BSS074-6 Personal Professional Development Assignment Sample


In this report, the narrative will throw light on the importance of cultural intelligence, leadership, problem solving skills and its effects on an individual’s career. This narrative will discuss in detail the way various skills change an individual’s overall digital branding over a long period of time while developing a Personal Development Plan.

Description of the Personal Development Plan (PDP) using Gibbs Reflective Cycle


I think teamwork has a significant effect on performance regardless of the characteristics of the team or task and future goals. Problem solving skills, communication and positive body language are some of the key skills I need to develop over time in order to build my digital branding and for future career growth. It is a highly desirable criterion to emphasize approaches to maintain teamwork and be a team player for the benefit of the organization and career. Also, I need to restrain my emotions in harsh situations and the outcome will not affect the surroundings which is a positive sign that does not create issues for others and helps me to cooperate with others with the emotion and problems. The emotional intelligence will help me to look after the social responsibilities which may be helpful to act through the corporate social responsibilities to elevate the poor segments for the sustainable growth of business. The skills of emotional intelligence and ethics may also help me to be resilient whenever necessary and communicate effectively for the cause where it may facilitate me to keep out of controversy and not manage conflicts without taking harsh decisions. Furthermore, it may be stated that along with good salary packages, job satisfaction and job security, motivation too plays an important role to generate desired results and achieve goals on time (Rahimi, 2017).(BSS074-6 Personal Professional Development Assignment Sample )


I need to develop my stress management skills which are strictly related to better time management abilities as poor stress management may lead to lifelong health issues. The pressures of deadlines for the tasks at hand may not go well with me where excessive time-consuming theories are applied to understand the task problem. Time is precious and proper management will help to achieve the desired result where most of the business leaders work according to routine for a healthy work-life balance which is necessary for being active for business operation. My time management skill is challenged here and makes me always stumble upon deadlines which are honestly a major issue for me to manage the time accordingly in a task-oriented way. On the other hand, I feel that the handling of complex problems one after another with different aspects obviously may provide me with critical challenges where it may ultimately challenge my long term career growth as well as digital branding. It may be added that it becomes the sole responsibility of a great leader of an organisation to transform the mind-set of the employees where they stop wishing their problems to be easier and becoming more efficient in order to perform better (Morgan, 2018).


I believe that the power of resilience is one of the most important skills which may help to cope with future complex situations at work or in my own personal life. I may require to work upon my resilience through constant meditation while increasing my domain knowledge. It will also build my resilience to act according to the facts and being conscious about the situation to work friendly with the environment and consequences of positive application of emotional intelligence and garner a lot of appreciation from the mentors, seniors and colleagues. Organizational objectives, emotional intelligence and work attitude are closely related where emotional intelligence motivates the employee performance with clear responsibilities with social and organizational values which directly define the business productivity. It may also be stated that the skills are correlated with each other along with transformational leadership skills where one skill helps to enrich others and act according to the different situation and condition positively which allows me to get a competitive edge and my skills build my identity as a brand. It may be opined that success does not come all of a sudden, it requires a constant effort and this idea of gradual development comes through motivation and sheer dedication towards a company or an organisation (Kasraie, 2019).


I have also realized that I do not have proper ethical decision-making and critical thinking skills and the absence of these have forced me to face many obstacles during my unit course. According to me, a proper decision-making skill is extremely necessary in order to survive in any given job, since in the corporate world a lot of situations occur when an individual needs to make a quick decision. Thus, failing to quickly make an appropriate decision may lead an individual to face hardship in the workplace, which may further ruin that individual’s potential to have a better career. Decision making skills are considered as behaviour that is displayed by an individual while deciding and implementing a specific action from various alternative options in order to handle a situation or problem in a seamless way (Ryan and Deci, 2020). I also need to acquire proper critical thinking skills, since it is also immensely important to have significant critical thinking skills to handle any critical situation properly and come out with the most relevant final outcome out of any situation (Refer to Appendix).

Action plan

I need to maintain the calendar of upcoming events which will force me to attend the meetings and seminars on time as well as discussions with professors and mentors take some sophisticated time frame to get elaborate knowledge on various aspects. On the other hand, various aspects of this particular unit learning help me to build the positive behavioural trait such as confidence, positive body language, better speaking abilities on me which is beneficial to understand the co-worker, co-learner, employees’ responses with empathy and provide a helping hand to others which made me more responsible (Refer to Appendix).


According to the above discussion it may be concluded that cultural competence, emotional intelligence and leadership abilities are the few decisive parameters on which the overall performance of an individual depends. It may be opined beyond any shadow of doubt that if any of these parameters get affected, an individual will certainly face grave issues which will have an adverse effect in the long term career.


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Personal Development Plan (PDP)
Objectives Methods of achieving these Person responsible Resources needed Timeline
Enhancing ethical decision making and critical thinking skills Meditation on a daily basis and solving logical problems Myself Human 2 weeks
To improve communication skills and body language Attending online courses on communication and confidence building Myself Financial 4 weeks
To be a better  and resilient leader Deep understanding of various leadership theories in academics and practical life Myself Human and financial 6 weeks
Better time and stress management Following a proper routine and prior planning the strategy of completing tasks Myself Human 3 weeks

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