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  • Project planning in the discipline to complete a certain project by the expected time with the help of required resources and defined stages.
  • Here, the project planning and overview of the University of Bedfordshire (UOB) to construct a new scholarly library are discussed.
  • The objective, benefits, cost, and timescale of this project are highlighted in the project overview section.

Project planning highlights the communication plan, WBS plan, risk register, critical pathway and network diagram of this project.   

1. Project Overview

  • Project Objectives: the objective of this project is to deliver a 7,400m2 of the library. The library will be 7 storeys high with a double-height entrance space.
  • The requirements of primary design include 154,000 physical books, 200 Laptops, 916 study spaces, and 530 new PCs.

The project constraints may include the fixed project budget of £46m, the fixed timescale of 3-years, and maintaining the quality of raw materials.

  • Expected Benefits: the stakeholders of this project are the students and the officials of the university (Bushuiev and Kozyr, 2020)
  • The main benefit that the students will gain from this project is getting all the primary resource material available in the library such as printed materials.

On their hand, this project is also effective to get a carefully arranged place for individual, silent study.

  • Constraints and Assumptions: the main constraints of this project are the limited time, budget and schedule.
  • The assumptions for this project include the availability of 25 project members having the skills of collaboration, time management, problem-solving, organization, and adaptability.

Estimated Costs: The estimated overall cost of this project is £46m. An example of the breakdown structure of the cost is highlighted below.

Areas of expense Cost
Material £20m
Overhead £6m
Site permitting £5m
Painting and others £10m
Contingency budget £5m


Total budget £46m

 Table 1:  project estimated cost

(Source: created by self)   

Estimated Timescale: the project manager of this library construction project must follow the five steps of the PMBOK project management tool(Chinet al. 2018).The steps are described in the below table.

Steps Actions Time-bound
Initiation Authorising, funding, developing a project charter, identification of the stakeholders and defining the allocation of project budget 1 year
Planning Developing project management plan, Approval from the project sponsors, analysing the requirement for changes. 6 months
Executing Production of the project deliverables 6 months
Monitoring and controlling Analysis of the earned value of the estimated cost and schedule for ensuring that the project is on the right track. Identification of the other necessary items that are needed to achieve project goals 6 months
Closing Determination of the final details, releasing of vendors, and closing the project officially 6 months

 Table 2:  project estimated timescale

(Source: created by self)   

2. Project plan

2.1. Communication Plan

Description Communication Objectives Frequency Medium Target audience Owner
Written In order to capture the attention of the stakeholders and get project related points clearly (Chinand Spowage, 2018) Regular Text messages and emails Project members Project manager and project members
Verbal Clarification for the project objectives Regular Phone calls and face to face interaction Project members and stakeholders Project manager, Project members and stakeholders
Non-verbal Improve the ability of the project members to engage, relate, and make effective interaction between them Often Analysing gestures and facial expressions (Wells, 2021) Project workers Project manager and Project workers
Visual To communicate the knowledge and ideas graphically (Matoset al. 2019) Often Social media and video Project workers Project manager and Project workers
Listening To understand the perspectives of others (Karamitsos et al. 2020) Regular Phone calls and face to face interactions Project members, workers and stakeholders Project manager, stakeholders and Project workers

Table 3: Communication Plan

(Source: created by author)

To understand the perspectives of others the project manager will adapt listen communication strategy.

2.2. WBS 1

BSS060-6 Project Planning Assignment

2.3. Activity List 1

Activity number Illustration Timebound Preceding activity
1 Initiation of the project 6 months  
2 Selection of objectives 4 1
3 Developing communication plan 4 1
4 Project timeframe 5 2,3
5 Project design 5 3,4
6 Allocation of project equipment and requirements 3 5
7 Project construction 5 6
8 Gathering library materials and resourcing cafeteria 2 7
9 Project closure 2 7,8

Table 4: Activity List

(Source: created by author)

The list of activities along with timebound are described above.

Critical Path and Network Diagram

BSS060-6 Project Planning Assignment Figure 2

The WBS, network diagram and critical pathway are highlighted above.

BSS060-6 Project Planning Assignment Critical Path

Network analysis and critical path of the project is described above.

2.4. Risk Register

Project: construction of a new scholarly library           Status / Version:  
Author:           Date:    
Ref. Date Raised Risk Description Probability (P) Impact


Risk Rating


Managed Response
Action / Countermeasure Responsibility upon Review Date Status / Review Comments
1 20.08.21 The need of the project is not clearly defined (Jovanovic and Beric, 2018) 2 3 6 Development business case  Sponsor of the project 21.08.21  Well managed
2 21.08.21 The purpose of the project can be defined clearly 2 3 6 Include a purpose in PID and project charter   Sponsor of the project 22.08.21  handling
3 24.08.21 Incomplete information about the project delivery 1 3 3 Designing workshop   Sponsor of the project  25.08.21  managing
4 25.08.21 Incomplete information about project design 1 3 3 Inclusion of experts in the subject matters   Sponsor of the project 27.08.21  Well managed
5 27.08.21 TheSchedule of the project is not clear 1 2 2 Conducting scheduling workshop manager of the  project 28.08.21  managing
6  28.08.21  Financial shortage(Karaman,  and Kurt, 2019)


3 3 9  Appropriate credit checking and monitoring   30.08.21  handling

Table 5: Risk register

(Source: Self created)

The project manager can face the risks of delivery of incomplete information in the team. The financial risk in this project can delay the steps of the project schedule.


  • Depending on the above discussion it can be concluded that the secondary objectives of this project are to construct a Cafe, study hub, and silent study spaces on the upper floors.
  • The students of UOB will gain appropriate space for group study and collaboration.
  • The other stakeholder of this project, the officials of UOB, will gain the advantage to attract more students.

The justification behind the assumptions includes that the skills will help the project managers to mitigate the issue of time management and to complete the project within the allocated budget.

Reference list


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