BSS074-6 Personal Professional Development Assignment Sample 


Personal development is extremely important for a better career and professional life in future. Our career also depends on skills and knowledge of the industrial area. An individual too much needs a personal development plan to develop new skills and talent for professional life. A personal development plan (PDP) must be focused on development of factors that affect career and managerial skills development. Therefore a PDP is also decided on a professional and working strategy. A collaborative strategy helps us to identify relevant organisational and personal development strategies and also manage organisational working life.

A reflective summary of your PDP

I need an effective personal plan to develop my professional skills and knowledge to manage our professional life and develop a better professional life in future. I focus on the value of skills and personal branding which can help me to present myself in any organisation as an effective employee. Furthermore, I develop ethics skills to perform my job in any industry more effectively and well. As opined by Deplanes et al. (2018), Ethics is also important to judge and identify effective strategies for better performance of an organisation in the market. Leadership is an important skill for any organisation which helps the organisation as well as me to lead a team as well as a departure in future professional life. I need an effective strategy that helps to identify and select the right mode to develop these skills.  It also decides the performance of a group of people in an organisation. I can effectively manage a group through good leadership.

Communication skill is developed through only communicating with others so other persons such as friends and parents are a resource in the process of communication skills development.  As argued by Yiannoutsou et al. (2017), communication skills is a significant skill among different skills and it also helps to achieve other skills that are important to develop a better professional, in future. Communication skills are based on how we communicate with others so have an effective strategy to develop communication skills. Therefore communication skills are also important for any organisation because it helps an employee to manage all business activities of the organisation such as cooperation and business development activities.


Outlining of your key personal learning and realizations from this unit

Strengths Weakness
●      Good communication skills

●      Thinking Positive

●      Quick learner

●      Ineffective ethics

●      Face problem to adjust in organisation environment

Opportunities Threats
●      Improve value

●      Increase professional standard

●      Autocratic Leadership

●      Changes in organisational structure

Table 1: SWOT analysis

(Source: Turnnidge and Côté, 2017)

I have realized that in this unit that an individual needs to develop all these skills to achieve a better professional life. I need to develop some professional skills to achieve a successful professional life in any organisation. I performed a job in a marketing organisation and I noticed that without communication skills we cannot perform my job role effectively. Nevertheless, I have good communication skills so I do not face any kind of issue while performing my job role in the market. Besides, my weakness is ineffective ethics due to this I face problems in judging effective strategies and identifying strategies to improve sales while performing my job role. In this context, we need to develop our capture to develop professional ethics.  As stated by Turnnidge and Côté, (2017), different types of latest digital gadgets are required for me to test the development of my skills. I can improve my communication skills as well as leadership skills to improve our professional value and present a good employee in the organisation. I have had this opportunity for a few months and this PDP can help me to achieve a good position in the organisation. My threat is leadership because I want to become an effective leader in the future and lead a group of employees of our organization. Nevertheless, it fails to improve the ethical value of professional life.  (BSS074-6 Personal Professional Development Assignment Sample )

Critically explore your current competencies     

My current competence is not too effective as I do not have all the skills that are needed to develop an effective and good professional life. Furthermore, I have just finished my educational life 5 months ago and due to some reason, I joined a marketing company. Thus I do not have enough time to develop my professional life. I didn’t have effective communication skills when I finished my professional life. Nevertheless, I developed my communication skill while I performed my job role in the market. I face different types of clients and communicate with them and this way I am able to develop effective communication in my professional life. As opined by Weaver and Mutti, (2021), this development will help us in our future professional life. Nevertheless, I need to develop a digital professional brand to reflect myself in any organisation that helps to perform my jobs more effectively. Nowadays different types of organisations are shifted from traditional working structures to digital methods of performing business activities. Thus I need to develop skills that help me to perform my different types of business cavities through digital gadgets and latest technology. As opined by Borelli and Santos, (2017), the latest technology plays a significant role in handling and performing jobs in the market. For example, digital gadgets and digital modes of payment help me to take orders from customers and take payments from customers. Thus knowledge of latest technology and digital tools is much necessary to develop a digital professional career and develop a digital brand.


It is concluded that PDP is essential for effective professional life and career. This plan can help an individual who just finished their educational life and start a professional life. I also need an effective PDP to develop skills to perform my professional activities more efficiently and get a better professional life in future. I also discuss my threats and opportunities in this PDP on which I focus to develop my professional life. I also focus on achieving knowledge and skills for performing my professional activities with the help of digital gadgets.




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Appendix 1: PDP

Skills Objectives Required Strategy Required Resource Target Date
Values To achieve a better professional life in future. A strategy is required that helps to gain different types of skills such as good communication skills. To develop value in my skills I need a good tutor who is knowledgeable in skill development to provide skill development ideas. To achieve value in my professional life I need at least 1 year.
Personal Branding To become a successful leader in any organisation. For this, I need a long term strategy which is along with my educational, life as well as professional life. I need to develop some professional skills which help me to develop effective and good personal branding. To activate personal branding I need a minimum of 6 months.
Ethics To judge organisational strategy and helps to follow organisational rules and principal. Ethics also depend on the culture and behaviour of our personal life. We focus to learn organisation capture which is important to develop professional ethics. 3 months is required to develop professional ethics.
Leadership To lead a team and organisation in future. Leadership strategy and also strategy for how to develop met skills for leadership is implemented in the development process of leadership. Different types of skills such as collaboration skills and management skills are needed to develop effective leadership skills. This skill is developed within 6 months.
Collaboration skill To manage and properly handle a working team and project team in future. Follow previous leaders strategies to develop collaboration skills How to achieve different components of good and effective communication skills is required as a resource of communication I need 2 years to develop collaboration skills while I perform a job in any organisation.
Communication skill To properly above and perform a better job role in an organisation I need effective communication.


Follow teachers guides as a strategy Friends and teaches are key resources who can help me to develop my communication skill I need 12 weeks to develop communication skills.


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