Manage Meetings

BSBADM502 – Manage Meetings

Assessment 1: Written Questions

Answer 1.

Responsibilities of the Chairperson at the meeting

  • Move the discussion on the useful direction
  • Set the annual agenda for the Meeting
  • Analyze the performance of the CEO and the board members
  • Arrange the meeting in order
  • Records the minutes of the meeting
  • Ensure the accurate voting for any resolution

Answer 2.

Difference between formal and informal meetings:

  • A formal meeting is planned in order to discuss the specific subject or achieving a certain goal however informal meeting is causal in nature and not always planned.
  • The formal meeting has always fixed agenda to discuss whereas informal meetings have no requirement to have an agenda in place.
  • Formal meetings are conducted at a particular place and at a fixed time whereas informal meetings can happen anywhere at the point of time (Desimone et al., 2014)
  • Members of the formal meeting are the chairperson, the board of directors and the exertive however informal meeting can be just chit chat with among team member or it can be huddle in the team.
  • Minutes of the meeting are mandatory to record to record however no official language needs to be used in the informal

In relation to this, the Chairperson of the company determines the rules for the formal meetings.

Answer 3.

Meaning of the following:

Agenda:  it is a document that contains the objectives of the meeting and all the activities took place in the meeting in a sequence starting from sending the circular to the members and end to adjournment of the meeting.

Standing Orders: It is an instruction to the bank given by the account holder to transfer the fixed amount to another bank account normally to pay the utility bills (Nemeth et al., 2012).

Minutes: It is a document that records the information about what has happen during the meeting and what is next step has been mapped.

Motions: it is the official step raised by the meeting member to discuss or debate on the particular topic.

Amendments: Amendments refers to the official change in any legal document, law or contract that can add, remove and change the sections of such documents (Meyerand Müller , 2014.).

Points of Order: Point of order is an action done by the meeting member to notify the rules violation in the meeting.

Quorum: it is the set number of members that are compulsory to present in order to conduct the meeting.

Seconder: A person who supports the motion presented in the meeting to necessarily discuss.

Casting Vote: Casting vote is kind of written agreement or disagreements of the members that whether the resolution will be passed or not (Johnson, 2017).

Answer 4

Main methods of reaching a decision:

Command:  In this method of decision making, a person is able to make a sound decision by interpreting all the facts of the incident.

Advantage: There is no interference of the external factors.

Disadvantage: Decision maker does not invite the other thoughts over the incidents and takes the discoing individually.

Consensus: In this decision-making process, efforts are made to establish an agreement among all the members of the group so that everyone can accept the decision.

Advantage: it invites the thoughts and opinions of every group member.

Disadvantage: it is a time-consuming process and requires a detailed discussion of the facts.

Answer 5

Formal meeting minutes require the below information:

  • The agenda
  • Action Items
  • List of Attendees
  • The timing for the next meeting
  • Date and timing of the meeting
  • The signature line

Answer 6

Meeting type Description Technology
Face-to-Face Face to face meeting is wherein all the members come well prepared and discuss the agenda face to face Skype and Video conferencing can be used for face to face meeting.
Teleconferencing In teleconferencing people connect with each other using the telephone, it is also called a telephone meeting. It can be done through fiber optic systems and also accessed through OCLC and ERIC.
Web-conferencing It is the online system in which live meeting, conference, and training can be organized using the internet. It can be accessed through a VoIP connection.

Answer 7

Policies and procedures provide the guidelines for organizing the meeting in a well manner. At the same time, it ensures that every member of the meeting actively participates in the meeting.

It helps in making the decision effectively in consideration with all group members including, directors, CEO, and chairperson of the company (Gavron, 2017). Apart from this, policies and procedures ensure that the main agenda and threats of the company can discuss and resolve on time.

Answer 8.

Behavior Description Strategy to overcome
The Dominator A person who dominates the conversation. The best strategy is to overcome that listen to the dominator but do not encourage them to argue further and maintain the neutral expression.
The Withdrawer The withdrawal behaviour is recognized as the tendency to avoid the unfamiliar situations, people and place  This behaviour can be overcome by giving them emotional support and with treating with love and affection.
Side Conversations It takes place when two or more agents have a separate conversation with a particular group of people. Side conversation can be can be stopped by standing nearby them or by tacking them.
The Griper The gripper is the person who wants to complain about the incident in the meeting or missed the opportunity to do that. Best approach to handle them to so the separate discussions with them to improve their behavior
The Quiet Group The group of people who keep quiet in the meeting and do not participate in the meeting Keep the environment light of the meeting and start the meeting with the common objectives.
Groupthink It is a psychological phenomenon in which a well-intentioned group of people takes the irrational decision. Focus on individual responses rather than group opinion.
Dominant Personalities Dominant Personalities are those persons who want every situation in their control and favor. Only allow them to talk when it is their turn to speak and create boundaries regarding roles and responsibilities.
Social loafing It is the psychological phenomenon when an individual puts less efforts while working in the as compared to work individually. Assign the responsibilities and tasks individually to each group member.


Answer 9

The reason for distributing the minutes of the meeting within the designated timelines:

  • In order to circulate the information about the discussed topic
  • To maintain the proof of decision made in the meeting so that evidence can be referred in case of any confusion.
  • To officially announce the decision taken in the meeting.

Answer 10


Checklist for Minutes of Meetings

Items Yes No

Identified the objectives of the meeting

_ _
Surety for having the need of meeting _ _
Set the Agenda _ _
Selected the place for meeting _ _
Sent invitations _ _
Distributed the Agenda list to the  participants _ _


Answer 11

While filing the minutes of meeting below points needs to be considered:

Name of Participants: Minutes of the meeting must include the name of attendees who participated in the meeting. 

Agenda Items: In minutes of the meeting, the agenda of the meeting needs to be clearly mentioned this is discussed in the meeting (Hamer etc., 2012).

Decision made: it also includes the important decision made in the meeting.

Action Items: it must clarify the action items in details in order to execute the decision made.

Answer 12

Factors while selecting the place for the meeting:

  • Location and Accessibility: location of the meeting place must be accessible for every member to reach and participate.
  • Meeting room capacity: while selecting the place for meeting it is important to check the size and capacity of the room or hall.
  • Flow and layout of space: Selected place must enough space for social interactions and should not have the closed end corridors.
  • Room Flexibility: Meeting rooms must be flexible enough as per the number of participants.
  • Décor: Now compares are focusing on the decoration as per the meeting theme, so there must be basic decoration need to be done like well-painted room and fancy furniture etc (Calderoni, 2014).
  • Intelligent Staff: There must be intelligent and organized staff so that they can fulfill the requirement of the meeting members.
  • Price Flexibility: The hiring price of the meeting room must be negotiable according to the size of the room and numbers of members.
  • Quality Food: Quality of food must be good as per the attendee’s

Answer 13

In order to prepare the effective minutes of meeting minutes maker need to brief it to the chairperson and to make the meeting successful.  While briefing the minutes of meeting the action items and minutes of the meeting of previous meeting needs to be reviewed (Gutmann, 2016).

Similarly, minute’s maker must ask for a suggestion for the changes if any required to the chairperson. Also, clarify his doubts about the agenda or any meeting related point.

Assessment 2 Practical Demonstration & Observation

Task1. Prepare for meetings

Meeting: Staff Meeting
Date: 20/02/2019 Time: 11.00 AM
Venue: Meeting Room of Green Tree Retirement Home
Participants and roles: Evelyn Administration Manager
Francesco HR and Training Manager
Magnus Sales and Marketing Manager
Scott Operations Manager
Markus Team Leader
William Sr. HR Executive
Purpose: The purpose of this meeting is to focus on the ways to improve the employee’s performance in order to attract more customers towards the company.
Decision-making process: There are five steps of the decision-making process:

Step 1: Identify the Goal

Step 2: Gather Information for Weighing the Options

Step 3: Consider the Consequences

Step 4: Make the Decision

Step 5: Evaluate the Decision

Items for Discussion:
1.   Reasons for Bad Performance of Employees
2.   Other Reasons for Customer Dissatisfaction
3.   Problems of Serving the Customer With Effective Manner
4.   Ways to Overcome the Issues Related to Employee’s Performance
5.   Implementation Process of Determined Ways


Name of Meeting: Staff Meeting
Date: 20/02/2019 Number of Participants: Six Members
Location & Accessibility(include parking arrangements) Location is good as it is easily assessable for the employees. This place also has a sufficient parking area at which 20-25 cars can easily park. This place also has some basic amenities.
Venue contact details Francesco – HR and Training Manager.
Meeting room capacity 20 – 25 Members
Any participant special needs

 Name:  William (Sr. HR Executive)

Requirements: Needs an open chair as he has a fracture in its foot.
Layout of room Room area 30” by 25” has a rectangular table with 20 chairs.  It is fully AC room where all meetings are conducted. It also has CCTV cameras in the room
Equipment required There is a need for a projector that should be connected with the laptop. There is also a need for diaries and pens for the employees who will attend the meeting.
Room flexibility (will breakout sessions be included) No need for any kind of room flexibility
Budget Around $ 20,000 – $ 22,000 budget should be needed as some equipment and refreshment will be required in the meeting room. For the employees.
  Details Cost
Room Hire $ 5,000
Equipment Hire 1 Projector, 6 Laptops etc. $ 10,000
Food(whichever is relevant)
Arrival drinks Lime Juice $ 250
Table refreshments Smacks with Coffee $ 1,000
Morning Tea Ginger Tea $ 150
Lunch Normal Food $ 2,000
Afternoon Tea Masala Tea $150
Pre-dinner Finger Chips and Tandoori Platter $ 1,200
Dinner Normal Food $ 2,000


Task2. Conduct the Meeting

Role Play 1.

Under the meeting, my role will be Evelyn who is the administration manager in the Green Tree Retirement Home.  In this meeting, six other people will also take part and discuss the situation that is facing by Green Tree Retirement Home in order to attract new customers and retain the existing customers. In this roleplay, other characters such as HR and Training Manager that will be played by Francesco,

Sales and Marketing Manager that will be played by Magnus and the operation Manager that will be played by Scott who is new to Green Tree etc are also included. In this way, the discussion is defined below that will be discussed in the meeting.

While discussing the case of Green Tree Retirement Home, it has been determined that the company have to face the issues of attracting the customers and in the analysis of the situation, it is determined that employees of Green Tree are sufficient as well as efficient to performs their tasks due to lack of skills and an absence of effective training of them.

In this concern, Magnus also feels sad because its team is unable to achieve his set targets.  Moreover, Magnus puts all the blames on the outcomes of poor recruitment and training as well as the lack of good policies and the procedure under the meeting. In a similar case, Francesco dominates the meeting through its statements in which he does not accept the Magnus’s blames.

In addition to meeting discussion, the customer’s feedbacks are also discussed in which it is clearly identified that customers are not happy with the services of Green Tree Retirement Home’s employees.

In this way, all the members within the meeting discuss all the issues such as lack of communication, lack of time responsive behavior, the absence of helping behavior and presence of non-friendly behavior of employees.

These issues are the main concern of the members because due to these issues, the company is unable to retain existing employees and attracting new employees. After that, all the members such as Evelyn, Francesco, and Magnus discuss the ways that can be adopted by them within Green Tree Retirement Home so that all the issues related to customer services can be resolved.

In this, it can be decided that employee’s training and hiring of skilled employees will be held under the company. This will be helpful to overcome the customer’s issues that have been faced by them while visiting Green Tree Retirement Home.

Role Play2.

After conducting the first role play of formal meeting, the second roleplay is for an informal meeting with Scott who is new to Green Tree Retirement House. He is performing his responsibilities as an operation manager.

In this roleplay, a discussion is conducted with Scott in order to discuss its company operations as How he is setting into the company and what assistance he needs. In this regards, an email is given below:

To: Mr. Scott (Operation Manager)

From: Evelyn – Administration Manager

Date: February 21st, 2019.

Subject: Discussion about setting into the company and required assistance.

 Greetings to Mr. Scott,

I am writing to you today to confirm the discussion that has been taken by other team members in the staff meeting. Under that meeting, the problem factors were discussed related to the company which is facing the problem in attracting the customers and retaining them.

I would like to tell you that it has been found after analyzing the relevant factors under Green Tree Retirement Home that company is facing several issues due to lack of effective customer services. In this concern, we found some solutions for dealing with this situation and today,

I am going to tell you about these solutions that will be implemented by you with the help of Francesco who is the HR in the company. In these solutions, employee’s training and new hiring of the skilled employee is important that will be effective to overcome these identified issues. So, I am hoping you to cooperate with your team members. Wish you all the best for your bright future with Green Tree Retirement House.


Evelyn (Administration Manager)


Task3. Meeting Follow – UP

Meeting Minute: Green Tree Retirement Home
Location: Green Tree Retirement Home

Date: 23 Feb. 2019

Time: 01.00 PM


1.         Evelyn – Administration Manager

2.         Francesco – HR and Training Manager

3.         Magnus – Sales and Marketing Manager

4.         Scott – Operations Manager

Agenda Items:

1.     Reasons for Bad Performance of Employees

2.     Other Reasons for Customer Dissatisfaction

3.     Problems of Serving the Customer With Effective Manner

4.     Ways to Overcome the Issues Related to Employee’s Performance

5.     Implementation Process of Determined Ways

Action Items:

1. Conduct Effective Training program

2. New Hiring of Skilled Employees

3. Develop the Ethical Environment in the Company

4. Motivate Employees to Reflect Responsive Behaviour

5. Encourage employees to perform Effective Customer Services

Other Notes:

In order to manage the company’s effectiveness, the manager’s needs to keep the additional focus on the company’s environment in which customers can feel satisfied and more comfortable.


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