BSS060-6 Project Management Assignment

Executive Summary

In this project the analysis of PRINCE2 methodology and its implications have been undertaken for the Taunton Warehouse project of Super Market X. The significance of the project objectives is to gain a strong supply chain and also develop an effective team and unit in a single site with customer value. The resources and employee transfer have been analysed under the methodology according to the budget and timescale that has been stated for the overall project. Risks that disrupt the project need to be mitigated with the analysis of the risk register and taking new strategies and action under the different methodologies. Thus, PRINCE2 has been a helpful methodology to maintain manageable and controllable stages under the project. Comparison and clear justification of selection of PRINCE2 over Agile and PMBOK has also been analysed under the project.

1. Introduction

Project methodology can be defined as a practice by which all the rules and regulations of a project can be forecasted with greater reliability. PRINCE2 (Project in Controlled Environments) methodology ensures better feasibility for any business project by delivering process based methods. Various government and non-government sectors of UK have used this project management method for its simplicity and easy application criteria. In this study, Taunton Warehouse Project is elaborated and practical implementation of PRINCE2 methodology is also discussed. The aim of this study is to describe effective notions of PRINCE2 methodology and future recommendations can also be provided for business community.

2. Main Body

2.1 Project Details of   Taunton warehouse

The project institutes different objectives and management procedures for the new warehouse contract in Taunton, England that has been undertaken by Super Market X. The contract for the composite warehouse is for five-years and the warehouse is 860,000 sq. ft. in area. Supermarket X has 400 stores and over 32,000 employees and the company now requires a new supply chain management warehouse for the overall operations within minimum costs. The main objectives of the project for Taunton warehouse is to enhance the supply chain, manage units under one site and also gain migration of employees and resources.

The project requires better project initiatives for the overall management of costs and risks of migration of employees. The old sites have also been decided to close and migration of ambient, chill and frozen facilities to new sites. TUPE transfer has also been undertaken in this project to manage the overall migration of 100 colleagues to Yeovil. The maintenance and start-up of the vehicle maintenance unit under the new site and resource recovery unit has also been targeted under the project for Taunton warehouse (McGrath and Whitty, 2020). It has been estimated that the project will enhance the company’s ability to manage relationships and satisfaction to customers. It will also reduce the level of time and delivery costs and lower the losses incurred in supply. The supply chain activity of the company will also be enhanced under the project initiatives. Thus, the company will be able to increase the level of profit margin and revenue (Perrier et al. 2018).

The budget for the project costs to the client has been initiated to £3.5 million. The budget has been divided according to the different activities to be carried out in the project within 2021.

2.2. Issues

The project shows a limitation in communication and management or stakeholder under the migrations activities. These issues are to be addressed under the project with higher level of initiatives and ideas. However, Prince2 allows the project to meet its quality plans and risks management plans with better programmes and structures. The change that will occur in the migration and Tupe transfer activities is not managed under the methodology but in Prince2 it will allow the project manager to meet these requirements with a structured plan. PMBOK is another methodology that can help in managing and planning several activities with through analysis under this project. However, Prince2 will be systematic and also intake rapid process under the project.

2.3 Project Management activities

Five critical categories are included in Taunton Warehouse Project that helps to provide information about major stages and their outcomes.

Project planning

Planning of budget and further work functions of Taunton Warehouse Project can be described in this step for elaborating crucial stages with justifications.

Closing of old site

Cessation of old site of Taunton Warehouse can be accomplished by checking all the previous resources and all the vital resources can be transferred in new location by closing all contacts.

Opening of new site

New business site will be opened and project manager will be responsible to accomplish several operational activities such as recruitment of employees, deliverance of training and proposal about suitable remuneration. As per the opinion of Esteki et al. (2020), it is important for any project to recruit experienced workers for better feasibility in project management scheme. Therefore, management of Taunton Warehouse Project has an idea to recruit nee equipment and recovery of evident based management can also be accomplished.

Activities-for-Taunton-Warehouse-Project Management BSS060-6

                         Figure 1: Activities for Taunton Warehouse Project

                         (Source: Vaníčková, 2017)

Controlling and execution of project

All the tasks that are mentioned above can be executed and monitored properly in this stage for delivering correct facility of this project.

Completion of the project

Confirmation and installation of project can be acquired lastly and all the data will be documented by project management team.

2.4 PRINCE2 methodology

Taunton Warehouse Project can be accomplished by using PRINCE2 methodology and the whole process of project description can be accomplished in principles, themes and processes. As per the opinion of Perrier et al. (2019), a project has to maintain five major steps such as initiation, planning, execution, monitoring and completion. All of the steps help in easy elucidation of project by defining strategic management process in an accurate way.


Seven fundamental principles can be followed in Taunton Warehouse Project for providing better shape for this manufacturing process. On the other hand, seven principles and its correct execution can be helpful for delivering accuracy in project management process.

  1. Deliverance of proper justification in business process: Necessity for business growth can be measured properly by Taunton Warehouse Project and it is expected to get sufficient Return on Investment. On the other hand, more than 9 million customers will be facilitated by final outcome of this project.
  2. Learning from previous experiences: Project management team is truly experienced and correct aid for additional business space can also be accomplished. As per the opinion of Nubuor et al. (2019), PRINCE2 methodology can help in business propagation by delivering behavioural and technological training for employees.
  3. Defining different roles and responsibilities of project team: Different departments of Taunton Warehouse Project can work properly and authentic communication will be maintained among all.

Principles of PRINCE2 project management

Figure 2: Principles of PRINCE2

(Source: McGrath and Whitty, 2020)

  1. Management of all business stages: Project manager can observe all the business movements and it can help to measure performance objectives in a crucial manner. According to Hughes et al. (2017), proper budget and timeframe is necessary for any business project for easy accomplishment without constraints.
  2. Management of exception business schemes: This principle of PRINCE2 methodology can be maintained properly in Taunton Warehouse Project for controlling technological management.
  3. Focusing promptly on different products and services: Critical importance will be given for old sites closure and new sites opening by measuring potential business risks.
  4. Gaining better information about business environment: PRINCE2 methodology will be applied for self-assessment of project team and everyday work will be included in a time file.


  1. Business cases: Rate of employment will be increased after completion of this project and more than 9 million customers will be facilitated.
  2. Organisations: All the roles of project management team can be provided under PRINCE2 methodology by creating WBS.
  3. Quality of the products: Quality and acceptability of Supermarket X can be measured in a positive way and increment in workflow can deliver proper management quality.
  4. Planning for future business process: Project deliverables and WBS can be provided for easy understanding of actual facility of work process.
  5. Risk assessment for the project: Technological application is less in case of Taunton Warehouse Project and major risk can be delivered due to this.
  6. Recruitment of mid management change in project scheme: Thematic outcome of PRINCE2 model will be followed if any changes can be recruited in work process.
  7. Information deliverance for project progress: Critical path and network diagram will deliver information about project progress and evidence about project can also be provided.


Project processes under PRINCE2 methodology

Figure 3: Project processes under PRINCE2 methodology

(Source: Axinte et al. 2017)

  1. Start-up of project
  2. Initiation of project
  • Correct direction for project
  1. Controlling of stages
  2. Monitoring of project management theme
  3. Accomplishment of boundary management
  • Completion and closure of project

2.5 Justification of PRINCE2 methodology

PRINCE2 methodology is acquired in Taunton Warehouse Project for delivering better feasibility in business process. The project team has calculated that Supermarket X will be facilitated by applying this methodology for easy goal achievement. As per the opinion of Coppola et al. (2016), PRINCE2 methodology is an advantageous project management rule by which describing of project different stages can be possible with greater simplicity. On the other hand, agile and PMBOK are two popular methodologies of project management preferred by numerous researchers. Therefore, a table is given below to elaborate the affectivity of PRINCE2 methodology over any other project management method for easy completion of Taunton Warehouse Project.

AGILE METHODOLOGY OF PROJECT MANAGEMENT Agile is a modern computed project management methodology that allows consumers to take part in decision making process. On the other hand, agile model is an advantageous perspective for project management process because interaction with stakeholders can be accomplished readily. As per the opinion of Siegelaub (2017), continuous improvement can be possible in case of agile methodology and working software helps to develop real time knowledge about a project. Another two methodologies are not technically accurate and customers prefer this technique over another two. Technical error is a major problem for Agile methodology and it becomes quite difficult for the researchers to access in-field data. Apart from this, numerous variables are problematic for this kind of project management methodology and data breaching is also another threat. On the other hand, less perfectibility in management accounting does not provide correct documentation process. Henceforth, manufacturing projects does not take help from agile methodology due to tracking problem.
PMBOK METHODOLOGY OF PROJECT MANAGEMENT Standardise project management practice is followed under PMBOK methodology and all the participants of project group are allowed to deliver accurate information. On the other hand, scope and procurement management of a project can be described clearly by PMBOK project management methodology for assuring better financial statement for any project. Apart from this, all the project development schemes are followed by this methodological aspect that can help to monitor business values and results. Therefore, most of the business projects are completed with the help of this methodology to deliver real time data for a project. Improper decision-making arena is provided by PMBOK methodology and internal stakeholders are not allowed to participate for any kind of decision conduction. As per the opinion of Mousaei and Javdani (2018), risk management process of PMBOK is incorrect and manual error is greater in this process. Henceforth, PRINCE2 methodology is a perfect choice for famous project management team to deliver decision making accuracy for any project.
PRINCE2 METHODOLOGY OF PROJECT MANAGEMENT Single thematic approach is provided by PRINCE2 methodology and simplicity in working process makes it more acceptable over another two project management methodologies mentioned above. As pointed out by Jamali and Oveisi (2016), product based decision making capacity is enhanced by PRINCE2 methodology for acquiring better communication purpose with stakeholders. On the other hand, both the conventional and non-conventional business processes are accumulated for PRINCE2 methodology to gain better work experience by any of the members of project team. Henceforth, this methodology is globally accepted by business researchers to make anything creative with greater innovation power. Reference guide is not available for PRINCE2 methodology and project management team has suffered due to this. On the other hand, financial statement is not provided accurately by project management team and it becomes difficult to monitor skill development perspective for individual. On the other hand, application of computer knowledge is minimum for PRINCE2 methodology that delivers negative impact for project accomplishment. However, powers of human workers are greater in case of PRINCE2 methodology and acceptability rate is also high mainly because of this.

Table 1: Comparison among agile, PMBOK and PRINCE2 methodologies of project management

(Source: Murillo Gomez and Jiménez, 2018)

2.6 Assessment of risk

Project management of Taunton warehouse holds different rates of risks that have been identified and gauged in the project plan (Kononenko and Lutsenko, 2018). The assessment has been determined under three rates that are High, medium and low according to their nature of impacts and likeliness to occur. Risk register has been analysed for the assessment. [Refer to appendix 1]

  • HighThe Company may face changes from the employees end as many staff would not be willing to shift to a new location. Thus, the company faces a high level of risk of staff resigning the job under such migrations. According to the project plan the closure of old sites needs to be managed within the estimated time period. Failing to manage the closure within time would incur extra costs for the project thus disrupting the budget of the project. TUPE transfer of employees is to be done with proper vehicle commute and transport facilities for employee comfort ability (Bishop, 2018).
  • MediumDuring the transfer and migration of the resources and other sites the risks of failing the target are a major concern for the company. Frozen, chill and ambient facilities may not meet the target for a successful transfer. Inexperienced employees may also be a barrier to manage the successful transfer of sites. The transfer of different units can be damaged during transfer and thus the company needs to ensure strong technical assistance for the mitigation of the risk (Rehacek, 2017).
  • LowIdentification of gaining lower levels of customers have been developed under the transfer of resources in the new site. However, the impact and likeness of this risk is slower as the company is highly focusing on developing project initiatives for customer loyalty enhancement and also developing proper supply chain responsibilities (Alvarez-Dionisi, Turner and Mittra, 2016, p.56).

3. Conclusion

It can be concluded through the project plan analysis that Taunton warehouse is a major project for Super Market X. the shift of old sites to new sites will assist the company to develop a strong level of supply chain and enhance customer loyalty. The objectives for cutting costs can develop different sites of the company by transferring all sites and facilities to a single site will also develop the company’s capability to manage each unit with better performance. Recruitment and migration of employees for the new site has been undertaken in the project plan to enhance performance in the new warehouse. Thus, the implementation of PRINCE2 methodology has allowed the point to meet efficient working conditions for Taunton warehouse participants and also manage risks with proper roadmap analysis. Necessary details and implication of PRINCE2 methodology has been analysed under this project to evaluate the benefits of using the methodology over other methodologies like Agile and PMBOK. Through the implication of Prince2 the project management has been planned with structured reports on quality and risks. The methodology has also benefitted to develop change management plans for the migration of employees to manage recruitment in the warehouse and also develop proper transportations process. The principles under the methodology have assisted in the project to develop a proper schedule management and meet milestones in the given timescales. The process under the methodology has also assisted in developing risk assessment measures for the identified threats under the project for Taunton warehouse.

4. Recommendations

According to the overall analysis of the project it has been identified that there are few recommendation and improvisation that can be added under the Taunton warehouse project through the implication of PRINCE2 methodology (Jaziri, El-Mahjoub, and Boussaffa, 2018). Therefore, recommendations are given below to improve project feasibility and acceptability rate.

Recommendations project management

Figure 4: Recommendations

(Source: Jaziri, El-Mahjoub, and Boussaffa, 2018)

  • The project manager should manage a strong communication plan to develop and integrate weekly checks in status reports and activities. Risk register and assessment should be undertaken after each milestone is covered under the project.
  • Trained and professional managers and team leaders have to be appointed for the management of transfer and migration of employees and resources from different sites.
  • PRINCE2 may enhance the environmental and controllable stages of the project; however other methods like PMBOK can also be implemented for an integrated process assessment of the project. It is also important that stakeholder management and quality control is taken under with the implementation of different methodologies in order to keep a track of target and goals in each task.
  • The closure and sign-off of the project should also be undertaken according to the timeline schedule to reduce the level of costs for extra time (Axinte, Petrică and Barbu, 2017). Budget targets and time targets should be made every week to assist employees and managers meet targets efficiently.


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Appendix 1: Assessment of risk

Ref Risk Description Probability Impact Risk Rating Countermeasure Responsibility
1 Lack of experienced and skilled employees High High High The hiring of employees must be based on merit Project Manager
2 The closure of four sites is not completed on time High High High There must be alternate course of action. Project Manager
3 The moving of chill, frozen and ambient facilities to new warehouse failed to meet target Medium High High A specialist masterplan must be allocated, Include experienced employees Project manager
4 Operation of vehicle maintenance unit and Resource recovery Unit to failed meet the standard prescribed by the client Medium Medium Medium Ensure technical help. Project manager
5 Not fulfilling quality standard prescribed by the client High High High Full-fill the required quality of every product by referring ISO standard manual Project Manager


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