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Innovative retail frameworks have been initiated by the Amazon research and development team to evaluate global accessibility in Amazon’s financial performance. In this regard, it can be viewed that application of the sound technology facilitated the mobilization of e-commerce technology to increase its sustainable performances. Implementation of the operational management prospects and application of the international development policies has helped in concentrating financial certainty and increment into the operational management within Amazon inc. An increase in the qualitative performances and adequate estimation of the financial techniques may facilitate in maintaining sustainable approaches to the financial viability of the business performances. Keeping in mind, it can be said that Amazon relies on small sellers and is focused on maintaining the operational demand of its market projections. The role of operational management in decision-making areas, an adaptation of sustainable practices, and a theoretical discussion will be conducted in this report.

Critical discussion on relevant operational management areas

Effect of operational management in Amazon

The marketing strategy of Amazon is dependent on its revenue model and operational management strategies (, 2021). In this regard, it can be viewed that net sales of Amazon have increased to $108.518 million for the operational year 2021 which was increased by more than 43.8 % in that specific period (, 2021). As argued by Ashraf et al. (2020), development into the business performances and operational vitality into the business structure have to be modified based on the financial stability in its business as well as specific progression in the market. Overall growth in its operational services and adequate usages of operational management tools facilitate the profitable projection and determination of sustainable growth in Amazon. [Referred to Appendix 1]

The positive impact of the prospects of the operational management has been observed in the operational performances of Amazon as a result overall sales have been increasing successively. Key operational approaches within Amazon inc are based on innovative approaches, technological mobilization, marketable sustainability, and financial developments in its operational projects. As criticized by Prusek et al. (2018), an increase in the productivity and classification of the financial approaches may help in increasing strategic benefits and managerial performance of the business. It can be viewed that during the last five years revenue of Amazon has increased by 185% as a result it is expected to increase to $387 billion in 2020 (, 2021). An increase in the net sales and development in operational structure is considered as a specific implementation of the operational management policies in its business. Referred to Appendix 2]

Operational management decision areas within Amazon inc

Location strategy of Amazon inc

Ecommerce techniques and their sustainable practices have been applied to increase operational performances and overall business stability in its business. Classification of the business development and increase in its positive business approach may help in incrementing operational projections in its business. Regular accessibility of operational resources and adequate supply of raw materials is considered as one of the most effective areas that can help in increasing operational viability in Amazon inc (, 2021). As viewed by Bortoluzzi et al. (2017), discussion of the operational management and industrial fluctuation in the business areas may be adequately impacted by the operational channels of the business. On the other hand, the establishment of the warehouses at the fundamental areas of its business can help in developing specific growth in its business areas.

Operational management decision areas within Amazon inc

Figure 1: Operational management decision areas within Amazon inc

(Source: Bortoluzzi et al. 2017)

Inventory management of Amazon inc

Optimal inventory services have been maintained in the operational and strategic functional areas of its marketing developments. From time-to-time inventory approaches and sustainable developments have to be implemented based on successful valuation and determination of the operational stability in the business. Adaptation of the marginal approaches and determination of the strategic approaches can be implemented to increase positive financial techniques in its business. As argued by Azcarate et al. (2017), tactical mobilization and classification of the marketing ability have to be maintained to increase necessary financial and operational developments in its business. Determination of the classical approaches and implementation of the just-in-time inventory management policies facilitated in developing operational stability in its business activities (, 2021).

The process design of Amazon inc

Optimized product techniques and capability of Amazon need to be enhanced to increase effiencncy of operations. Extensive automated approaches have been developed to increase productivity in the operational structures and ensure faster delivery of services or products. For example, implementation of ordering processes with the help of AI and Cloud has improved the overall operational process of the company. It can be argued that sustainable approaches have been followed by Amazon Inc to design the operations. As argued by Reed et al. (2018), classification of the productive approaches and determination of the sustainable practices helped in increasing operational viability and increase in the justified developments in its business. In contrast, it can be viewed that the capacity of the company can be increased through automated ordering processes and procedures. [Referred to Appendix 3]

Theoretical discussion on operational management areas

Behavioural management theory

Behavioural management theory


Figure 2: Behavioural management theory

(Source: Shults et al. 2018)

In this theory of operational management, it can be viewed that productive usage of the financial stability and workers need to be motivated to increase specific strategic developments into the business. The needs and interests and dynamics of the company have to be strategically maintained to increase sustainable business approaches within Amazon inc. As argued by Shults et al. (2018), simulation into the marketing approaches and developments in the business structures can help the company to have better understanding of the operations. In this regard, it can be viewed that managerial productivity and technological approaches have to be increased to make necessary modifications in its business viability. In this regard, behavioural management and adequate maintenance of the financial policies will help in increasing Amazon’s operational stability.

Scientific Management theory

Scientific management theory

Figure 3: Scientific management theory

(Source: Paramboor and Ibrahim,  2018)

Innovative approaches and sustainable policies have to be developed as it will help in increasing operational effeciancy of the business. Developmental approaches and modifications are necessary to maintain business stability which can help in incrementing operational speed. As criticized by Paramboor and Ibrahim (2018), necessary implementation and change in the financial practices can help in modifying business projections and accumulative techniques. On the other hand, it can be said that justification and specific implementation can help in developing the operational growth of Amazon inc.

Human relation theory

Human relation theory

Figure 4: Human relation theory

(Source: Bellin et al. 2019)

Constant workers’ motivation and sustainable development into the operational business have to be generated as it helps in maintaining strategic growth and operational viability into the business. As criticized by Bellin et al. (2019), the establishment of human relations and justifications into the financial approaches have to be maintained to increase adequate viability and specific accumulation into the retail activities. Projections and information sustainable approaches have to be utilized to maintain accurate developments in the business. It can be argued that only when a company has a good operatin structure in which all information are shared, then the company would be able to reap better benefits.

4V model in Amazon inc

Operational management aspects may not be adequately connected with the financial performances and strategic fundamental policies in its business. Significant growth and operational modifications are considered as the two most effective parts for maintaining sustainable progressions into fundamental management. The relevant approach in this study is to concentrate on sustainable developments and specific modifications into the operational management viability of Amazon inc. As expressed by Ganeriwala et al. (2019), determination of the residual progression and maintenance of operational viability can help in increasing fundamental viability into the business. In this regard, it can be viewed that Amazon inc can concentrate on maintaining supply channels performances and effective visualization of its financial approaches. Determination of the necessary tools such as automation, blockchain, AI and machine learning can help in maintaining operational stability and productive approaches in Amazon inc.

The volume of Amazon inc in operational management

Adaptation of the 4V model into operational management is associated with evaluating operational approaches and sustainable viability in business activities. Improvement into the financial performances and growth in the sustainable market practices can be ensured as it helps in utilizing sustainable development and specific financial approaches into the business techniques. Volume dimension model can be used to incur a decrease in the operational costs and make specific changes in the operational management prospects of Amazon inc. As argued by Wang and Li (2018), implementation of the selective model and speculative justification into the business factors can help in increasing overall certain performances. Huge quality of operational production has been maintained by the volume model. The productivity of an organization can be maintained by the application of a volume dimension model.

Variation of Amazon inc in operational management

The variation model is associated with designing the overall products of Amazon inc as it can be maintained to increase the overall developmental analysis of its operational strengths. The research and development team of Amazon inc is constantly associated with visualizing the financial sustainability and demand structure of a company’s operation areas. As discussed by Ganeriwala et al. (2019), evaluation of the productive approaches and critical analysis of the business have to be measured to make necessary implementation into the business. On the other hand, a higher value proposition and implemented design of the products can be determined to increase productivity in the financial sectors. Chain value and brand image of Amazon plc can be maintained based on the financial visualization and operational projection into the business areas.

4V model of operational management

Figure 5: 4V model of operational management

(Source: Zelaia et al. 2017)

Variety of Amazon inc in operational management

Greater functionality and strategic development within Amazon inc can be maintained to increase adequate justification and resource management into the necessary business operational areas. Profitability and effective sustainability of the strategic viability of a business can be maintained as it helps in justifying financial viability and specific operational viability into the business. As criticized by Zelaia et al. (2017), effective constitutional models and determinations of the necessary sustainability can help in increasing productional approaches into the business. On the other hand, it can be viewed that location strategy and accumulation classification have to be maintained to increase operational sustainability and strategic developments in its business factors.

Visibility of Amazon inc in operational management

Visibility is the last factor of the 4 V’s model of operational management as an increase in the financial structure and justifications into the business area have to be maintained to increase productivity in its operational performances. As narrated by Zarate et al. (2020), sensitive analysis of the financial prospects and strategic progression may help in developing overall financial structure and marketing projections into the business activities. In contrast, after-sales services and adaptation of the financial approaches can be maximized to increase productivity in its financial approaches.

Improvement in operational management

Utilizing sequential pattern inflow management

Sequential policies and sustainable marketing approaches have to be modified to increase managerial structure and operational utilization processes in its financial structure. Adaptation of the sustainable issues and classification of the marketable securities can be used to visualize operational stability in Amazon inc. As argued by Lebedev et al. (2020), specific improvements in the production methods and utilization of the justified techniques can help in increasing strategic developments in the business policies. In addition, it can be developed that the development of necessary communicative tools and visualization of the sustainable practices can help in improving operational stability and technological viability into the business prospects. Optimization of the financial certainty and development in the business policies will generate sustainability into the operational management in its business.

Implementation of the justified approaches

Productive implementation of the developed strategies can be considered as vital areas that can be used for making strategic growth into the operational management prospects. Adequate steps and operational management factors have to be maintained as it helps in maintaining strategic growth into the key business areas. As criticized by Jang et al. (2018), adequate improvements into the information systems and necessary implementation into the marketing areas have to be maintained. On the other hand, decisions points and sustainable research areas have to be demonstrated to evaluate financial stability and the operational viability within Amazon inc. Innovative implementation and necessary business approaches will need to be implemented to increase operational viability and target marketing objectives into the key business factors.

Improvement in operational management

Figure 6: Improvement in operational management

(Source: Lebedev et al. 2020)

Reduction in material movement

Non-value-added activity and specific classification into business viability have to be justified to increase materialistic movement within operational management procedures of the business activities. Unnecessary movement into the financial structure and strategic movement in the business prospects have to be utilized to maintain necessary financial performances into the business. As argued by Trojanowska et al. (2018), optimal manufacturing procedures and an increase in the operational procedures will help in maintaining strategic performances in operational management. Operating costs of Amazon inc have to be minimized as strategic growth and operational sustainability may be adequate according to the overall business performance. The parity between demand and total supply has to be utilized to increase marketing approaches, financial growth, and marketing utilization procedures in the key business activities.

Application of the bottleneck management policies

Specific utilization of the bottleneck managerial policies will help in developing operational stability and marketing approaches in its business techniques. Implementation of the sustainable factors and application of the necessary financial areas may help in concentrating strategic factors and adequate growth within Amazon inc. As criticized by Kiprotich et al. (2018), an adaptation of the quality managerial strategies and appropriate mobilization into the key business factors needs to be maintained to increase justified developments into the business areas. On the other hand, it can be developed that the overall systematic operational capability of an organization can be increased based on the maximization of utility in its business structures.

Optimization of inventory management

Optimization of inventory management and resources will need to be used in a specific manner as it facilitates developing sustainable practices into the financial projections’ Sustainable approaches into the key business prospects have to be implemented as it helped in developing the overall financial viability of Amazon inc. As argued by Peker et al. (2017), adequate maintenance into the financial prospects and marketing developments into the business areas will help in developing the financial viability of Amazon inc. In this regard, it can be developed that minimization of the overall inventory, adequate implementation of the flexible factors will need to be increased to maintain sustainable practices within Amazon inc.


Based on the above discussion, it can be stated that different areas of operational management and its tools can help increase financial sustainability within Amazon inc. Implementation of the sustainable viability and determination of the specific financial tools helped maintain operational projections within Amazon inc, Location strategy, inventory management, and productive utilization of the financial techniques and specific approaches needed to be utilized to maintain sustainable approaches. In this regard, it can be viewed that 4 V’s operations management model has to be strategically implemented to visualize justified approaches and fundamental business techniques within a company. The emergence of the financial approaches and specification of the key business factors can help in incrementing operational services within Amazon inc. Implementation of the innovative strategy and classification of the financial approach helped in increasing the managerial efficiency of Amazon inc. Adaptation of the key specific factors will facilitate in modifying its operational prospects.

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Appendix 1: Growth in the operational management of Amazon

Growth in the operational management of Amazon


(Source:, 2021)

Appendix 2: Revenue of Amazon in last five years

Revenue of Amazon in last five years

(Source:, 2021)

Appendix 3: Fluctuations in international revenue of Amazon inc

Fluctuations in international revenue of Amazon inc

(Source:, 2021)


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