BSS052-6 Project and Operations Management Assignment Sample


The project here is about the total work that is undertaken to complete a project in a proper and organized manner. The focus area for this project is to plan in detail the ways to organize a successful event. The analytical and qualitative aspects have both been included in this project. The successful conduction of an event needs the efficient cooperative work of various key holders. This has been analyzed in this project with the help of various models like work breakdown structures and risk registers.

The critical path diagram, activity list, network diagram, and Gantt chart have been used to analyze the flow of the project. The whole project has been broken down into subsections and the goals of each of these sections are given through the deliverables. This project also includes a quality plan to keep a check on achieving the desired quality goals for this project. Finally, the lessons that have been learned will be elaborately discussed so that they can be taken help from in the future.

Business case

Business options and alternatives

Creating several types of charity is one of the most important responsibilities for a renowned company. Comic relief hosts charity events with the purpose of doing social work, attracting consumers, and getting some tax relief from the government. As cited by Jones et al. (2020), hosting a charity event is a social responsibility for any business organisation. Different kinds of charity events are hosting book distribution to needy students, fun walks for senior citizens, feeding street animals, hosting cultural events, sponsoring local youth teams in sports, and raising money for the needy. Charities are a part of CSR that starts with some objective to get future benefits.

Agile is a method of managing projects that split a project into small parts to make it simple for a user. Agile method provides quality products and improves forecasting power of the company. This method gives better control to the user and satisfies more customers than other methods (Aithal, 2017). Agile methodology will be used in this project management.

BSS052-6 Project and Operations Management Assignment Sample

Figure 1: Agile methodology

(Source: Jones et al. 2020)


  • Raising funds to meet short term or long term goals to help someone financially.
  • Raising some awareness issues for the community by hosting exhibitions, publishing a newsletter every month.
  • Main motive of hosting a charity event is to connect with people to conquer trust and love for Comic relief.
  • Planting trees to save the environment.
  • Welfare of local people must be a vital purpose for Comic relief.


  • Charity creates a reputation of a business and makes their feet strong in competition.
  • Brand value of any company increases by hosting charity events.
  • A charitable company gets psychological benefits from consumers.
  • Charity is one type of publicity for a company (Borusiak and Paluchova, 2018)
  • Charity makes the employee morale strong and motivates them for work.
  • Relations with the public get better through charity events.


  • First company has to identify the objective of charity and have to choose a proper name for the charity.
  • Company has to make sure that the public gets benefits from that charity.
  • Comic relief has to choose a proper structure to make charity successful.
  • Public support is required to host the event.
  • A company has to find a trustee for raising funds.

Stakeholder’s analysis and roles

Stakeholder Roles
Senior manager Senior manager makes the strategy of the company according to future goals and ensures success for company.
Company owner According to Plerhoples (2017), owner of company never participates in day to day work but always keeps eyes on the company and manages the whole company.
Resource manager Resource manager ensures all the resources that are needed for the company are available on time.
government Government always tries to provide a perfect competition in the market and protect consumers as well as vendors from fraud.
Team member Team members’ role is to work efficiently with other team members and increase productivity.
staff Duty of staff is to accomplish day to day roles without any error.
investor Investors follow the growth of a company and promote growing companies by investing.
supplier Suppliers’ role is to increase liquidity of a company by providing goods on credit.

Table 1: Stakeholders analysis and roles

(Source: Created by the researcher)


BSS052-6 Project and Operations Management Assignment Sample

Figure 2: Stakeholders’ matrix

(Source: MS Visio)

Work Breakdown Structure

BSS052-6 Project and Operations Management Assignment Sample

Figure 3: WBS

(Source: MS Word)

A work breakdown structure generally executes an overview of the whole planning at a glance of a project to indicate the next presumed moves to follow. In this plan, the charity event by Comic Relief is going to be organized for the noble cause of fundraising to help others. The plan is broken into small detailed steps to avoid making mistakes in taking decisions while finding a particular task to complete. As per the opinion of Nasution (2021), in order to maintain the planning properly, this task is divided into 6 parts and the 6 parts get divided into its subtasks to ignore the resistance of any mistakes while the event will be executed. Planning and supervision of the event would be helpful for the management and the client both to have an overview of the upcoming doings.

The venue with equipment to serve the event is charted to follow accordingly step by step to avoid any unknown situation. Decoration in the event is prefixed as when the day comes to the door, there should not be anything to worry about. Every step of completing the event should be followed neatly to overcome any unwanted situation. In accordance with the statement of Klaorina and Suprasto (2019), an event needs a host to control every move step by step to carry forward the function and to arrange the audience with entertainment. Guests should be coordinated properly with the service of what they need. The wheel of the function is the staff that controls every small task to a fair completion of it. They would manage the event with care and act like the work will be going to finish without any problem.

Activity list and Gantt chart

Task Name Duration Start Finish Predecessors
Planning and Supervision 20 days 9/1/2021 9/28/2021
Planning 10 days 9/1/2021 9/14/2021
Budget 5 days 9/15/2021 9/21/2021 2
Hoarded fund 5 days 9/22/2021 9/28/2021 3
Venue and Equipment 16 days 9/29/2021 10/20/2021
Site 3 days 9/29/2021 10/1/2021 4
Tables and chairs 3 days 10/4/2021 10/6/2021 6
Settings and Utensils 5 days 10/7/2021 10/13/2021 7
Decoration 5 days 10/14/2021 10/20/2021 8
Food and beverages 12 days 10/21/2021 11/5/2021
Menu 2 days 10/21/2021 10/22/2021 9
List of Shopping 2 days 10/25/2021 10/26/2021 11
Cooking 7 days 10/27/2021 11/4/2021 12
Serving 1 day 11/5/2021 11/5/2021 13
Host 15 days 11/8/2021 11/26/2021
Invitation 2 days 11/8/2021 11/9/2021 14
Transport 2 days 11/10/2021 11/11/2021 16
Coordinate Topics 6 days 11/12/2021 11/19/2021 17
Back Up 5 days 11/22/2021 11/26/2021 18
Guest 12 days 11/29/2021 12/14/2021
Guest list 5 days 11/29/2021 12/3/2021 19
RSVPs 5 days 12/6/2021 12/10/2021 21
Name tag 2 days 12/13/2021 12/14/2021 22
Staff 22 days 12/15/2021 1/13/2022
Shoppers 10 days 12/15/2021 12/28/2021 23
Serving 1 day 12/29/2021 12/29/2021 25
Host 1 day 12/30/2021 12/30/2021 26
Electrician 7 days 12/31/2021 1/10/2022 27
Cleanup 3 days 1/11/2022 1/13/2022 28

Table 2: Activity List

(Source: MS Project)

The activity list shows the proper time management with help to schedule the time according to the small tasks to complete. The Gantt chart is just a pictorial form of representation of the whole planning. In the list, there is everything to know about the estimated time segments with their finished date. The event is properly arranged as a quick see of the planning hierarchy to understand the plan of action.  As per the citation of Soares et al. (2019), a list of attributes of the charity event are important to ignore any of these, and to think about completing the event would be possible when every point would meet its destination. An activity needs sudden movement and in this case, a charity event is important to be active properly because anytime anything unimaginable problems can happen.

In the list there are many entities that would be served by each handler and the tasks would be divided into more staff to control any situation. A list of activities helps in being flexible at doing tasks and encourages them to do them with speed. The balance of the event should remain intact as it is a charity event not a party to enjoy and the staff should be eligible enough to tackle any situation. An ambiance of the charity event should be taken care of as there would-be guests and so many people moving to and fro. The host is the mouth that the event would listen to as the host would also be provided with the tasks list (Papke-Shields and Boyer-Wright, 2017).

Activity lists help in getting a general idea of what is going to be done in the event of the process. Gantt chart divides every task with a proper time break to maintain the flow of the project. The objective of completing each task with proper timing and manners would help the company to step a stair to the top (McClory et al. 2017).

BSS052-6 Project and Operations Management Assignment Sample

Figure 4: Gantt chart

(Source: MS Project)

Network Diagram with Critical path

BSS052-6 Project and Operations Management Assignment Sample

BSS052-6 Project and Operations Management Assignment Sample

BSS052-6 Project and Operations Management Assignment Sample

BSS052-6 Project and Operations Management Assignment Sample

BSS052-6 Project and Operations Management Assignment Sample

Figure 5: Network Diagram with Critical path

(Source: MS Project)

Budget Costing

Task Name Estimated Budget (£)
Planning 2000
Venue and Equipment 7000
Tables and chairs 1000
Settings and Utensils 5000
Decoration 4000
Food and beverages 6000
Cooking 2000
Serving 1000
Host 2000
Invitation 1000
Transport 1500
Back Up 1000
Staff 3000
Shoppers 1000
Serving 1500
Electrician 1500
Cleanup 1000
TOTAL 41500

Table 3: Estimated Budget

(Source: Created by Researcher)

The budget is the main issue before conducting a plan or project in the future. It holds the value where a project management company needs to make it up within the time limit. The charity event program has a budget of a maximum of 75000 pounds from 1000 pounds to cover edge by edge of the hap. The budget estimation to conduct the plan is 41500 pounds to satisfy all the entities over the project management plan. As per the statement of Sharon and Dori (2017), as the plan is divided by segments then the budget estimation becomes easier to anticipate how much money to invest in each segment. The resources are available and the staff of the management team would do according to the budget plan. In this charity event program, everything is calculated to exceed hardly any resources.

The charity is going to be done at a budget-friendly cost of completing it within the estimated value. Costs in the segments are predefined for the client to give them as a tempting choice to be taken instantly (Nurre and Weir, 2017). A quotation of 41500 pounds to cover the event is a quickly accepted deal to make it complete in the given time at the activity lists and Gantt chart.

Risk Register

Risks Priority Severity Impact Mitigation Strategy
Technical Fault High High High As argued by Jones et al. (2020), immediately implementation of the standby backup support should be kept ready in advance.
Employee Turnover High Medium Medium Employees who have left the project should be replaced by those from another project, which is in the stage of completion (Yang et al. 2017).
Improper Leadership High High High To keep the next suitable person ready in the line of succession so that a bad leader can immediately be replaced.
Material Shortage Medium Medium Medium The material should be ordered more than the requirement. This will help solve the problem in case of a shortage (Mayblin and James, 2019).
Lack of punctuality Medium Medium Medium According to Gotea and Roşculeţ (2019), unpunctual employees should be recognized at the beginning of the project so that they can be replaced quickly without causing much damage to the project.
Bad weather Conditions Low Low Low Backup plan should be kept ready to shift the total project indoors if bad weather conditions persist for too long (Erlandsson et al. 2017).
Transport Problem Medium Low Low As per Mikołajczewsa and Friedberg (2018), extra vehicles than required should be kept ready at hand. This will prevent disruption to a huge extent if a problem arises.
Lack of cooperation among the members Medium Medium Medium Team members for this project should be selected from members who have good rapport among themselves. This will solve the problem a lot. Then also if the problem persists then those employees should be selected who have worked together in the past (Bagheri et al. 2019).

Table 4: Risk Register

(Source: Created by Researcher)

Analysis of the Risk Register

The risk register above gives an analysis of some of the major glitches that can occur in a project. Nothing in this world can go on as smoothly as has been planned. Generally, one or the other problem pops up while we go through a task. This is a very important consideration especially in the case of a project because it has to meet certain pre-determined objectives within a very limited time scale (Erlandsson et al. 2017). Thus keeping a risk register in hand helps to solve many problems when they may arise. The major problems need to be sorted out first and accordingly; the register should be made to mitigate them in times of crisis.

Technical Fault- This unavoidable problem can occur in any project where digital help is sought. In this project scenario, the objective is to conduct a successful charity event. As argued by Jones et al. (2020), digital presentations will play a major role to bring in the required money for the charitable organization. Therefore, proactive measures should be taken to ensure that a good impression is created in front of the patrons of Comic Relief.

Employee Turnover- The employees in this project will do their respective jobs in the required ways to ensure a smooth hosting of the charitable event for Comic Relief. The employees may sometimes show signs of dissatisfaction due to their personal or work-related jobs. However, this cannot be tolerated in the case of a project as it can be done in regular jobs. Thus, a backup team who are well aware of the tasks in the required project should be kept on standby (Yang et al. 2017).

Improper Leadership- According to Bagheri et al. (2019), the leader will drive the project forward like the captain of a ship. However, due to certain unavoidable circumstances like sickness etc., the leader or manager may not complete the task in time. In that case, a similar person who has been well briefed about the project should be kept ready to take the helm of the project when required.

Material Shortage- This is an important aspect of any project and excess materials should be kept ready to mitigate any shortage problem if it may occur (Mayblin and James, 2019).

Lack of punctuality- These kinds of employees should be recognized as soon as possible and discharged as soon as possible to reduce complications as soon as possible.

Bad weather Conditions and Transport Problem- This problem can be easily solved if alternative sources of arrangement are kept ready (Erlandsson et al. 2017).

Lack of cooperation among the members- This kind of problem is best sorted out with the help of those people who have experience of working together on any previous projects.

Quality plan

Quality of measures Frequency How Target
Effectiveness 2 weeks Communicate effectively with the poor people. Train and develop the employees and avoid distraction.
Safety 3 weeks Make sure about the right tools of the employees. Inspection of the regular equipment.
Timelines 1 week Keep goals clear and focused. Keep focused on the right expectation.
Health centeredness 2 weeks Improve the health of every member that is included in the project. Address the member’s physical requirement.

Table 5: Quality Plan

(Source: Created by Researcher)

The main plan of the Comic relief charity is to help the poor people of the world. Money has deposited by the government, which is only used for the development of the poorest people in the world. As per the opinion of the Ahmad et al. (2018), generally, it is a bunch of documents that always express the standard or the quality of the particular product. The quality plan always describes the customer’s conformity. From the quality plan, it is easy to understand that the specific project can be done at a proper time and the project can be completed under budget. The quality plan also depended on the stakeholder’s needs or requirements. It is also helpful to fulfil the requirements of the stakeholders. Some many children or communities do not have any education plan and they are working in unsafe and complacent places.

From this environment, their earning is too little, from that situation Comic Relief wants to help both these people and the community. Apart from that Comic relief also increases their crops for increasing the growth of the food for the poor people and community. Not only that, they have their own animal to fur and meat for the poorest people. As cited by   Butler et al. (2018), apart from that every corps can know about the communication process that is also developing the workforce management. As result communication is one of the most important things that is always supportive for Comic Relief Charity. For better communication, they took help from the many advertisement channels and newspapers. The corps of the charity always wants to develop their advertisement for the poor people and poorest community who do not get any support from the society.

Apart from that, the poor people do not have any homes to take shelter. After that expert and efficient corps of the charity, they are always conscious about helping the poor people. As influenced by Fahimnia et al. (2019), after that Comic Relief also put in millions of pounds for helping the poor people. Comic Relief was established in 1985 and it was founded to tackle injustice and tackle poverty in some areas of the world. The main aim of the charity is to develop the consciousness of the various problems that people are faced with daily. The target of the charity is to increase the money through comedy and develop the people’s lives. The most famous “Red Nose Day” was also inaugurated by the Comic Relief Charity in 1988. After that Comic Relief has the particular properties for the young people and children around the world.

Lessons Learnt from the project

Lesson learned is one of the most ongoing parts throughout the life of the project. That type of mindset should always be encouraged by the managers from day one. Learning is one of the knowledge gained processes. As per the opinion of the Gupta et al. (2019), this includes positive and negative types of ideas at the time of continuing the project. It is also helpful for describing the project to the audience, which may also be helpful for the individual organization and the employees. From the very beginning of the project risk assessment is one of the most valuable parts for overcoming the difficulties and problems. There is a strategic side of the risk assessment; it describes the organization’s improvement result with the help of project management methodology.

Apart from that discussion is one of the most important factors in every organization. As a result, doubt has been cleared by the discussion process. As cited by Gunasekaran et al. (2019), it is also helpful for every organization to develop the performance. Some ways of discussion may also be helpful for the lessons learned; these are to work smarter, not harder. That means a clear strategy of the most important activities that are also helpful for productivity improvement and it is also helpful for the development and the performance of the organization. Everyone is conscious of their work and they always know that working smarter is not harder. First, identify the most important activities that help to stay focused. To start working smarter, not harder set up the most important three tasks to stay focussed.

BSS052-6 Project and Operations Management Assignment Sample

Figure 6: Lesson learned in project management

(Source: Wuest and Westkämper, 2018)

It is important to work smarter, not harder for every situation. As a result, the employees are more focused on their job, and the job will be finished on time (Kontogiannis et al. 2017). (BSS052-6 Project and Operations Management Assignment Sample)


BSS052-6 Project and Operations Management Assignment Sample

Figure 7: Project management lesson learned

(Source: Gunasekaran et al. 2019)

After that, always support the team to complete the task appropriately and with a realistic deadline. After that, communicate clearly to check that the team keeps communication lines open if documents are maintained properly and lessons learned to disclose the powerful method of a particular idea for the development of the work process. As per the opinion of Lenz et al. (2018), on the other hand operations safety, quality of the product, and cost-effectiveness is one of the greatest things that also improve the project management process. Decision-making plans also increase the productivity of the organization. It is also helpful for the performance development of the organization. Sharing the experience is one of the greatest decisions for the employees. That is also helpful for overcoming the difficulties of the individual organization. Apart from that, the performance index is also helpful for every organization.


The various models have been used to find out the cost and the time that will be required in this project. Then focus has been given to the various risks that may come up in this project and understanding the ways to solve them. The key events are very important for the success of any project. If these projects can be identified and have proper plan B ready to solve them, there are high chances for the successful conclusion of the project. The quality of a project done establishes the reputation of the concerned company. If the charity event gets successfully organized for Comic Relief then it will bring in more such projects.


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