research.

5.2 Recommendation

It is an important chapter to make the suggestion for the research by analyzing all the sides of the research findings to improve the research findings. Recommendations for the research are the set of guidelines that can make better analysis of the research while they considered.

Deployment of the filters and making more attraction by offering fruitful package to the candidates and if more candidate will apply for the post then there will be a more chance in the hand of organization for selecting the candidate.

There should be development of the more selection techniques in organization so that best candidate can be hired and understand the responsibility of their own position in a better manner.


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